7 Surprising Must-Have Items to Buy if You Travel Often

7 Surprising Must-Have Items to Buy if You Travel Often

June 16, 2020 10 By mindmingles

Traveling reveals a lot about our personality. We get to know ourselves better, sometimes even to the point of being surprised by a newfound trait. Here are surprising must-have items to buy if you travel often.

Well, one of the many traits you can learn about yourself when traveling is how organized you can get every trip. It’s like a natural instinct to always know what stuff to bring and where exactly to put them. Being organized also means being a wonderful planner as you probably know by now how to deal with travel situations that test your wit and patience.

In my case, I know exactly what carry-on to use to be able to bring these seven must-have items I didn’t know I needed until certain circumstances forced me to. When you have these inside your luggage, I’m sure you would say, “I’m glad I brought these with me!”

1. Solid perfume

As we may all know, airport security can be strict about bringing in liquids inside the plane. There’s an allowed quantity, sometimes varying from airport to airport, for you to be able to pass through the checkpoints without a hitch.

The case with our liquid fragrances is that we often ask ourselves whether the quantity of your perfume bottle meets the airport requirement. But here’s the thing: why do you have to stress yourself so much about perfumes when you can get yourself a solid one?

Solid perfume is a very handy traveling gem that you must have inside your carry-on. Not only are you safe from the scrutinizing eyes of the security x-ray machine, but your bag is also safe from any spillage. 

2. Beeswax Wraps

A beeswax wrap is something that you should always bring with you when you travel, especially with kids.

Since they tend to get hungry easily, packed sandwiches really come in handy when you’re on the road and the next pit stop is still a couple of miles away. Using beeswax wraps preserves the food even longer as it is breathable.

Aside from that, it’s also sustainable. It doesn’t contribute to the already growing plastic waste that pollutes the planet. Thus, making this the best possible option to carry food around when you travel.

3. Digital Scale

Have you ever got held up at the check-in counter or at the security gate because of excess baggage? Well, that can be a bit stressful, especially when you’re almost approaching the boarding time and you haven’t checked in yet. Not to mention the embarrassment because you have to sort out your belongings in front of everyone at the counter.

To avoid having to go through such debacle, always bring a digital scale with you to make sure that you don’t go beyond the required check-in or carry-on weight. That way, you can sort things out even before you leave your house or the hotel you’re staying at.

That’s one crisis averted!

4. Kindle

Now, boredom is inevitable during long haul flights. Even the waiting time before boarding is grueling. You don’t have to get bored easily if you have something to entertain you while waiting.

Bringing books with you is a life-saver. Then again, hardbound or paperback books don’t seem like a great idea as it can take space inside your luggage especially if you plan to bring more than one. They can also add more weight to your already filled-to-the-brim bag.

Now, that’s where Kindle comes in.

It’s a lightweight e-book device that allows you to put in as many books as you like in its storage without worrying about luggage weight and to help you kiss your boredom goodbye!

5. Universal adapter

Since we are in a generation where we tend to be dependent on our gadgets (that’s saying it lightly), chargers are a must. But of course, each country has varying ports and requirements. 

While there are countries that share the same port as your home country, it wouldn’t hurt to be sure, right? Bringing a universal adapter is not a huge additional weight on your luggage. It would usually just weigh a couple of grams. Nothing really big to make you worry about going over baggage.

Frequent travelers should always have this inside their bag as it can be used in 150 countries! A universal adapter is a bang for your buck as you won’t have to purchase one special adapter for each country that you wish to visit.

6. Portable wash bag

If you’re on a tight budget or schedule, going to the laundry is not very ideal. The best that you can do is to bring a portable wash bag with you so you can do the laundry by yourself.

It’s easy to use and it can guarantee fresh, clean clothes after that. It’s also a nice must-have for adventurers who have limited access to laundry shops and facilities. 

7. Collapsible bottle

Hydration is key to ensure a healthy lifestyle even when traveling. A collapsible bottle helps us achieve that.

The best thing about it is that it doesn’t take up much space inside your luggage. It’s a win-win situation.

I can’t think of any reason why you wouldn’t be inclined to purchase one. It’s possibly one of my favorite travel items that I couldn’t live without.

Now that you know these must-have travel items, the question is, do you know where you are heading next? If not, take this quiz to find out.