Gifts for Teenage Girls: Unique Ideas for Birthdays and Festivities

Gifts for Teenage Girls: Unique Ideas for Birthdays and Festivities

November 5, 2020 6 By Shusree Mukherjee

Gifting girls is never a hassle because there are tons of available options. But when you streamline it to a certain age, it can be a little challenged. Moreover, when looking for gifts for teenage girls, it is evident that you will be a bit skeptical about what to buy.

Teen girls go through several biological and psychological changes, so buying gifts for them can be a little challenging. On one end, they are too old to play with toys, and on the other end, they are too new to makeup. Here, we aim to make your task easy by giving you tips to buy unique gifts for teenage girl.

Gifts for teenage girls 2020

To save you from a lot of research, here is a compilation of unique gifts for teenage girls. The list comprises all sorts of gifts to choose from and ensures that you will find it here no matter how impressive a gift you are looking for:

Hairstyling products

Teenage is the time that girls start to take their fashion statements seriously; well, most girls. If you are looking to gift an adolescent girl who is a fashionista, you can consider hair styling products. There are many products to choose from, and you can never go wrong with a straightener, curler, and hot hairbrush set. Teenage girls generally take their hair very seriously, and with a styling kit, they are very likely to be jumping around in joy. Having their styling equipment will save them from the frequent trips to the parlor and make sure that they can style their hair whenever they want to.

Lip balms

Lip balms are another gift that can never go wrong with teenage girls. Since they start to take their appearance seriously from teenage, it is natural that a pack of lip balm would serve as beautiful gifts for teenage girls. The lip balms now come in all sorts of colorful tints, especially appealing to girls who do not like lipsticks but would want some color on their lips. The lip balms help to keep the lips moisturized and. Thus, it not only beautifies but also protects their sensitive skin. It’s a gift that cannot backfire and holds the ability to please almost all teenage girls.

Polaroid Camera

Everyone loves to click pictures. They freeze the beautiful moments for us to look back later. One gift that can get teenage girls happy is an instant polaroid camera. These cameras are straightforward to use, and the best part about them is you get the pictures instantly. There is no need to wait for getting a printed copy of that sun setting down the mountains that you clicked on your last trip. Gifting a teenage girl with an instant polaroid camera means that you are giving her the chance to capture all her favorite moments and store them in print. Many cameras offer both black and white and color prints, and you can choose one based on the choice of the girl you are gifting the camera to.

gifts for teenage girls

Customized jewelry

Most teenage girls love to wear jewelry, especially junk ones. Therefore, if you are looking for ideas to buy gifts for teenage girls, you can safely give junk and customized jewelry a try. Customized jewelry is in vogue now as they can strike a personal chord with the person wearing them.

If you know the girl you are planning to gift the piece of jewelry, you must be well aware of her choices. You can customize a pendant or a simple earring with something she likes. You can use her photos or carve her initials on the jewelry. The best thing about personalized jewelry is that besides having a personal appeal, they are stunning to look at. Any teenage girl is sure to go gaga over a piece of personalized jewelry that has been made mainly for her.

Bluetooth speakers and headphones

Who does not love music? Music helps us relax at the end of a tiring day and often allows us to concentrate on our work. Teenage girls are not different when it comes to enjoying music. Therefore, if you are looking for birthday gifts for teenage girls, you can consider Bluetooth speakers and headphones. The best part about these speakers and headphones is that they are wireless and are relatively easy to carry around. If the girl you are gifting loves to listen to her music loud, then a speaker would be perfect. However, if she prefers listening to her favorite songs in her room and alone, you should go for a Bluetooth headphone.

Both the headphones and speakers come in various sizes and vibrant colors. There are enough options to choose from based on the choice of the girl you will be gifting. Make sure to give a device that would be compatible with her smartphone or laptop as otherwise there will be no use of either the speaker or the headphone.

Fashion coloring books

Many teenage girls aspire to become fashionable individuals and love a book that will let them explore their creative and stylish side. That is why fashion coloring books are one of the best gifts for teenage girls. These books help them to increase their creativity by offering numerous types of figures that they can color. There are books available that specifically focus on the figure’s hair or clothes. Girls with a creative fashion sense will find these books particularly appealing as coloring the figures in the book will also give them real-life fashion ideas. It would nurture their creativity and also help them to become fashionistas in their lives.

Gel manicure kit

Almost every teenage girl out there likes their hands manicured. However, going to nail salons is pretty out of fashion now. Therefore, you can gift her a DIY manicure kit. These kits come with their easy-to-follow instructions and ensure one can get a manicure whenever she wants. Many of the kits come with nail polish shades. So, a gift like that would be the icing on the cake.

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Decorative lamps

A lot of people like their rooms to be decorated aesthetically and it often starts from teenage. Teenage girls, in most cases, are incredibly particular about the decoration of their room. They like to have a neat and tidy room with a vibrant vibe. That is why decorative lamps serve as an excellent option as gifts for teenage girls. There are various types of LED lights available in the market, and they not only work as a fine room decorative and add a soothing ambiance to the room. Based on the choice of the girl you are giving a gift to, you can choose from a wide range of colorful string lights or blinking fairy lights.

Photo holders

Photo holders make excellent gifts for teenage girls as it gives them the chance to showcase their memories on the walls or wherever they want to put it. The holders have gone through some severe evolution, and now one has a lot more options to choose from than the traditional photo frames. There are photo holders available that would let one hang their photos from strings. Besides displaying the pictures, such holders also add value to the room decor. There are also photo holders that come with their own set of fairy lights. Gifting such a photo holder to a teenage girl who loves her room to be decorated well can never go wrong.

Makeup kit

We all know teenage girls who love makeup. It is generally from teenagers that girls grow a sense of fashion. If you plan to gift something to a teenage girl who is quite into fashion, you can consider giving her a complete makeup kit. These kits come with everything that one would need for perfect makeup; including, foundation, lipsticks, eye shadows, and kohl, to name a few. Getting an all equipped makeup kit is bound to make a fashionable teenage girl beyond happy as she will be able to do her makeup on her own whenever she wants.

Wooden alarm clock

Alarm clocks certainly do not stand out as gifts in today’s time, as we all have smartphones for setting out alarms. However, if the alarm clock is made of wood, then it can make quite a difference. Teenage girls love unique things, and therefore, a wooden alarm clock would be an excellent gift option. These clocks show time, temperature, date, and humidity and can be controlled by voice. It can be charged with a USB cable, or there are batteries available as well. The clock allows the users to set up three different kinds of alarms. The clock looks beautiful and works perfectly. It would add significant value as a decorative element in a teenage girl’s room while offering practical assistance to tell time.

Mini backpack

Girls are generally quite obsessed with bags, and it mostly starts with teenagers. Teenage girls, in many cases, love to have separate bags for separate occasions. A particular favorite with them is mini backpacks. These backpacks come in handy and can hold everything one might need for a day’s trip. They come in various colors and designs as well, making them the perfect gifts for teenage girls. If the girl you are planning to gift a backpack is a bit brand conscious, you can go for branded bags. Otherwise, there are many local sellers available who sell quality backpacks with the style quotient on point.

Mini backpack


Slippers make an excellent choice for stylish gifts for teenage girls. They come in various colors and shapes, and besides providing comfort to the legs, they also serve as a fashionable accessory. Some slippers can be customized, too, and that makes this choice of gift even more lucrative. If you are considering buying a slipper for a teenage girl, make sure to know her choice of color and materials before you make the final purchase. In case you are opting for a customizable slipper, you should go for something really close to her, as it would make the gift touch a personal chord.


Scrapbooks will probably never go out of fashion as gift items for teenagers. Teenage girls are especially fond of scrapbooks and naturally love it when they get it as a gift. Scrapbooks give them a way to preserve their favorite memories with notes and pictures. They can customize it according to their choices, which makes it an excellent gift for teenage girls. Scrapbooks are quite readily available in the market, and they come with a lot of varieties to choose from. In case you are trying to gift a scrapbook with a more personal touch, you can consider filling up some pages of it before finally giving it. Adding your memories and thoughts of the person you are gifting the scrapbook will surely strike the right chords.


Headbands have been consistently popular among teenage girls, and the tradition has not changed even now. These headbands help the girls keep their hair in place and give them a more stylish appearance. Today’s headbands come in a variety of shapes and sizes and, as a result, works very well as quirky gifts for teenage girls. Any teenage girl, who loves to try out different ways of styling her hair, would be thrilled with a gift like this. There are also plenty of simple options for girls who would not like any extra drama on their headbands.

These are some of the best gift ideas for teenage girls. Of course, there are many other items that would fit in the list, but with these mentioned items, one can never go wrong. Make sure to know the teenage girl’s choices well before you decide on a particular type of gift item.