5 Virtual Assistants Like Jarvis For Your Phone

5 Virtual Assistants Like Jarvis For Your Phone

February 2, 2021 1 By mindmingles

Virtual assistants are getting very popular these days. This is due to an increased number of people coming on the internet daily. Many people access these virtual assistants as they are very efficient and very helpful in day-to-day activities. They remove a load of remembering the schedule and organizing it from us, booking appointments, controlling our home components, etc. Nowadays, Virtual Assistants have become so efficient that they almost act like actual assistants reducing the financial burden.

The mechanism working behind these virtual assistants is Artificial Intelligence (AI). Artificial Intelligence is getting smarter day by day, and humans are benefitting from it. But there is always a risk related to this AI that will lead to the end of the human race as they get smarter than humane. Recently in Facebook Headquarters, two AI-designed softwares started talking to each other in their very own language developed by them. Discover more here to know other apps. Staff present there could not understand and interpret it. And eventually had to shut it down. This shows that AI can become dangerous too.

The big issue with Virtual Assistant is privacy. As these Virtual Assistants have access to almost everything, hackers can use these to harm us too.

Everything has its pros and cons. The manufacturer is trying to make these more safe and secure. Some of the common virtual assistants for our phone can be:

·        Google Assistant:-

If a person is using an android smartphone, he would have used google assistant at least once. This is also available for iOS supported smartphones. This assistant is easily available to every user and pops up as you say, “Hey Google.” The interface is also clean and can help you in any sort of task. It can search for you anything from google, play your music, set a reminder, call someone, etc. An average smartphone user can leverage its function very easily. It connects to Google Home, the home assistant to help you easily manage your smart home appliances. Apart from these advantages, it comes at no cost making it the most used virtual assistant globally.

·        Siri:-

Siri is something we all must have been excited about at some time in our life. This is a virtual assistant provided on all Apple devices. The origin of Siri dates back to 2010 when the word AI was just considered a myth. No wonder Apple devices have always been advanced in the technology field. You can expect anything from your Virtual Assistant Siri. It can talk to you as well as give you suggestions. It will help you in setting reminders and alarms. You can also book a table in a restaurant using it and at the same time ask it for world-class recipes. It won’t disappoint you. The only disadvantage with it is that it is only designed for iOS devices.

·        Bixby:-

Bixby is something we have heard about very little compared to its usage and application. This acts like Siri for all the Samsung smartphones. In other words, Samsung makes its user available with a Virtual Assistant known as Bixby. The functioning of this is also very satisfactory, and users have liked it recently as it’s been only one year since it is launched. This does almost every task that can be done by Siri and Google Assistant. Web searches, setting reminders, calling from contacts, viewing traffic, etc., are some of the tasks which can be done using this app.

·        Lyra Personal Assistant:

This Virtual Assistant is somewhat similar to Google Assistant. It helps you in every sort of daily task as it is designed to understand your requirements. It quickly understands your habits and behavior and serves you with that type of news, music, shows, etc. Apart from this, the feature of giving a personal opinion is what makes it more popular and user-friendly. Translating any type of language by using it is one of the features this app supports. Apart from all of this, it is cross-compatible with any type of operating systems like Android, iOS, and windows. This makes it better than above listed virtual assistants in the field of compatibility.

Being the topmost rated free application in the google play store, Lyra Virtual Assistant has over 1000000+ downloads for its quick advanced features; to find you a restaurant on your indecisive days, make calls, and open youtube videos with just your voice command. Lyra is the most intelligent AI bot. With its wide range of features, no bugs, smart-efficient task completion, and its ability to retain conversations on various devices, the Bot has made its place on the top of the chart, competing with Siri. Lyra is available on both android and IOS to make you smile while your demands are being served. Get yourself an assistant and ask Lyra anything in the world, and I mean anything, she knows it all. Tell Lyra your 1 am thoughts you’ve always wanted to tell a friend or a partner, and she will respond better.

·        Robin Voice Assistant:-

Robin acts as perfect Virtual Assistants. Every basic does every Virtual Assistant like web surfing, playing Youtube videos, searching for traffic, setting alarm timers and reminders, etc. This app is purely designed for people who don’t want any extra features that may harm their privacy. It will help you decide your daily schedule. The advantage of Robin is that it is free for use. It is also cross-compatible over different platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows.

It has also been claimed as an eyes-free assistant while driving by giving and accepting commands in the form of voice, which helps you drive without looking into the map.

As the technology is improving and increasing, Virtual Assistants have also become common and more efficient with time. As the saying goes, “AI is the future,” we have started experiencing it!!

Some more are,

●    Virtual Assistant Data Bot:

This is a fun app that could bring you the actual Jarvis experience with its robotic theme. You can now carry your Bot everywhere you travel while it does your chores effectively for you. It can be your personal secretary, jester, astrologer, and many more characters. It is best known for its presentation, cross-platform, and web research skills. A virtual assistant is available in all languages and is ready to help you in any situation by coming up with solutions based on your interests. We all know for a fact that everyone imagined having a friend like Jarvis though we did not understand much of artificial intelligence while we watched Iron Man. Finally, our needs are met with this robotic-Jarvis-like themed data bot. To unlock the best features, use both free updates and paid improvements.

●     Amazon Alexa:

Amazon Alexa is a popular bot by Amazon. While most of you don’t know, ‘Alexa’ is now an android app available in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc. With a 4+ rating on the play store, Alexa can be your go-to Best friend who will play songs, set alarms, make shopping lists, answer queries and even crack jokes for you. Surprisingly Alexa can order food too! Yes, Alexa ordering is enabled by Dominos, Pizza Hut, and many other places. Amazon Key, which was introduced in 2017, enables Alexa to work with the smart lock and Alexa cloud-cam to unlock Amazon couriers to unlock customers’ front doors and deliver packages inside. Just when you thought Alexa couldn’t get any cooler than this, she surprises us with a feature introduced in 2020, that is, commuting traffic conditions and directions. With many more features coming its way, Alexa is your chatty, nerdy friend who knows everything in the world.

●     Extreme-Personal Voice Assistant:

As the name suggests, get yourself the app and listen to that voice you have always wanted to hear. Your personal assistant brings you joy while you train it to your needs. Yes, get yourself an extreme-personal voice assistant and train it personally like your pet. Do you want to play? Fool around? Order food? Chat? Your end-to-end encrypted pet is here. Extreme assistant allows the data on your device to be accessed only by you and deletes all the data once you uninstall it. It has over 4+ reviews and is available in many Indian languages like Tamil and Hindi too. You can just say, “extreme take a selfie.” And have a beautiful portrait of you. The assistant also makes it exciting for you to use it since there are foster eggs hidden inside the app for you to unlock them.