How to make extra cash from free bets

How to make extra cash from free bets

July 25, 2022 2 By sophia cook

Yes, you can translate free bets as free money because it is basically what it means; they are bets you can play and win without your own money involved. That is to say that the betting platform that is giving out the free bet pays for the bet you will stake and when you win, they don’t take some part of the money. You will need to qualify for a free bet online to place the bet free and if you are lucky, you win some money. is one of the top websites you can get free bets from and they don’t fake any percentage from your winnings, unlike some other platforms. Below is a comprehensive guideline of how you can win a very good amount of money with free bets. 

What Are Free Bets 

Free bets can be described as a situation whereby you can place a bet for free (courtesy of the platform that gave you the free bet) and then win without having to pay a dime for it. Most of the time, free bets just serve as a promotional strategy by a betting platform to increase the activity that happens on their website. 

Basically what happens or how free bets work is that customers or bettors have to qualify for a free bet by placing a bet A to get bet B for free. For instance, if you are betting on a rugby game, you may qualify for a free bet and then the betting platform allows you to bet on another rugby game for free. Most of the time, betting platforms allow bettors who have earned some money through free bets to withdraw the money without any restrictions. 

The reason why most betting companies allow free bets despite the winnings is so that they will build a good reputation in the long run and that means more customers. 

How To Make Use Of Free Bets And Win Big 

Below is a step-by-step process of how you can win free bets and then make use of them to win a huge amount of money. 

  • Check the terms

One of the first things that a bettor should do when they win a free bet is to check the terms and conditions that are involved. The reason why this is advisable is that it helps you to know if the betting platform is going to collect some percentage from the money that is going to be worn and the amount of money that you will get. 

  • Place High odds 

Another thing to check when a betting platform offers you a free bet is to check the odds that are involved in the bet. The reason why this is so is that when the bettor bets on high odds, they are more likely to maximize the profits that will be coming in. After all, once you have placed a free bet, you have to know that the free bet stake won’t be returning. You don’t need to go for the high odds, if you don’t have enough exchange funds you can place your free bet on lower odds. 

  • Close back and lay odds

When you get a free bet, it is recommended that you close back and lay the odds and the reason behind this is quite simple. When the back and lay odds are closer to each other, there is a higher chance of winning with the free bet unlike when the back and lay odds are far apart. 


Free bets are one of the promotional strategies that betting platforms use to increase the number of bettors that visit their website. When you follow the comprehensive guide above, you will learn how to place a free bet very well and win big.