Top 10 Best International Payment Apps in 2021

Top 10 Best International Payment Apps in 2021

October 5, 2020 51 By Buy On Social

Ever been into a situation where you went out with your friends for lunch or dinner and the restaurant has denied splitting the bill? You promised your friend to pay your share to them later by using the best International payment app, and for now, they would you pay your claim?

It’s tough that all your friends would come up and help you to pay your bill and even if they do, you feel burdened. But thanks to the Smartphone era, where everyone has their Smartphone where they can easily download the best payment app and can pay their bills.

Here are some details that you should keep in your mind about the best online payment apps and how the payment modes make it easier than ever.

Ten best International payment app that it worth using

Payment App Supports the best on
Xoom Sending Money Internationally
Google Pay Android Users
Facebook Messenger Zee fee-transaction and Facebook lovers
Apple Pay Apple or IOS users
Zelle Credit Union Members
PayPal Minimal transaction fee
Circle Pay Sending Money Internationally
Square Cash Send small amounts of money
Samsung Pay Samsung Users
Venmo Send small amounts of money.

A detailed summary of the best mobile International payment app

Here are some of the details and highlights and their features about how these apps: –


1. Xoom (A service by PayPal) – Best for sending money internationally

Xoom has its unique feature for sending money internationally as its primary purpose.

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS.
  • Payment limits: Transaction can happen up to $25,000. The initial limits of the transaction are $2,999 in 24 hours, $6,000 in 30 days, and $9,999 in 180 hours. The transaction limit can be increased by providing personal information.
  • Transaction Fee: The transaction fee depends on the countries where the transaction.


2. Google Pay- Best for Android users

  • Compatibility: Android and iOS
  • Payment Limits: In one transaction, one can spend $9,999 and $10,000 in seven days. Floridians have the limit to $3,000 every 24 hours.
  • Transaction Fee: Zero transaction fees, but you cannot use a credit card to send money to friends and family.


3. Facebook Messenger- Best for zero transaction fee and Facebook Lovers

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS- Users need to have a Facebook account.
  • Payment Limits: Not disclosed
  • Transaction Fee: Zero transaction fees, but only a debit card or a PayPal account is capable of fund transfers.


4. Apple Pay- Best for Apple and iOS users

  • Compatibility: iOS
  • Payment Limits: Up to $3,000 per message and $10,000 in seven days
  • Transaction Fee: 3 percent transaction fee applies for fee transaction to friends and family


5. Zelle- Best International Payment App

Zelle’s unique feature is it is a part of your bank or credit union app.

  • Compatibility- Depends on the bank or credit union’s app.
  • Payment Limit- If your bank or credit card doesn’t offer you, Zelle, then the weekly transaction stands $500. Suppose they allow contacting your bank or credit union about the payment limit.
  • Transaction Fee- No transaction fee is applicable for Zelle, but the bank or union may charge a transaction fee.


6. PayPal- Best International Payment App

  • Compatibility- Android, iOS
  • Payment Limit- There is no limit for payment transactions from your verified account. You can transact $60,000 but may get limited to $10,000 in a single day.
  • Transaction Fee- A transaction fee of 2.9 percent along with a fixed price is applicable if paid via a credit card, debit card, or PayPal credit.


7. Circle Pay

Circle Pay allows you to send money across the country and even in foreign countries.

  • Compatibility- Android, iOS
  • Payment Limit- For seven days, the amount is $400, which can be raised to $3,000 per seven-day by providing additional personal information.
  • Transaction Fee- Circle Pay has a zero transaction fee, but your bank may charge a fee.


8. Square Cash- Best for the transaction of small amounts of money

  • Compatibility- Android, iOS
  • Payment Limit- Initially, the limit is of $250 per transaction for a week, but the limit can be raised to $2,500 for a week.
  • Transaction Fee- 3 percent of the fee is applicable if sent via credit card and the fee would be added to the total transaction amount.


9. Samsung Pay- Best for Samsung Users

  • Compatibility- Selected Samsung Devices
  • Payment Limits- None (as it does not have the facility to transfer from one person to the other)
  • Transaction Fee- None (as it does not have the facility to transfer from one person to the other)


10. Venmo- Best for a small amount transaction

 Compatibility- Android, iOS

  • Payment Limits- Weekly, its $299.99 but can be raised to $2,999.99 weekly.
  • Transaction Fee- When the transaction is done from authorized merchants, the fee is $0, $3 if it is paid by credit card and $0.25 from transferring Venmo balance out of Venmo.

What are International Payment App ?

Payment apps are the apps that allow making payments from your phone.

Best International payment apps or best UPI apps allow making payments at the stores very quickly if you are always struggling through your wallet or find the right card to pay the bills. Payment apps usually will enable you to connect your bank account or credit cards linked to your app. This helps you to pay the bills directly from your account, credit, or debit card without using them physically.

It depends on the app and the phone that you are using whether you need to tap your phone on the sale point or need to scratch the credit or debit card.

Other top UPI apps may allow you to scan the QR code or display the PIN to the cashier and pay the bills.

Top UPI apps to send money to friends and family

The best online payment apps allow you to send money via social media too, along with the provision to send money through the email address or phone number.

It is very much necessary to have a piece of detailed knowledge about the work model of the best UPI apps that you are using.

Most of the payment’s apps allow you to make a payment free if you are using a bank account or in-app balance.

Still, if you are using a credit card, you might need to use a credit card to pay or receive an amount.

Additionally, there may be an additional charge applies if you want to add or move out money from your app account into your bank account.

Apps also have limitations on how much money one can withdraw or transact in each period say monthly, week, or in a day.

Are These Safe to Use?

All these apps are safe to use, and these come with a proper security system and easy to use interface. So, you don’t have to worry about the security of all these apps.

All of your bank details, personal information are safe in these systems. So, you can simply go with all these systems or applications. These will surely help you in getting a better result as well.

These apps make all the work easy and secure. So, you can simply send your money to your friends by a single click. So, you can simply go with any of these super impressive mobile payment apps to get the best performance.

Some of these apps charge extra money as transaction fees. So, if you want to use those apps then you can go with these but, I can assure you about the quality of these apps. You’ll surely get a top-class service with this.

Why should you go for the best International payment app?

Easy Payment Option

These payment apps make your life immensely more accessible as you do not have to roam around carrying multiple cards and worrying about which one to use to complete the transactions. Instead, you can merge all of them in one payment app and can enjoy your day.

Very secured transaction

Another benefit for using payment apps is you do not have to worry about your cards if by any chance; you lose your wallet or purse.

God Forbid, if your phone gets lost, you do not have to worry about your payment apps or payment information if your phone is locked correctly and is accessed by random people.

Features of Payment Apps

Every payment app has got own specific features, but what you need to keep in mind is-

  • Compatibility of your phone
  • Transaction limit
  • Transaction Fee for sending and receiving both.
  • Best Service.
  • All these apps comes with 24/7 customer care service.
  • Safe to use.

 Conclusion about Best International Payment App

The best International payment app helps you to make purchases or split a bill much more manageable than one can think of ever.

The above listed ten apps have something exciting for you. It would be best if you kept in mind about the transaction fee that they charge and, along with that, be aware of the fee that they charge you.

Here, we have provided you with a quality Information on this. If you go through all these then it’ll be easy for you to make international payment easily. So, to get the best service you can simply go with any of these apps. I hope you like this entire discussion and our top choices. Stay tuned for the next update and thanks for reading.