ERP software for 2021

Top 10 ERP Software You Cannot Afford To Miss in 2021

43% of organizations observed infrastructure improvements when they deployed ERP software for 2021. It is one of the fastest-growing software in the IT industry. It integrates the core business processes into a single software package.

Moreover, it also contains modules such as finance, sales, and marketing, HR, Trade, and logistics. Thus, helping you streamlining processes and managing data.

Let us have a look at the top 10 ERP software for 2021.

1. Oracle NetSuite

With 18,000+ customers, NetSuite is an all-in-one business solution having ERP, financial management, CRM, and e-commerce tools.

You can use it to access financial information, derive key insights, and make quicker decisions. It will also help you forecast, schedule, and organize your organizational planning.

It also allows you to gain complete control over production schedules and processes. Thus, helping you develop an efficient product management system.


  • Highly flexible and customizable
  • Provides excellent customer support
  • Robust functionality and high scalability
  • Supports multiple languages and multiple currencies
  • Nearly 100% uptime
  • In-built data analytics module


  • Product upgrades are a bit challenging
  • Doesn’t offer an on-premise version

Pricing Plans:

Plans are quote-based and personalized for individual requirements. The base license is for $999 per month, and the access cost is $99 per user/month.

2. Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is leading customer relationship management software. It is perfect for industries in retail, finance, and manufacturing.

The tool comes with an in-built analytics module that can help you generate actionable insights and reports. You can also integrate it with applications like Lync, Sharepoint, Word, and Outlook.

Moreover, Microsoft Dynamics forms a closed-loop marketing system with its Adobe Marketing Cloud and Dynamics 365. Thus, helping you analyze the results of your marketing campaigns.


  • Provides a highly collaborative environment
  • Offers extensive customer support options, including phone and live chats
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Extensive automation available


  • Doesn’t provide 24/7 customer support
  • No free trial

Pricing Plans:

Microsoft Dynamics offers four pricing plans.

Customer Engagement plan -$115 per user/month

Unified Operations plan– $190 per user/month

Dynamics 365 plan– $210 per user/ month

Applications & Offers plan– $40 to $170 per user/ month

3. Sage 300

With 2 million + global users, Sage 300 is a cutting-edge Windows-based ERP software for 2021. It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses. Sage 300 makes it easy to manage multiple companies and accounts.

It also offers some great inventory management tools that help you take care of shipments, adjustments, and returns. It also provides multi-location tracking.

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Moreover, it lets you automate your financial management and even helps you with monthly bank statement reconciliation.


  • Multilingual support
  • Provides intelligent reporting
  • Offers customer support via live chat and phone
  • Multiple 3rd party integrations
  • 24/7 access to support articles, latest update and production documentation,


  • No free trial
  • Reasonably expensive

Pricing Plans:

Sage 300’s pricing is personalized and quote-based. It depends on factors like support needs, user count, and functionalities.

4. Odoo

Odoo is an all-in-one business software that offers a wide range of applications like CRM, ERP, project management, and warehouse management.


It also has a double-entry inventory management system that will help you track the entire product journey.

Odoo also has automatic stock adjustment tools. Thus, making it ideal for supply chain manufacturers and e-commerce businesses.

Furthermore, dedicated customer portals on the software ensure that customer data is stored in an organized manner and is easily accessible.


  • Offers cloud and on-premise hosting
  • Provides multi-language customer support
  • Email and live chat support
  • Multiple 3rd party integrations
  • Highly customizable
  • Automated invoicing procedure
  • Offers 15-day free trial period


  • 24/5 customer support
  • Beginners may find it challenging to use
  • Additional payment for every extra app installed

Pricing Plans:

$6 per user per month charges annually

You need to pay extra charges for using additional apps

5. Infor

Built on the robust Infor Coleman AI platform, Infor is a leading cloud-based ERP software for 2021. Its modern end-to-end solutions are powered by AI.

Moreover, with an in-built data analytics suite, it will provide you with actionable insights and advanced analytics. It also helps with workforce planning that can help you plan production needs and take care of scheduling.

Thus, making sure you never have a shortage of workers, and all your production requirements are met. Infor even helps you maximize assets’ reliability and performance, streamline various processes, and predict future trends.


  • Offers both on-premise and cloud deployment
  • Compatible with mobile phones, tabs, laptops, etc.
  • Allows excellent collaboration between business units


  • Not very compatible with excel
  • Running tasks in the background can cause it to slow down
  • Tough to use for beginners

Pricing Plan:

Quote-based pricing

6. Syspro

Based out of South Africa, Syspro is a modern ERP software for 2021 platform that will help you streamline business activities with ease. With 300,000 + customers, Syspro is popular among organizations in the manufacturing and distribution sectors.

The software offers four-dimensional security management and takes care of access levels, controls, visual monitoring, and auditing. Syspro even provides financial and accounting functions that will provide you with essential insights to minimize financial risk.


  • Engaging, flexible, fast, intuitive, and user-friendly
  • Offers high scalability
  • Offers APIs and services for improved integration
  • Real-time predictive analytics modules
  • Extremely secure servers ensuring data integrity


  • Brand recognition is limited

Pricing Plans:

Quote-based pricing

7. SAP Business One

SAP Business One provides visibility and lets you gain control of all the aspects of your business. With 100,000+ users, it is ideal for small and large-scale businesses.

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SAP’s Business Management tools will help you improve margins, enhance profitable decision-making, and reduce errors.

Moreover, it will help you oversee the entire sales process and understand the customer lifecycle more effectively. You can even use SAP Business One to create marketing campaigns and convert prospective leads into customers.


  • GDPR-compliant (General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Multiple deployment options (cloud, on-premise, and mobile)
  • Offers various extensibility options
  • 24/7 support via phone and online support
  • Compatible with Android, Linux, Windows, Mac, and iOS
  • Multiple 3rd party integrations


  • Tough for first-time users
  • No autosave feature

Pricing Plans:

Professional License- $94 per user per month

Limited License- $54 per user per month.

8. Workday.

Workday is an on-demand cloud-based ERP software for 2021. It provides you with comprehensive financial and workforce planning and helps your business become adaptive and flexible.

Workday consists of holistic management like audit, accounting, finance, and internal controls, financial planning, expenses, inventory, and much more.

Moreover, in-built analytics modules will help you make data-driven decisions.


  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Provides an exceptional collaborative environment
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Offers extensive third-party integrations
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface


  • Doesn’t offer a free trial period

Pricing Plans:

Quote-based pricing

9. Deltek

Deltek is an ERP system focussed on delivering business solutions to clients. It lets you manage, develop, deliver, and measure every aspect of your business. Advanced analytics, enterprise planning, and scheduling tools provide a seamless platform for project management.

Moreover, it provides you access to all the information via a single repository. Thus, empowering your team for better communication and collaboration. Deltek is an ideal solution for architecture and consulting firms and helps them manage projects from start to finish.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Enhanced financial and regulatory compliance
  • Extensive automation of processes available
  • Phone and online support available
  • Fully integrated with Office


  • Doesn’t provide a free trial
  • Timesheet corrections can be difficult

Pricing Plans:

Quote-based pricing

10. Epicor

Built for manufacturing industries, Epicor helps businesses and manufacturers use data and automation to stay profitable. It will also help you anticipate and tackle changes in demand to minimize downtime and disruption.

Epicor even helps you manage your sales process throughout the sales funnel. Furthermore, it enables you to streamline the order-to-cash cycle, get accurate estimates, and fulfill orders flawlessly.


  • Facilitates a highly collaborative environment
  • It is highly customizable and scalable
  • Work on the go


Doesn’t offer a free trial

Supports only English

Pricing Plans:

$175 per user per month

Here were some of the top enterprise resource planning tools that can help you gain a competitive edge.

Did we miss out on your favorite software? Let us know in the comments section below!

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