Best Travel Destinations For 2021

Best Travel Destinations For 2021

April 1, 2021 1 By Vishal Sawariya

Are you getting impatient to resume your Travel Destinations or annual vacations? Welcome to the club, so is every wanderlust on the planet. Whether you are a beach vacationer, museum lover or love nightlife and casino scene of Vegas and Macau. You aren’t going to run out of places to see any time soon. 

2020 was a difficult year, and unfortunately travel restrictions are still a thing and might be for the rest of the year. However, there are still a few places worth visiting during this difficult time.

Staying Home

Not to point out the obvious, but for many staying in their own country can be quite an adventure. Especially if you’ve been travelling often and ignoring the beauty of your own cities. Even if there are no local beaches or mountains to hike in your town. There are might still be tons of exciting activities to take up.

Some people are choosing to play online pokies, or live casino games right from home. Instead of their usual trips to Las Vegas. Others are taking up indoor workouts or doing virtual classes of yoga, pilates and more. In this day and age and with the technological advancements we have, almost anything is possible. 

Stay safe and stress-free by trying new things close to home. There are still tons of restaurants offering take out or deliver. Especially if you live in a vibrant, multi-cultural area. 


You might have noticed that the international jet-set seem to be reconvening in some of the same areas no matter what. In Mexico, it’s more or less, life as usual. Beaches, bars and restaurants are open, and restrictions are a lot less lax in most cities. 

Tulum is a popular destination at the moment, attracting thousands of digital nomads who work and party as they wait out the lockdowns in their own countries.

Dubai is best Travel Destinations

Dubai is a must-visit no matter what the situation is. Particularly now, you might want to consider a visit. The sparkling, futuristic site continues to attract the international jet-set in droves. 

With its thriving nightlife, shopping, bars and more. It’s easy to see why Dubai is on everyone’s bucket list. Ditch your local lockdowns and restrictions for this fantasy place instead. 

Miami, Florida is best Travel Destinations

Miami is another hotspot for those looking for a bit of normalcy at this time. Many are ditching their cramped, restricted zones for the sunny beaches and outdoor areas of Miami. The city continues to welcome guests who wish to eat, drink and party like it’s 2019 again. 

As the country’s new art scene, the youthful, fun-filled vibe of Miami is once again experiencing its golden days. There’s a hotel, Air BnB or property for just about every type of traveller

Costa Rica

Nature lovers couldn’t possibly do better than Costa Rica, one of the world’s foremost eco-tourism destinations. The country has an open-door policy that welcome tourist. Not only is it one of the safest places in Central America to visit. It’s also one of the most welcoming to foreigners. You can expect excellent healthcare, accommodations, food, and security here.