Home improvement tips to make your home safer

Home improvement tips to make your home safer

April 30, 2021 6 By mindmingles

As your home is your sanctuary, it is always critical to make it a thoroughly safe place. Understandably, proper maintenance is a must at all times. However, is there anything else you can do to eliminate any chances of injuries or your home being burglarized? Luckily, the answer is yes. 

At this point, while the whole world is struggling with the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, there are still some home improvement tips that you can incorporate to make your home safer and your daily errands more comfortable. Here is what you can do.

Home security tips

Home security systems

There is a wide range of precaution measures you can take to improve your home’s security. Ideally, you should install an alarm system and add window- and glass-break sensors. There are numerous home security systems providers you can contact and schedule a meeting with. If you install security cameras, you will not only deter potential burglars but also help the police catch them if a burglary does happen. 

These days, when social distancing is highly advisable, if not mandatory, having strangers around the house even to improve your own safety may not seem the best solution. How about being a bit creative and use what you already have to make your home safer? Turn old phones and tablets into security cameras. All you need to do is install a free application, such as Camio, and find proper places in the house for these improvised cameras. The biggest downside of this strategy is that most of these devices are not waterproof, so you cannot use them outside. Nonetheless, they can make you feel safer and more protected, at least until this global pandemic has come to an end.

Light automation is what you need to make your home safer

Light automation is what can easily trick your potential burglars because it can mimic your at-home behavior. It also gives you a chance to program it according to your preferences; for example, if you want the lights to turn off when you leave your home or turn on when they detect movement. 

Making your porch lights automated is another practice that has proven to be effective. They will react to any movement from sunset to sunrise. 

Generally, to make your home more secure, you need to light up all those dark areas that may encourage intruders. Pay special attention to the entrance areas that have to be well-lit. This is also a great way to prevent falls or injuries, as dark spots can be dangerous even for the home’s residents.

A smart doorbell – a smart investment

Installing a smart doorbell will give you a chance to visually confirm who is at your door even if you are away. The latest models of these doorbells feature two-way communication, so you can appear to be at home, although you are not. 

Personal safety

You need your DO button and automated neighborhood watch

Knowing that you can get help as soon as possible when in danger will make you feel protected and safe. There is a free application you can install and create your own panic button or DO button. This is your call for help at any moment. You can also set it to publish a post on social media you frequently use once it is activated. 

On the other hand, the same application can help you signal your neighbors when something is wrong. For example, you can set the application to publish a post or contact your neighbors if your front door opens. Keep in mind that you will want to entrust somebody you can rely on with this task, so select a neighbor with whom you have a solid relationship.

Indoor safety

While protecting your home from the outside is important, indoor safety is also a crucial aspect of home security and comfortable living. Moreover, it can raise your home value considerably once you decide to sell it, as all potential buyers value security. Here are some ideas to enhance your indoor safety easily.

Get rid of mold

To make your home safer and healthier, you need to eliminate mold, or even better, prevent it entirely. The solution lies in buying dehumidifiers and placing them in those rooms that collect steam. As summer is approaching quickly, you can use air-conditioners for this purpose as well. 

Installing exhaust fans in both your kitchen and your bathroom is also an excellent strategy. It is not a costly investment, yet it can provide you with satisfying results. 

If you want to do something useful these days while COVID-19 is keeping most of us at home, get down to painting. Adding a mold inhibitor to the paint will prevent mold growth, and you will have fresh-looking walls as a result. Just be mindful of the colors you choose, as bold hues might make your home more challenging to sell later on.

No-slip surfaces prevent home injuries

Although we often neglect this fact, many people suffer the consequences of home injuries every year. Slippery surfaces can pose a threat to your safety, so implement slip-resistant mats in your bath and add self-adhesive anti-skid strips to your entrance stairs. If necessary, consider installing bathroom grab bars or securing handrails as well. These tips are also useful for any older adults, so if you live with seniors, make sure to consider these upgrades.

Fire safety

Investing in fire safety may be a costly investment but is definitely a smart one. Installing a sprinkler system and a smoke detector can make a difference in an emergency. Depending on the size of your home, you should think about buying a fire ladder which will be your lifesaver should you need to escape from a fire in your home.

Conducting a move and home improvement

While you should postpone your relocation during this time if you can, there are some ways that you can move house safely in times of crisis if necessary. For one, plan any improvements to your new home ahead of time if you want to avoid additional chaos and stress. Moreover, make sure you entrust genuine professionals with the completion of all the necessary tasks, such as packing and moving. Just make sure you follow all the procedures regarding social distancing. It would help if you kept bottles of sanitizers around the house and tried to minimize the time the movers spend inside. You should also remove all rugs from your home, if you have any, to make cleaning more manageable after the relocation is over. Once the movers leave your new home, the final step should be the disinfection of all the rooms for the safety of your whole family. 

Final thoughts

Once these challenging times are well behind us, you can make your own plan of home improvements for every month of the year, resulting in a safe, comfortable, and pleasant home to live in and enjoy. Remember that incorporating our tips does not have to be a costly investment. All you need is a couple of helpful pieces of advice, a little bit of creativity, and some free time on your hands!