7 Factors That Affect the Metal Building Cost

7 Factors That Affect the Metal Building Cost

June 18, 2021 4 By mindmingles

Buying a metal building is an investment that needs to be done with proper research and study. Whether it is a 500 square feet metal garage or a 10,000 square feet metal garage, both are excellent investments that require money, time, and effort. The one purchasing the metal building has to invest his time planning on what metal building he wants, based on several factors like the use of the metal building, budget, and the number of people who will use it for commercial or residential purposes. The one providing the metal building has to invest his efforts and time in building a kit that the buyer desires. 

There are a plethora of advantages of metal buildings that make them once and lifetime investments. Metal Buildings are strong and highly durable. They are resistant to fire, pests, and mold. They are even built with specific location codes to withstand extreme weather conditions. They can be quickly built and installed by a non-technical person by reading a simple manual that comes handy with the metal building kit. 

Various factors affect the cost of metal building, and so does your budget. Without running around the bushes, let us quickly come to the factors that affect the cost of a metal building. 

1-Price of the Steel

Steel is the primary material used for building a metal structure. Any fluctuation in the price of steel directly affects the cost of the metal building. Steel’s price is prone to external factors of the world, as it is a global commodity. Factors like the value of the American dollar, market demand and supply, natural disasters, or calamities contribute to the fluctuating steel prices. 

2- Size of a Metal Building

Every square foot counts! The size of the metal building is one of the most crucial factors that determine its cost. The greater the size of the building, the greater is the cost. However, the cost of the metal buildings starts reducing when the size exceeds 2000 square feet. Big buildings require more raw materials for building and more labor for installation and delivery services. Hence, the size of the building plays a crucial role in the pricing. 

3- Design Complexities

Metal buildings are highly versatile. They can be adapted into any shape and size. They are so flexible that they can be customized in myriad ways and can be given attractive designs. There are multiple options for doors, windows, skylights, and other add-ons to design a metal building. You can find a variety of doors like walk-in doors, garage doors or roll-up doors, etc. You can even build a lean-to structure next to the metal building. 

You can choose from a wide range of metal building types like; hangars, carports, garages, Quonset homes, barns, etc., depending upon your need. All of these structures have different applications and advantages. 

4- Metal Building Finishing

There are various types of metal building sheets and wallboards available to design and give finishing to a metal building. These sheets and wallboards can be used to style the metal structure according to the surroundings. These sheets and wallboards enhance the aesthetics of the building. However, adding these would mean an increased cost of the building. 

5- Location

The price of the metal building is also affected by its location. If you choose a faraway location from the manufacturer’s premises or choose a far located manufacturer, then your transportation cost will increase. This cost will be added to the price of the metal building. 

Also, if you choose a location with extreme climatic conditions, then the metal building will have to be built as per the location codes. The certification would also be mandatory in such a situation. All of these factors would add up to the cost of your metal building. 

6- Insulation 

Steel is a flexible metal. It allows insulation that, in return, helps in saving energy. There are various types of insulation like foam insulation, fiberglass insulation, spray-on insulation, etc. Fiberglass insulation is said to be one of the most popular ones of all kinds. It provides durability and attractive finishing to the metal buildings, and also costs less. Steel is conducive to heat, and hence insulation is imperative. Insulation minimizes the heat and keeps the metal building cool during summers. The cost of insulation depends on its quality measures like R-value, U-Value, vapor retarders, etc. Insulation cost is also added to the price of metal building.  

7- Roof Types and Pitch of a Metal Building

There are three types of roofs available for a metal building. A regular roof is the one that has horizontal paneling and is the least expensive. It is usually preferred in areas that have mild weather conditions.  A-frame roof is also called a Boxed-eave roof which is similar to a regular roof but has sharp edges. The most expensive roof is the vertical roof and is preferred in regions with extreme weather conditions. These different roof types have different prices and affect the metal building cost. 

Invest in Your Metal Building Wisely!

If you are planning to invest in a metal building, then make sure you consider the above factors in determining the cost of a metal building. The budget of any project is a significant factor that needs to be prioritized and planned before making any big investment. 

Plan your budget beforehand, decide what metal building structure and size is best for you, and then invest. Choose your add-ons carefully and make sure you estimate the cost of them. 

If you have any queries regarding the metal building cost, the team of experts at Coast to Coast Carports can help!