5 Educational Games for Kids To Sharpen Their Minds

5 Educational Games for Kids To Sharpen Their Minds

April 19, 2022 11 By mindmingles

What if we tell you that there is a viable way for you to make your child a better thinker, build social skills and be sharp-minded – all at the same time? 

Well, Educational Games for kids will do just that! 

Educational games happen to be an essential part of the parenting toolkit. Game-based learning techniques promote a deeper understanding of concepts in kids while helping them to become fearless learners. 

These educational games are deployed to spark a sense of competencies, skills, and talent among the kids while giving them exposure to what the world ahead looks like!

Having said that, finding the best educational game on your own can prove to be a daunting task – especially when you are a parent who’s got a child to look after! 

To brush some loads off your shoulder, our team of experts has hand-picked some of the finest educational games for your kids to sharpen their minds. 

Let’s find out what these games come with and how they can contribute to the betterment of your kids’ progress! 

1.Count Faster 

Maths or Algebra specifically was not more than a nightmare for many of us. Yet, for young minds about to study this ordeal, why don’t we prepare them beforehand so they don’t have to struggle the way we did? 

Sounds like a plan, right? 

Count Faster is the game that happens to be the premium solution to the mathematics curse! 

Our experts love the most about this educational game because of its compelling GUI. The game is developed in a way that there are zero chances that your child would feel bored while playing this game. 

Getting along with Count Faster is super easy, too – this game revolves around solving simple basic arithmetic questions in a given time parameter. 

According to FAQs from Unlimited Gamez Mo, it is proven that this game is the best way could enhance their child’s mathematical skills and sharpen his mind to find solutions to complex problems with ease!

2.Memory Match 

For a fun fact, you would surely agree when we say that there is no comparison between the memory of a kid with an Adult. 

Kids happen to be more sharp-minded than an average adult. However, since they are in the learning stage, a little extra effort needs to be done to polish their memory skills and sharpen their mind – but the real question is how? 

Allow us to introduce you to “Memory Match.” This classic picture card game is super easy yet one of the most highly educated games for premature kids! 

The game begins where each player is shown a card one by one, and then the card is placed upside down on a bench – once all the cards are shown, the player has to pair the cards with their potential match. 

E.g., a card containing Lion was shown and placed in the first row, and then a card containing a pub was shown and placed in the third row. Now the player has to pair the pub with the Lion by guessing which cards contain both of them. 

Besides being engaging, this game is super influential in raising the general knowledge of kids as well as shaping their memory well. 

If your kid is as intelligent as you think, this is the perfect game to put his skills to the test! 


Undoubtedly when it comes to classic games, Sudoku happens to be the undisputed king! 

Though Sudoku is a game that has been around us for over a decade, still the fandom this game has created over the years doesn’t let this game go extinct. 

Want to know the reason behind the success of Sudoku? Then we are more than excited to tell you. 

This game here is an absolute Brainteaser. It plays a vital role in improving focus and concentration while helping build logical skills within oneself.  

As easy as it seems, winning Sudoku takes time, effort, enthusiasm, and luck! 

This game is played over a nine by 9 square grid, where a user has to place numbers from 1 to 9. 

What tends to be the plot twist is that a player has to ensure that no number gets repeated in either of the lines and their particular columns. This might sound like something easily achievable, but believe us, only a few make it to the end of the game! 

As far as the availability of this game is concerned, one can easily play Sudoku on either online gaming platforms or can even install the legit Sudoku app from the play store. 

Introduce this good educational game to your kid, and witness how profoundly it contributes to sharpening their memory! 

4.Brain it On! 

 Are you a parent of a kid who loves solving puzzles more than anything in this world? Then the days of your worry are over as we are about to introduce you to “Brain it On,” which is the finest puzzle game that is educational and plays a vital role in polishing younger minds! 

As the name suggests, Brain it on is a viable puzzle game enriched with brain-busting puzzles and challenges that are tricky to solve and offer a profound way to turn off boredom. 

What counts the best thing about Brain it On is that every puzzle you would come across in the game would be solved via a different and unique approach. Not following? 

We are saying that all the puzzles in the game are meant to be solved with different tactics. You won’t find a single puzzle in the game that is being completed via the approach of the previous one. 

Being absolutely free to play and download, you would indeed won’t find a much more profound educational game than Brain it on! 


 Among all the childhood games that we used to playback then, a game that was usually loved by everyone was none other than Crosswords. 

According to our experts, Crosswords happen to be the best way to improve and enhance a kid’s spelling ability and vocabulary. 

On the odds that you have forgotten the rules and regulations of this game, we have got you covered. 

Crossword is a game that is built on blocks containing different letters. The key is to dig deep through the letters and find the letters that make a complete word. Now the word can be either made by highlighting blocks up and down, sideways, and obviously in-cross. 

Many online platforms come with set time parameters where users have to find all the words within the given time frame. This is one way to make crosswords highly fun and appealing. 

Another way to make Crossword super interesting is this game is now being featured in many niches; for example, if a kid loves playing or watching football, one can easily find a crossword that targets the Football genre. 

Crossword is the best educational game to sharpen one’s mind for a kid of seven or more! 

Final Word 

As a parent, you need to understand that every kid is born with different qualities. If you are witnessing your child lagging behind his classmates, despite scolding him for not putting much effort or pressuring them to do much better, you need to introduce them to the educational brain games.  

Educational games tend to be exciting and engaging ways to make your child realize the importance of academic activities. Making your kid participate in educational games positively impacts their academic excellence – In simpler words, these educational games’ worth is simply exceptional. 

With that being said, the list of educational games we provided above is top of their kind and can prove fruitful to sharpen your beloved child’s mind.

So what are you waiting for? Try these educational games now!