10 Best Ways to Get Out on the Water

10 Best Ways to Get Out on the Water

July 9, 2021 9 By Vishal Sawariya

The sun is high, and the kids are out of school. Do you know what that means? Summer is finally here, and it’s time to hit the lake, the river, or maybe the ocean. If you’re looking for things to do this summer, keep reading. From kayaking to joining a yacht club, here are 10 activities that will get you out on (or into) the water: 

1. Paddleboarding 

Paddleboarding has become one of the most popular water sports. You can propel yourself forward using a paddle or your own hands to ride these surf-style boards through the water. Depending on how much of a challenge you want, you can sit, kneel, or stand on the paddle board. Believe it or not, you can even do paddle board yoga. 

There are several different paddle boards you can choose from. For example, you can go with inflatable stand-up paddle boards or hard paddle boards. Inflatable boards are durable, portable, and great for those looking for more leisure play. Hard paddleboards offer better performance and would be ideal for longer-distance expeditions. Regardless of the type of paddle board you choose, you can use it on either a lake or the ocean. 

2. Go on a Cruise

Have you ever been on a cruise? You might want to consider it! Cruising is a relaxing way to see unique parts of the world. While cruising options are limited right now due to the lingering Covid-19 pandemic, you can book for future dates. 

A cruise can last anywhere from a couple of days to weeks, depending on where you want to go. One of the benefits of cruising is the cost. While cruises aren’t free, they’re usually all-inclusive. You pay one fee, and that includes your meals, lodging, and most in-cruise activities. Plus, some smaller cruise lines offer river cruises both in the U.S. and Europe. 

3. Kayaking 

A kayak looks similar to a canoe, but it’s lower to the water and usually more narrow. Kayaking is a great way to spend a few hours in the water, and it’s also good exercise. Kayaking is considered a high-intensity workout because of all the movement required to paddle the kayak. But unlike intense gym exercises, there’s less pressure on your joints. 

Before purchasing or renting a kayak, it’s important you know your options. From racing kayaks to kayaks suited for basic paddling, there are several models available. For the most part, you can kayak on any body of water. Keep in mind that you will move quicker on some than others! A flowing river will give you a faster-paced kayaking experience than a tranquil lake. 

4. Canoeing 

Canoeing is a sport where you sit in a lightweight, double-pointed vessel and propel yourself forward with a paddle. If this sounds similar to kayaking, it’s because it is. 

The main difference between the two is their respective paddles. A canoe paddle only has one blade, while a kayak paddle has a blade on each end. A canoe is larger than a kayak, so it might be easier for children or older adults to step in and out. 

5. Fishing

Fishing isn’t just about catching fish. It provides a great opportunity to be with your friends and family. If the weather is nice, you can spend hours near the lake or river enjoying the great outdoors. 

If you don’t want to stand on shore, you can rent a fishing boat. Since fishing is an activity that requires patience, you may be on the water for quite some time. Take the opportunity to relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery. 

6. Jet Skiing 

Jet skiing is an invigorating outdoor activity. Not only does being on the water keep you cool, it’s also a good way to stay in shape. Believe it or not, jet skiing can help strengthen your muscles and even help you burn calories. 

If you’ve been to the beach, you’ve probably seen someone on a jet ski. Riding a jet ski on the ocean can be a little more dangerous than jet skiing on a lake because of the strong waves. Make sure you’re aware of the potential risks before heading into the water

7. Take Swimming Lessons

Do you know how to swim? Even if the answer is yes, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t benefit from swimming lessons. Swimming lessons teach you different swimming techniques, like how to do the backstroke, butterfly, and so on. 

Swimming is a great exercise because it’s a total body workout. Yet all of that physical exertion burns calories without putting too much pressure on your joints. 

8. Join a Yacht Club

You don’t have to rent a canoe or buy a jet ski to get out on the water. You can also join a yacht or boating club. No longer just for the country club set, yacht clubs now cater to water sports enthusiasts. 

While some members own their own watercraft, that’s not always mandatory. These clubs are specifically designed for those with an interest in boats and will sometimes offer yacht rentals. Besides a yacht club, you can join a kayaking club or other outdoor group that hosts water sport activities. 

9. Scuba Diving

Scuba diving offers the opportunity to get acquainted with underwater life. You do not have to live in a coastal area to scuba. Many areas with recreational lakes also offer the chance to get underwater. 

After a quick lesson, your guide will take you 40 to 70 feet underwater. There, you’ll be surrounded by fish, turtles, and more. Take along an underwater camera to capture your experience on film.  

10. Hit the Beach

Regardless of where you live, you’re probably within fairly easy distance of an ocean or lake. Consider grabbing a few friends and hitting the beach for a few hours or maybe even days. Besides swimming, you can enjoy a picnic in the sand or camp on the beach. 

According to research, being near the water can enhance your mood and even help relieve stress. This is called the “blue mind effect,” the feeling of relaxation and peacefulness one feels while being near the water. 

So start making plans for an aquatic getaway. Spending time on or in the water isn’t just a great way to spend a few hours, it’s also good for your overall health.