Here’s How Diwali Is Celebrated around the World

Here’s How Diwali Is Celebrated around the World

September 30, 2020 6 By mindmingles

The age-old festival of lights, Diwali or Deepavali, remains the largest festival of India. While everyone celebrates the festival massively in the nation, the celebrations travel far and wide even across the globe. Every Indian living across the country keeps the ancient tradition alive by lighting diyas, wearing new attire, and exchanging Diwali giftsAlthough the essence of the festival is the same, every country celebrates it differently in their special manner. Here’s how diwali is celebrated around the world: 

  1. Australia 

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Indian population grows significantly by 30% in less than two years. Due to a large Indian population settled in Australia, Diwali is celebrated at a greater scale. On this day, the Australian celebrations are commenced with a huge exhibition of fireworks, live performances, and cultural shows. Federation Square in Melbourne witnesses the biggest Diwali celebrations in Australia. 

2. Britain 

In Britain, Indians are the second-largest ethnic minority. So, here is how Diwali is celebrated with great enthusiasm far away from their homeland in Britain. On an auspicious day, they begin their day by worshipping Goddess Lakshmi followed by burning incense sticks, exchanging sweets, and lighting diyas. Despite the chilly winters in Britain, they keep their doors open on Diwali to let Goddess Lakshmi enter their homes.  

3. India 

The festival of lights is generally the biggest Indian festivals across every religion and culture. In India, Diwali is generally a five-day-long celebration. On this day, every Indian dress in their best Indian attire to commence the festivities. Apart from decorating their house with lanterns and lamps, one of the popular Diwali traditions is exchanging gifts. They give Bhaidooj gifts for brother and Diwali gifts to their loved ones to send their heartwarming greetings of the festive season. 

4. Indonesia 

Bali is one of the popular Indonesian Islands to celebrate the festival in a grand manner. The Diwali traditions and celebrations are quite similar to a few of the counterparts in India. The festivities of Diwali are grand among the locals of Bali. 

5. Malaysia 

In Malaysia, Hindus form over 8% of their whole population. Over here, they recognise Diwali as the Hari festival, which is usually celebrated on the seventh month of the Hindu solar calendar. On the festive occasion, Indians bathe in oil, visit temples, and chant their prayer religiously. In addition to this, they light lamps made from clay and fill it with coconut oil as a tradition. 

6. Mauritius 

In Mauritius, the Indian population is approximately 63%. So, the Hindus in this land celebrate the divine festival of Diwali with pomp and grandeur. They commence the festivities of the occasion by lightening the earthen lamps. Most notably, they light them in a way that depicts images and characters. Additionally, they worship Goddess Lakshmi and burst crackers similar to the Diwali tradition followed across different countries. 

7. Singapore 

Popularly known as Deepavali in Singapore, it is observed as a public holiday. A notable amount of Hindi minority flock Singapore, which is why the banter of Diwali festival is huge. While the rock-solid streets are decorated with flowers, lights, and lamps, storefronts are adorned in bright festive colours, such as red and gold. Besides, the scented sticks and aromatic flowers surround every corner of the household in Singapore. 

8. The United States of America (USA)

A substantial number of the Indian population resides in the USA. Whether it is New Jersey, Texas or California, many cities in the USA have a large Indian community. For obvious reasons, the Diwali celebrations are huge as well. During the festival of lights, Indians based in the states throw a vegetarian communal dinner as well as chant their customary prayers. Besides, certain parts of the cities organise a Diwali parade. 

A time for both gratitude and gaiety, Diwali is massively celebrated among friends and family across the globe. Mark the delightful day with your loved ones by keeping the environment in mind. This year, celebrate it with eco-friendly gifts for Diwali to combat the hazardous impact on mother earth. In case you live miles away from your loved ones, send Diwali gifts online to convey your heartiest regards and wishes of the season. Happy Diwali!