Things You Need To Know Before Buying Covers for Your Outdoor Furniture

Things You Need To Know Before Buying Covers for Your Outdoor Furniture

August 31, 2021 1 By mindmingles

We spend a lot of money buying furniture for making our outdoor space comfortable. So, naturally, we would want them to last long too. You might be of the notion that the outdoor furniture can endure the different weather elements since it has been made for outdoor use only. But it’s a fact that after considerable exposure to the harsh weather conditions they start to show signs of fading. This shouldn’t bother you as there’s an easy solution to this problem to keep your most cherished backyard looking the same as you designed it. 

A patio cover can be used to make your outdoor furniture look the same years after years. It will keep them safe and ready to be used whenever you want to. But before you go ahead and place an order for the covers, here are some things you need to ask yourself.

Are they water-resistant?

You might be staying in a region that experiences frequent rainfall or your garden might have sprinklers. If you use a cover that is made up of waterproof material, you won’t have to worry about shifting the furniture time and again. 

Are they well secured?

Windy weather may be a concern for you. That’s why while buying the covers; do check whether they have a proper buckle system to keep them in place during crazy windy conditions. 

Will the cover allow the furniture to breathe?

Mold and mildew are common occurrences observed in the furniture placed outside. To avoid these, choose patio furniture covers that allow easy circulation of air. Covers with mesh vents are quite popular. They come with protective flaps. 

Will the cover be able to protect the furniture from the UV rays of the sun?

Harsh sun rays are the reason your outdoor furniture loses its shine. Long exposure to the sun can make the plastic furniture brittle too. By using proper covers you can protect them from harmful UV rays thus extending their longevity.   

Will the cover last long?

Durability should be one of the factors you must look into because you won’t feel like investing again and again in purchasing the same thing every year. Check whether they have double-stitches. This would prevent them from ripping and thus last longer.

What size to look for?

Usually, these covers come in different sizes. Opt for the one that you think would be easier for you to use while putting them on and off. Many companies also welcome custom orders. So, if you possess a unique set of outdoor seating arrangements, you can get the covers custom-made.

Will it be easy to maintain?

Whatever you buy, it requires maintenance. If you fail to do so surely they won’t perform well for long. Look for something that will be convenient for you to take care of. Most of the covers can be cleaned at home. You only need warm water and a good detergent to do the trick. 


If you want to have a first-hand feel of the covers you want to but, then it’s advisable to go to the local retailers. But if you don’t have the time to do so and online is your only go-to option, then look for the return and replacement policies. In case you don’t like them or they don’t fit your patio furniture, you can always exchange them and get another set.