Top 4 Most Downloaded and Renowned Apps of 2022

Top 4 Most Downloaded and Renowned Apps of 2022

April 14, 2022 18 By mindmingles

Apps! It is hard to imagine our world without them. After all, most of us use our fair share of apps every day for various purposes, ranging from socializing to task management.

As per Tech Jury, the average smartphone user uses over ten apps a day and approximately 30 apps in a month. This might help explain why, as per Statista, the app market is expected to generate a revenue of a staggering 935 billion USD in 2023!

Unless you are on an internet detox, we are sure there are certain apps that you, too, cannot live without. Here are some of the topmost downloaded and viral apps of 2022. See if you already are a user or if there is something still within the trending app world that is left for you to explore.


Within the first quarter of 2022, Instagram reigned supreme by being the app with the most global downloads. According to Oberlo, as of 2021, the picture-sharing platform has a user base of a whopping 1.074 billion people!

Instagram is a phenomenon that has changed the way people socialize online and altered the game for marketers.

Moving away from traditional social media platforms, the charm of Instagram is about sharing photos from your daily life. And it’s not about just sharing photos but those special memories with your family and friends throught Instagram. It could be memes you found hilarious, what your doggo is up to today or what cool places you have visited.

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Additionally, while previously celebrities seemed inaccessible and distant, with Instagram, you can take a peek at their lives. This has also led to a significant rise in the phenomenon of influencer marketing. Celebrities and bloggers now use their follower base to subtly market products. This also makes easier for brands to promote their brand and product through these celebrities and bloggers. Most of the brands now consider it as the best platform for promoting their businesses.

Not to mention that every company also now has an Instagram page to remain relevant in today’s generation. So, overall, Instagram has changed the way people connect with the world. And since its development in 2010, it has continued to exponentially increase in popularity. 2022 was no different.

2.Big Barn World

One app that came as a surprise addition to the popular list of 2022 is surely Big Barn World. AirG reviews of this gaming platform show that the app has been immensely successful among a variety of age groups all over the world. Most of the people from different age groups and different regions are engaged in using the app.

One can attribute its sudden popularity to the pandemic. As people found themselves stuck within their homes, they resorted to the internet to find good leisure activities. And Big Barn World is a farming game that keeps one occupied for quite a while.

This social farming game revolves around buying lands, planting crops, and selling them for profit once they are ready to be reaped. The addition of the ‘social’ element, where you can interact with other players, was surely a great feature for people stuck at home.

Unlike PUBG and other similar games, the charm of Big Barn World is in the simplicity of its interface and gameplay. This makes it ideal for those wishing for a low-stake game, whether it be kids or adults.


It doesn’t really come as a very big surprise that the most downloaded and renowned streaming app of 2022 so far is Netflix. According to EarthWeb, Netflix has more than 214 million subscribers around the world. The streaming app is available in over 190 countries. The plans, content available, and rates differ country-wise.

What makes Netflix a force to be reckoned with every passing year?

The first thing that makes Netflix popular is its smooth interface. It is quite easy to find content on netflix that you like. The mobile app, as well as the desktop version, has the ability to filter content as per different genres. And there are quite a lot of genres to choose from, ranging from documentaries to thrillers.

Also like other apps, the platform features an algorithm that learns from the type of content you watch and then recommend you the things that you will like. This ensures that you always have something to watch when you are feeling bored by suggesting you the type of movies, shows and many more things that you are interested in.

Additionally, the onset of the pandemic further helped in boosting the subscriber base of Netflix. Why else would shows like The Tiger King amass the cult following that they did, right?


One renowned app that has changed the world significantly ever since it was released has been TikTok. Who could have imagined that one day a time would come when teenagers and adults alike would be obsessed with creating bite-sized content to jump on the trending bandwagon?

The app was initially targeted at artists and teenagers since they are more involved in creating such innovative content but surprisingly it has gathered a following across all demographics. As per Sprout Social, the app has over 1 billion users all over the globe, and it was downloaded 621 million times in 2021 alone!

The app has led to a rise of TikTok bloggers to showcase their skills and potentials and has also become an excellent place for marketers which they can target for effective marketing of their products.


But what makes the app so popular among the people from every corner of the world? To begin with, the bite-size content that the app provides makes it easy for viewers to consume more and more content. They end up losing many hours of their day on the platform engaged in creating content that is of interest to their audience.

Also, just like Netflix, the algorithm of the app is such that it learns from the type of content you like in order to offer you similar videos and content so that the audience must remain engaged while using the app. So, once you begin watching TikTok, it will keep you engaged by suggesting and showing you other preferred videos and making sure that the cycle of use remains active.

Ending Remarks

Every year is a better year for the world of apps. But, there are certain popular apps that continue to be at the top, owing to their creative value proposition and demand. The four apps we mentioned are surely innovative and hence have been downloaded and used by the people a lot in 2022.

What the future of apps holds is quite uncertain. You never know which online solution suddenly becomes popular. After all, who can forget the one-time craze of flappy birds and Pokemon Go?

But, for now, make sure to give these four apps a try to see why the world is obsessed with these apps and how they’ve been changing human lives. See if they are your cup of tea, and let us know below why you think the apps have become so popular all over the world and why people are engaging more and more in these apps day by day.