What Sells Best on Amazon? How to Understand the Online Market?

What Sells Best on Amazon? How to Understand the Online Market?

November 5, 2020 14 By Shusree Mukherjee

Being a businessman, it is only natural to try and sell your products on Amazon, the most profitable online site. However, to do a successful business out of selling products on Amazon, you need to know what sells best on Amazon. With thousands of sellers selling their top-quality products on the e-commerce site, it is only natural that you will face tough competition. That is why you need to have a thorough understanding of what products you should focus on when you will be a seller on Amazon.

How to find out what sells best on Amazon?

Before directly delving into the list of what sells best on Amazon, it would be better if you know the tricks of identifying the products that would make a hit sell on the online site. There are specific strategies that would help you understand the Amazon marketplace algorithm and select the products to sell.

Conduct research on Amazon

Before you become a full-time seller at Amazon, you must do manual research on the site. You can start with the website’s best selling category as besides giving you an idea of what sells best on Amazon. This category will also help you select the niche of products you want to sell. While going through the best selling products, you can also check out the other items customers bought who viewed those products. It would give you further insight into the choices of the customers and help you set your niche.

Once you understand the products that sell the most on Amazon, you can conduct online keyword research on those items to understand their search volume. Going by the search volume, you will be able to know the market demand for those products.

Understand the gap in the market

To know your top sold items, you must understand what the Amazon market is missing. For instance, suppose you search for “dresses for women” and get some 20000 results; however, when you search for “high neck dresses for women,” you only get 1000 results. This is quite a simple way of researching and will tell you what you need to sell. While multiple sellers are selling dresses for women, not enough are selling high neck dresses, and that is where you can excel.

Another way of identifying the market gap is by reading the reviews of the products you are thinking of selling. You will find that though several sellers are selling the same things, customers are often asking for something specific that is not yet available on the site. You can take this opportunity to sell that particular type or color of the product and enhance your earnings.

Try to sell products that do not have much competition

If you are trying to become a successful seller on Amazon, you should start with products that do not offer much competition. For instance, you should not begin selling a product that already provides a considerable number of search results, as chances of you standing amid that crowd would be relatively low.

To beat this issue, you should try selling products that have more specific features or qualities. For instance, if you are thinking of selling sketchbooks and making a keyword search, you will find an insane amount of results. However, if you narrow your product to a more specific one, like sketchbooks for toddlers, your competition is most likely to lessen.

Selling products with specific features will increase your sales on the site and help you become a quick favorite among the customers. Amazon has many products that lack certain distinctive features that customers want, and therefore it is always a good idea to sell feature specific products on the site.

Take help of Amazon Best Seller Ranks

The Best Seller Ranks of Amazon helps you to get both the recent and the historical demand scales of best selling products on Amazon. So, if you are considering selling a particular product on the site, it is better to check it at the Best Seller Ranks. A high ranking in the BSR would endure that your product is in demand and will sell well. However, make sure that the category you are choosing has multiple products in the BSR. Having only one product of a variety in the Best Seller Ranks might not prove to be too worthy of your time and effort.

What sells best on Amazon?

With the help of these strategies, you must have an idea about what sells best on Amazon. Now, let us focus on specific products that sell well on the site and help them excel at their trades.


Despite the emergence of digital media, printed books have yet not lost their market hold. That is why books remain a forever thriving category of business on Amazon. If you are wondering how to select the books you want to sell, you can get help from the site itself. Amazon curates a list of best sellers in both fictional and non-fictional categories, and that list is updated regularly. Moreover, you can go through various popular blogs available online that bring out reading lists according to months. These sites and the list of Amazon will help you understand the kind of books people want to buy.

Even without much research, you can always sell classics on Amazon as they remain an all-time favorite. The children’s book sanction can also be explored by a seller as there are many specific requirements from customers that often go unnoticed.

Game and toys

Another age-old category that absolutely leads the Amazon selling list is the section of toys and games. The market demand for toys is rising every day, and with the knowledge of what the customers want, you can sell games and toys on Amazon with great profit. Children’s toys have gone through serious evolutions, and there are so many varieties to choose from that the demand never ceases. Almost everyday new kind of toy comes out, and customers want to get their hands on it.

You can also consider selling specific category toys like “toys for one-year-olds” or “toys for toddlers.” The large scale sellers often miss such specifications, and adding products in that category will help you make some great profit.

What Sells Best on Amazon


It does not have to be said how electrical gadgets have become an integrated part of our lives. People nowadays cannot spend their waking hours without the help of devices. This has naturally made electronic gadgets, one of the best selling products on Amazon.

However, to be a successful seller in this category, you will need to know the market trends. People’s choices change real quick in terms of electrical products. Thus, it is crucial to understand where the market is headed. You can go with some forever favorites like Alexa or Echo Dot as they never go out of demand. For other items like smartphones or watches, you need to closely follow the market to understand what will be up in people’s demand.

Many times, fabulous products of smaller brands get hidden under the big names. It will help you sell well on the site if you keep an eye for such products as they often come off as hidden gems.

Clothes and Fashion items

Clothes and fashion items have the full capability to be on the top of the list of what sells best on Amazon. The market for clothes can never die and opens a massive scope of becoming a successful seller on the site. However, you should be careful not to sell the type of clothes or accessories that most other sellers are selling. Going through the website will help you understand the fashion trend, and you should try to sell what seems to be missing from the general market.

For instance, you might find that a lot of sellers are selling “leggings for women.” However, some women might be looking for specific products like “customizable leggings” or “leggings for curvy women.” Targeting to sell such specific products will broaden your market as you will address the customers’ demands directly. It will also lessen your competition as most of the other sellers get busy selling mainstream products without looking at the customers’ specific requirements.

What Sells Best on Amazon

Video games

When you are trying to be a seller on Amazon, you shouldn’t forget about video games and how great they sell on the site. As the toddlers’ toy market has grown over the years, so has the video game industry. It might sound unbelievable, but a lot of adults are quote hooked to video games. Therefore, if you can strike a balance between selling video games suitable for adults and teenagers, you are bound to go high on profits. You can also keep different sections and sell the games according to the age group specifications. Either way, video games would make a great selling item on Amazon and keep you on the high end of profit.

Camera and films

Even today, when smartphones are equipped with high-quality cameras, digital cameras cannot be ignored while listing what sells best on Amazon. Photography has now crossed the border of being only a hobby as people have started to consider it a profession. This trend has significantly boosted the market for digital cameras and films. Cameras equipped with new technological features are being introduced in the market at regular intervals, and understanding the market trend will let you make profitable moves. Since it’s a fast-changing market, you need to remain updated with the latest models and technologies of cameras. Having a hold on the market trend will help you understand what kind of products you need to stock to sell.

Besides the highly featured DSLRs, polaroid cameras also still work their charm on people. There will always be people who will love instant polaroid cameras, and that is why they will always be on the list of what sells best on Amazon. If you can combine the polaroids with their films, you will be in the long run of profit from the site.


Another absolute favorite on the list of what sells best on Amazon is shoes. Shoes never grow out of trend and, with each passing day, keep becoming trendier. The best way to make the most out of Amazon’s shoe market is to sell shoes for both men and women. You might also add a kid’s shoes to your collection to increase your shoes. You can do a market study and sell shoes with specific requirements, like, “brown leather boots” or “high heel black leather boots for women.” These specifications will help you get noticed among the users, increasing your sales rate naturally.

What Sells Best on Amazon

These are some of the top things to sell on Amazon. However, the list does not end here, and a lot of other items can be added. But if you are considering starting on Amazon, then this list will come in handy. It contains essential things that sell well on the site.

However, merely stocking up these items will not serve your purpose; you need to know the market trends to know when to stock what. A seller needs to understand the market gap in the section of the products he is selling and focus on selling them. Specific featured products are a hit on Amazon, and therefore you should try to make your selling category as straightforward as possible. It would bring you closer to the demands of the buyers and will keep profiting you.