The Best WordPress Plugins for Starting Your Website

The Best WordPress Plugins for Starting Your Website

February 10, 2021 2 By mindmingles

Starting Your Website is not easy. You always have to be up to date with the newest trends and technologies and plugins being developed, but you also need to monitor your site in case there are any broken links or pages. That is why we will list some of the most useful plugins you need to have Starting Your Websitefor Starting Your Website as they will help keep it safe, clean, and SEO optimized. 

  • Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode is a plugin designed to help you create websites about your upcoming website.

You have access to a library of more than 2 million free high-quality images, over 170 customizable themes that you can use to build your page. You can also completely rebrand the plugin by changing its name, logo, colors, modify the CSS and text. The plugin is also designed to come with built-in tests, checks and guidelines for SEO to ensure you will be positioned higher. The plugin comes with SEO snipper previews, SEO analysis, meta description, Google Analytics, tracking pixel, and many more features. You use drag and drop builder to create your sites.

If you work with clients, you can provide them with an easy access to their site, even if you are still working on it. You can set this up with the Secret Access Link feature. You can also collect emails from your visitors as the plugin supports autoresponder, CRM, and marketing software that will push subscribers into them. You can also integrate with Zappier.

Moreover, if you manage multiple clients/licenses, you can log in to the license manager dashboard and create and manage your licenses, enable different features and configurations for each license, as well as see a detailed list of sites using your license.  You can also remotely control your sites, enable or disable the coming soon mode, synchronize the data, and view traffic stats.

You get it this plugin for one-time payment of $79 if you will use it for one personal site. If you are an agency, you can get it for $199 for 100 sites.

  • WP Reset

WP Reset is a must-have plugin when Starting Your Website. It will speed up your deployment, testing, and recovery as you can reset and restore WordPress settings in one click.

With WP Reset, you can undo any new updates with one click, create a collection of plugins and themes you need and install them after resetting your site with one click. You can remove any demo data and installs and there is the option of a nuclear reset if you need to make sure everything is gone. If you are working with your site, it is recommended you take a snapshot of your site before you make any changes so you can have a safety net if you need to restore your site to previous settings.

The plugin comes with the white label option and you can hide all license details. Also, you can store your data in the cloud that is controlled by the WP Reset team or use other services such as Dropbox, pCLoud, or Google Drive.

Lastly, you control all your licenses, sites, collections, and snapshots from a single dashboard so you have easy access to all client sites.

If you are an agency, you can get this plugin for $149 per year for 100 sites, or if you are a smaller team you can get it for 5 sites for $79 per year.

  • WP Sticky

WP Sticky is a plugin that makes any element on Starting Your Website sticky. It doesn’t require any coding as you can just pick the element off the screen. The plugin is compatible with all themes, plugins, and page builders. You can also get support from the people who built the plugin if you run into any difficulties.

You can edit and set names to your sticky elements (such as header) and if you no longer wish to have that element sticky, you can just click on the element and change its status and it is no longer sticky. Very easy!

More than 100,000 people are using this plugin as it is fast, reliable, and very user-friendly.

You can get it for a lifetime access for $39 for a single site or $59 for 3 sites. If you are an agency with lots of clients, you can get this plugin for 100 sites for $99.

  • WP Author Box

WP Author Box is a plugin you will need if you have more authors writing your blog posts. With this plugin, you can create a responsive author box at the end of your posts. You can choose what information to show, such as the author name, their gravatar, and description. You can also add social media links from over 45 social sites for your authors.  

If you have guest authors, you assign posts to guest authors, we well as assign multiple authors to credit everyone. If you have a Gutenberg block, you can easily adjust and edit author boxed, and set how the links will behave when clicked on. Besides the functional control, you can customize the text, color schemes, and appearance of the author boxes.

There’s also three pricing plans you can choose from, depending on how many supported sites you need these features for. You can check all the pricing plans and the features they come with here.

  • WP 301 Redirect

WP 301 Redirect is a very useful plugin to have as it helps you quickly fix the most overlooked (and significant) SEO issue, specifically, redirects and 404 errors. It works will all themes and plugins and its overhead is minimal so it will not slow down your site. It doesn’t load any extra CSS or JS files either. If you wish to change the URL of a published page, you will need this plugin.

Your old content, bad links and typos in your URLs can cause a big loss of traffic to your site. That is why this plugin has been created! You can simply redirect your users to the page you want them to see and improve your traffic. You can also safely change your post URLs and automatically create a redirect rule when your URL changes. Also, the redirect will ignore bad traffic (that is bad bots) and show them the standard 404 page.

You also get reports and data on what is happening on your site with Google Analytics and you will have access to the technical support from the people who created this plugin.

If you are an agency, you will get a great deal as you can use it on 100 sites for just $149 per year. If you just need it for one personal site, it is only $39 per year.


We hope you found this article useful for Starting Your Website! These plugins will definitely help you run your WP site better as each plugin has been specifically designed to help you run your site well.