Best Cloud Backup Services for Business in 2021

Best Cloud Backup Services for Business in 2021

February 1, 2021 5 By mindmingles

Are you looking to back up your business data & financial details?

Every business looks for vital data protection for survival and thus select options that are cost-efficient & operational at the same time.

Businesses are adopting cloud backup solutions to address the data protection challenges.

Protection data is tough & expensive! The traditional tape backup methods have become unreliable and outdated with time.

Save your data from outside interference with reliable cloud backup services. The buzzwords can be used to refer to different things, but in the context of data backup, it’s especially noteworthy.

Cloud backup services are helping enterprises and individuals to store valuable data on the internet. The solutions involve sending a copy of the critical data across different networks (private & public) to a remote off-site server.

The data is backed up and stored on a cloud based remote server. With the right kind of service provider, you get access to various distributed resources comprising a cloud.

Make the business data backup more seamless & secured by buying server space in the cloud.

Here you will get to know in detail about the cloud backup benefits and the best tools to backup data on the cloud…………..

What is a cloud backup service?

What is a cloud backup service

It simply means storing valuable data on the internet! The cloud backup service ensures regular online backup for businesses by copying files in the cloud-based storage system.

Cloud backup is different from storing files on an external hard drive. All details are handled online!

These backups can be manual or sync with other teams. Mostly, businesses like storing their data as a backup in a remote server for anytime access.

A backup service is a powerful tool irrespective of its use.

Businesses are allowed to access the cloud service provider’s service with secure login. The files are backed up to an online storage server through an encrypted connection.

Get better access and higher reliability with cloud storage. You do not have to buy costly storage device and can access the cloud backup assistance at a reasonable cost.

The main purpose of data backup is to access important data at the time of need or emergency. You don’t have to now rely on any single computer or server!

The vast network of server centers are located across the globe and even if the facility fails, the failsafe will be in place.

The cloud is affordable and also easy to maintain. You can now access data remotely anytime from a comfortable position.

How is Cloud Backup Assisting Business Needs?

How is Cloud Backup Assisting Business Needs

Let us look at the top six advantages of cloud backup over traditional storage option –

It needs minimal infrastructure investment

You only need the corporate computer network in the cloud-based backup.

You don’t need any expensive equipment and getting the backup data is simple.

It ensures Quick Recovery of data

The cloud is extremely fast in recovering data in case of emergency.

It is a speedy process and as fast as communication with the cloud service provider.

Understand the bandwidth available to you and it will impact the speed of data recovery instantly.

Free yourself from the manual data backup process

Manual data backup is a tedious process and consumes a lot of time for businesses.

With cloud backup services, you can focus the resources on strategic projects central to the business.

No monitoring needed for data backup

No need to now monitor the progress of manual backups and troubleshoot problems.

You get standardized and automatic data backup solutions with the best cloud service providers.

Protect both virtual & physical servers with a single backup application.

List of Top Cloud Backup Services in 2021


It is one of the cheapest online-storage solutions in the market. You can use it easily and literally can set it & forget it!

You get rapid upload features and restore-my-mail features. You can even locate a lost or stolen computer device by geolocation.

It is cheap, simple, and provides unlimited storage. Backblaze is the best-valued cloud storage service provider.

But it is meant for 1 computer device and is not meant for multiple-system plans. You also get multiple features along with the cloud backup service.

Do you have nearly unlimited storage needs? It is not the best option for multiple machines to back up unless you have unlimited storage needs.


It is one of the oldest cloud storage options in the market and is preferred by businesses of all sizes.

Dropbox is providing a free storage facility of 2GB and it can be used on all necessary platforms.

It is easy to access files from Dropbox’s website, Windows, desktop applications for Mac, iOS Android, and Linux.

The plans include – $16.58 a month for 3TB and you get Dropbox Business plans for $19.99 at 3TB with a 14-day free trial.

Are you looking for storage for your team? The Dropbox Standard service starts at $15 a user with 5TB of storage. The advanced version is providing unlimited storage at $25 per user, with at least three users.

The simple interface for use and its usability on any platform makes Dropbox a great choice for cloud storage.



It is an open-source DIY cloud storage option that ensures privacy & security.

The tool is ensuring the setup of your cloud storage service using the existing servers. If you are looking for privacy and security, then this DIY cloud storage is for you!

Take the help of Nextcloud to set up the cloud storage option on an external server or office server.

You can choose a plan that suits your business needs. It started as an IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) file storage cloud. It is a one-in-all cloud storage option for businesses of all sizes.

It comes in both free and business versions. You can set up on your own or choose the basic support for up to 50 users at a very suitable cost.

Get maximum control over its cloud with the right kind of storage solutions.

 SpiderOak One

It is one of the first online storage options that ensure that the customer is having a private & encrypted key.

The app provides backup for unlimited devices and ensures strong sharing of data. The focus is always on security and has strong syncing features.

The online storage service provided by SpiderOak One is ensured that the customer is handling a private and exclusive encryption key.

It has the strong features of file-sharing and syncing for unlimited machines & ensures backup of system files.

You get competitive price plans with SpiderOak One cloud service provider. The file restoration speed is fast and the upload speed is very high.


It is the solution where Microsoft is merging the Windows desktop and the cloud.

Are you a Windows user? OneDrive is another directory in the File Explorer and is baked into Windows. It can be used on the web and OneDrive apps for Android.

It comes with 5GB of free storage and you can collaborate with others in documents in real-time with the partners.

You can get it for $5 a month and the plan maxes out at six people or 6TB of storage. Businesses can also add 50GB to OneDrive for $1.99/month.

Contact the right kind of cloud backup service providers to get the tools for storing business data safely.


It is the backup service plan that is aiming to deliver data backup services at a good price and with the best features.

You can choose the CrashPlan offer for cloud backup storage for the excellent level of customization, unlimited storage, and powerful web console.

The backup service is meant to provide you the service at a reasonable cost. You get a length of features and controls with the right kind of plan.

Are you in need of unlimited storage space? Select cloud backup services for the best storage option. The package is working on PCs & Macs, and all relevant systems.

Wrapping It Up!

The cloud backup service is like a suitable insurance plan for your business data. Choose the right plan to ensure your business gets clear access to their data anytime it’s needed.

Many organizations are unable to identify the critical problems faced with data loss or recovery; thus it is important to contact the experts for data backup on the cloud.

A business cloud backup is providing the business owners with peace of mind! If something goes wrong with a device then it can be all undone using a cloud backup.

You get all the necessary backup and storage options with the right kind of tool or platform.