48% Of Customers Would Answer Pop-ups, If They Improved Their Buying Experience

Pop-ups on e-commerce sites are explicitly used to encourage a user to buy, but how effective are they? A recent study carried out by customer insights experts Feefo asked 2,000 UK adults about their buying habits and found that 48% of customers would answer pop-ups if they improved their buying experience.

With this finding, many readers may be asking how they can ensure that pop-ups they use are fulfilling this. Though pop-ups are often regarded as annoying distractions, they can bring about a lot of value (and sales).

Customers Purchase Journey Infographic

However, it is essential to know how pop-ups can be effectively used to assist customers rather than hinder their online shopping experience. We’ve compiled a list of useful tips below to provide ideas on exactly how to do this:

  • Consider offering first-time buyer discount – a pop-up offering a deal is sure to be noticed and appreciated; this also helps to improve the likelihood of a customer returning too
  • Personalise shopping experiences – is there a standard product you’ve found a customer to come to your site for? Let them know about the new products they might like!
  • Ensure pop-ups look natural – attention-grabbing pop-ups look great and offer useful information, unlike many that look spammy
  • Use a hook – customers enjoy a promise and pop-ups are particularly useful for this, you can grab attention effectively with a bold headline.

While many e-commerce websites use pop-ups, many fail to do so in a way to promote sales. With the tips above, you can tailor pop-ups so that they are specific to the buyer’s needs and help to reinforce brand trust at the same time.

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It’s always essential to ensure that potential buyers can easily opt-out of pop-ups and exit them quickly. Because so many shoppers go online knowing precisely what they are looking for, pop-ups shouldn’t detract from this but can help to boost sales.

Not only can pop-ups help to drive sales, but they can be used to reinforce a brand too. Consider using such methods of advertising in-line with your branding to really create an identity around your site in a consistent way. Customers will eventually come to appreciate the pop-ups you’re offering rather than dread them!

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