Top 10 Reasons Why PDFs Are Universal File Format

Top 10 Reasons Why PDFs Are Universal File Format

June 23, 2020 9 By mindmingles

Whether you have your own business or you work with any company, we go through a variety of file formats every day. Most of the time these documents have confidential information. So to keep such papers secure professionals use portable document formats. PDFs are a universal file format app that is an easy and convenient way to keep documents safe. A smart PDF scanner app is a go-to solution for all PDF needs.

But why are PDF formats so prevalent? Here we bring 10 reasons that justify why PDFs are famous formats.

Top 10 Reasons to Use PDF File Formats

Generally, we all prefer PDFs over Word, Excel, or PowerPoint formats. Right from businessmen to students, everyone uses PDFs. Let’s explore why this file format is so widespread.

PDFs Are Omnipresent

PDFs are everywhere. It is a universal file format. Also, it is easy to work with PDFs as everyone is using it and it supports most of the devices. You may think document editing is easy with word format but when you save a word file on a Mac, it may not transfer properly. Whereas PDFs are easily viewable on any device.

PDF Is A Compact File Format 

This is the only file format that never sacrifices quality when its size gets decreased. We can convert any files into PDF format and its quality stays intact. Also, we can easily merge different documents such as Microsoft Word documents, various other graphs, spreadsheets, and photographs into a single PDF file.

PDFs Are Easily Viewable

Nothing works well if the product or content is not viewable online. When anyone chooses to upload a PDf file online, it is easy to access that file with most of the prevalent browsers. PDFs are easily viewable documents that can increase the desired audience and engagement on any online content.

PDFs Are Portable 

It is easy to read PDF files. It is readable from anywhere and on any device, as long as users have PDF maker apps. It is quick and free to view, read, and access PDFs with such apps.PDFs give easy mobility.

PDFs Offer Trusted Security

PDfs mostly carry private information that is why it has to be trustworthy. And a password protected  PDF file is very safe. Even legal professionals choose it for security. It does not leave an electronic footprint.

PDFs Are Easy And Quick File Formats

Any file formats whether Word, Excel or PowerPoint, is easily converted into PDF. With the help of PDF scanner apps, you can easily convert files into PDFs.

PDFs Carry Visual Appeals

Whenever you add any images or photos in a document, you want it to present as it is after conversion. And with PDFs, you are well-assured that all the graphics will remain intact with high-quality when a file is converted into PDF. 

PDFs Are Very Interactive

Hyperlinks, music, movies, file attachments, and various other text notes

are useful and PDFs easily feature them all. It makes the content more interactive.

PDFs Support Analytics

In case the password gets breached, recipients can view who has access to the information. In such cases, we can start taking proper actions.

PDFs Present Professional Appeal

Believe it or not, when you share any PDF document, instantly you create a professional vibe. PDFs are professional papers.

After knowing all the reasons, you must be ready to use only PDFs. But how will you convert other file formats into PDFs? You will need an excellent PDF maker app that generates accurate PDFs.

FlashScan – A Scan To PDF Application

As PDFs are globally accepted documents you need an intuitive PDF scanner app that converts file format easily and FlashScan is one such app. Here are it’s features that make this app a one-stop scanning solution.

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  • Users can even scan QR and Barcodes with FlashScan. It reads and scans all types of codes accurately.
  • It offers post-scan editing filters to enhance your PDFs.
  • FlashScan helps you to easily save, share, renaame, rescan and delete any files and folders.


Notes: We already saw it is easy and more professional to use PDF as a universal file format. You can easily convert any documents into PDFs with FlashScan. Download FlashScan – the best PDF reader now!