Transform your identity with the six best Voice Changer Apps in 2021.

Transform your identity with the six best Voice Changer Apps in 2021.

July 9, 2021 330 By mindmingles

Yes, you got it right! It is very much possible to change or disguise your identity with the Voice Changer Apps. Voice Changer Apps have gained a lot of popularity not only because of the fun element involved but can also be used for many other purposes, which involves using it for presentations, events, for making those discreet inquiries, or just to change the identity. Voice Changer apps have the ability to change your voice by modifying the pitch, tone, or format of the voice by using a plethora of algorithms. For example, pitch plays an incredibly important role when the voice of a male has to be changed to that of a female and vice versa. And to make these voice changeovers look more genuine, many background noises and effects are also available. Some of these apps can make real-time changes, and for some others, the voice needs to be recorded first. And if you want to change your voice for Discord This link will provide you with five Awesome apps in this category.

So, if you also want to play pranks on your friends and loved ones, you can try the below-mentioned best Voice Changer Apps of 2021.

1. Voice Changer with effects 

This app is offered by Baviux and is compatible with Android 4.1 and above. Collection of more than 40 effects and voices are available. You can apply and remove filters from the same recording. It also enables you to import and make changes to the pre-recorded sounds as well. It can also read the text and apply the selected effects. Recordings with the resulting effects can be stored and used for notifications, ringtones, and be shared on social media networks. Unfortunately, this app cannot be used when on call.

2. Voice Changer Plus  

One of the most preferred apps amongst iOS users, it is free software with a premium version for around 2 dollars. Availability of around 55 different effects and background sounds. Before making that call, you can have the choice to decide on the effect you want to use on the call. Recording with effects can be easily shared with friends and family. Past recording can be edited anytime. And when using the full premium version of the app (for around 2 dollars), you can enjoy an ad-free application along with creating ringtones and the ability to share photos as well.

 3. Call Voice Changer – IntCall  

This app is offered by Astra Communications Ltd., which is compatible with iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, and Mac. Call Voice Changer subscription is free for the first three days, and then you can decide as to whether it meets your expectations. Innumerable sound effects are available. Real-time changes and effects are possible anytime, even when on call. Greetings and wishes are available in various languages available. New users have access to some free minutes for a limited period of time. In-app purchases are available for more time.

 4. MagicCall  

It requires Android 5.0 and above and is offered by Bing Mobile. Real-time voice changeover is possible. For example, the changeover from male to female or cartoon is possible and vice versa. Before making the call, voice testing possible. First-time registered users can earn free credits. Sound emoticons like clapping and kissing can be played. Offers background sound and voices like rain, traffic, concerts, or birthday wishes, etc. When you refer this app to your friends and acquaintances, on every download, you can win a scratch card with exciting cash prizes, which can be redeemed to purchase the MagicCall credits.

5. VoiceFX  

It is offered by MOBZAPP and is compatible with Android 4.1 and up. Numerous voice changer audio effects are available with this app.  Can change the recorded voice with the help of these audio effects. Recorded voices with effects can be shared as MP3 or can be used for setting up your personalized ringtones or for notifications. Pre-recorded voices can also be changed by applying the effects. Even the voice from live playback and streaming on the microphone can be changed live with the help of this app.

6. Super-Voice Editor  

It is offered by SoulApps Studio and is compatible with Android 4.4 and up. Easy and convenient voice recording possible anywhere and anytime. Various effects are available to choose from. With the MP3 cutter, you can practically cut any voice from any audio file without any hassles. The audio editor allows editing any kind of music available in any format. Audio tuner helps in enhancing the experience with the help of various interesting scenes. Modified recordings can also be used for making ringtones with the help of a Ringtone maker. And these funny modified voices can be sent to your friends and family with a Messenger voice changer.

7. Snapchat 

Snapchat is an amazing filter app where we have a variety of options to choose our looks. However, few of the filters in there have voice changing effects, for instance, the cat filter where you speak in your human voice but what you hear, a cat’s voice. These amazing voice filters have been immensely loved and used for fun purposes.

8. Voice changer- Music recorder 

The voice changer app for music or Opera recording is the best option for people who love to try to experiment with their vocal cords. This application helps you to set the pitch and voice quality for your interest. There are multiple effects that can be used for making something unique, like the voice of Chipmunk, Chorus, older man, etc. It is really a fun app with something to learn on.

9. Smule

Smule is a platform for every karaoke lover. The app not only helps you grow your passion but also provides community support if you have the talent to showcase. Smule allows an individual to smoothen their imperfections too, which is a brownie, of course. The talented bunch of people should really appraise this app once because I am sure you won’t be let down at all.

10. Just4laugh Voice changer

This voice changer app is super fun and hilarious as you can use it in real-time to talk with someone. It also has this feature where we can switch between the calls, like from male voice to female and vice versa. What is more interesting about this app is that it lets you test your voice once before actually using them in real.

11. Instagram Reels: 

Gen X is really fond of the Instagram reels nowadays. Like Snapchat, Instagram offers a variety of filters where you can easily change your voice and create something new. These platforms provide opportunities to many who have been famous using the voice changing filters, such as the power of social media.

12. Star Maker: 

This app functions with more than 50M users. The application also collaborates with other artists on the platform and provides a healthy space for competition. For example, the new feature, ‘take the mic,’ offers us an open stage where we can compete in singing the provided lyrics card, challenging the speed of getting the mic with five other Star Maker users.


All of the above apps, if used judiciously, are fun and learning apps. They should not be used otherwise because this is not what they are meant for. Instead, make, for example, the extravagant and entertaining use of these apps to enjoy your leisure time. 

Now it is up to you to decide how you want to transform your identity and get heard. With these apps, you can take your entertainment quotient up to another level and have unlimited fun listening to extremely amusing and rib-tickling reactions from the opposite end.