Who will get the free school meal?

Who will get the free school meal?

February 2, 2021 12 By mindmingles

Due to the pandemic of Covid-19, all people trouble because of this virus. And the students are mostly affected. The government is funding the schools for free school meals benefits-related arranging for the pupils. The pupils that attend schools and that are isolating, or had positive test symptoms or had a close relation to the Covid-19 victims.

In education for catering the lead association, department of education in England, and public health produced for free school meals guidance, for supplies healthy food parcels to the students across the week.

From September 2020 school meals providing

From the start of September 2020, the school started free meals providing to the students. So schools should provide to all pupils that are in schools. The school should provide these free school meals to all infant pupils and the pupils that are eligible for these free school meals.

But it is also expected that the kitchens of all schools will be open and support the pupils through free school meals, and those who are at home due to coronavirus, provide them free school meals through food parcels.

Arrangements for school meals providing

Schools should arrange their catering team and providing free school meals to provide the team with the best arrangements. And the pupils that are now come back to school from their homes also need some arrangements of free school meals for them.

These arrangements are:

. for lunchtime arrangements working out, so that the group of pupils does not mix with other pupils.

. having several sittings for lunch, more than one location for serving meals.

Schools should speak to their food suppliers and catering team, in this period for delivery or ordering the food to manage this in the most effective ways.


For the school pupils, the water must be free of charge provided at all times.

To the water fountains, the pupils do not have to access to this, so the school should arrange the appropriate method for pupils drinking water. The best way is that school should arrange single plastic bottles for pupils. As water is important for the body every day even mostly doctor suggests that have 18 glasses of water on regular basis, because it is the requirement of the body.

Pupils that stay at home support them

Who will get the free school meal

The pupils who are eligible for the free school meals, but stay at home. Schools should prepare for the food parcels and supplies to them. Like this they can save their money for the other things such as courses and things like that.

Those pupils that are self-isolating or some those that have positive symptoms of the virus. And also those that have close contact with people that have coronavirus.

Pupils that clinically extremely vulnerable

The pupils are clinically extremely vulnerable, and the doctors advise them to stay at home. And those pupils are enabled to come to their schools. So the pupils there are eligible for free school meals, the school should make food parcels for them and supplies to them.

If needed food parcels

The government funding provides to the schools for free school meals arrange for pupils. And the schools are working in the food industry, and the best possible arrangements are explored to supply the food parcels where needed. Different organizations also played an important role to help schools for this free food delivery to the students. Many other academic firms,like nursing assignment writing service uk helped students in their studies and homework by giving them amazing discounts.

For frequent approach schools should manage the collection of food parcels weekly. And the parents of these families if not unable to get food parcels, then asked their other family member, or a friend to their behalf collect the parcel. Or School should send them at home by peon or watchman.

Schools should also work with the local schools for the supplies of food parcels. In this way, they may be supporting the same family with more than one child that attended different schools.

Food parcels are:

  •  For food safety, the food parcels should be of food items, and not fill boxes with pre-pared  food.
  • Freezer and fridge space should minimize because there is a need for the school to store the food.
  • The parcels should be food items that are healthy so parents can make for their children the best food.
  • The food items that in school food standards are restricted avoid these items to food parcels.
  • A special diet that pupils are required, the parcels should be for a healthy diet.
  • For household use packaging food parcels in appropriate sizes, not in wholesale sizes.

Free meals for students of further education

The students of further education that are attending classes during this pandemic, schools should also manage food parcels for those students that are eligible for the free school meal.

Contracts of School food

Schools should speak to their food provider about their all activities further during coronavirus and their arrangements. It is just thought that when there is a relief for coronavirus, the parents unable to purchase food for their children. So schools should continue the free school meals for children through the funding of the government.

The schools should arrange some costs of the free school meals, but for the students that are eligible for free school meals, schools should provide them with food parcels free of cost.

Eligibility for free school meal

To apply for free school meals, founded the free school meals the eligibility criteria.

During the outbreak of coronavirus, the free school meals eligibility extended temporarily to those people that not get the public funds.

So the school’s free meals are continuing and their temporary extension for those pupils that are staying home and for those that are attending school during this pandemic.

To support families

The families that are during coronavirus struggling further support by the government is available for them. The services are available for the people in their areas, so the families that urgently need help contact the local council to this area and can get help.

Scheme of Covid Winter Grant

A new scheme of Covid Winter Grant, on 8 November announced £170 million that in England by local authorities will be run.

To cover this pandemic period till March 2020, 80% of this funding for the utility costs essential and with food support. In the next month, the funding will receive by local authorities.

In the winter period, it is allowed to the local authorities; the needed people directly help them. And these depend on local authorities they may help the families and children in the best way.

Food programs and holiday activities expansion

Till 2021, the food programs and holiday activities will expand. In England, free healthy meals are offered to disadvantaged children, and over Easter, and Christmas holidays enriching activities for them.

To coordinate delivery funding will receive to local authorities. That manages free school meals for children.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the students also suffered from many problems. The government funding for free school meals to the schools for pupils. And the schools supply food parcels to all eligible pupils.