Unusual Uses for Coloured Acrylic Sheets

Unusual Uses for Coloured Acrylic Sheets

January 7, 2023 33 By sweety

Coloured acrylic sheets are suitable for various uses you may not have evenm considered. The advantages of acrylic sheets are so numerous that they can be used for crafts, PPE, and even protective equipment. In this article we will discuss some of the unusual uses for coloured acrylic sheets, as well as discuss the use of acrylic plastic sheets for crafts, and the various benefits of acrylic, especially when compared to other types of plastic. 

The advantages of acrylic

The properties that make coloured acrylic sheets so useful for a range of applications are plentiful. Not only do they have excellent clarity, so they’re amazing for windows and doors, but they’re half the weight of alternative materials like glass and boast superior strength and impact resistance of up to seventeen times larger. 

The other advantages of acrylic include their chemically and thermally resistant properties, the cost efficiency of a single plastic sheet in comparison to glass panes, and their excellent chemical resistance which makes them ideally suited to the manufacturing of microfluidics devices and medical manifolds. 

Why use acrylic over other types of plastic or glass?

These materials are suited to different budgets, which is the main reason you may choose to use acrylic over other types of plastic or glass. For some applications, strength is integral and glass simply won’t be able to match the level of protection which acrylic provides. Alternatively, other types of plastics may be too overpowered for the purpose and end up being a less cost-effective solution when you could be saving money. 

Scratches in acrylic are far easier to remove than those in polycarbonate or glass too, all you need is a sander, various grades of grit, water, and acrylic polish, and your acrylic will look good as new. 

Unusual uses for coloured acrylic sheets

Now we have discussed the advantages of acrylic and the benefits of choosing acrylic over other materials for your project, we can discuss some of the most unusual uses for coloured acrylic sheets that you probably didn’t think of. The first of which is the use of acrylic for aquatic purposes. 

  • Swimming pools, aquariums, and vivariums 

Coloured acrylic sheets are perfect for swimming pools and aquariums thanks to their water resistance, high durability, and UV-resistance. UV-resistance protects the sheets from discolouration and ensures they remain vibrant even after years of sun exposure. Their use in swimming pools is exceedingly advantageous as they allow for monitoring of those in the pool. If you’d like to add a funky edge to your swimming pool, coloured acrylic sheets are a great way to do so as despite their tint of colour, they have just as much clarity as ordinary clear acrylic sheets, but they just have a little extra something. 

For aquariums, the concept is the same. Acrylic faultlessly withstands the pressure of water, and can keep your fish safe for years. Most aquariums are actually made of acrylic as opposed to glass nowadays, as acrylic is far lighter than glass and can be moulded as required much easier. Furthermore, acrylic can possess more clarity than glass, so you can see your fish inside the tank without straining to do so. Acrylic is an amazing alternative for glass when it comes to aquariums. 

The same concept goes for vivariums for exotic pets who require constant heat which needs to be maintained to keep your pets healthy. The acrylic helps to insulate the heat without causing damage to the surface of the tank itself.

  • Crafts

Acrylic plastic sheets for crafts are some of the least expensive materials you can use to make incredibly strong and vibrant looking projects. Thanks to the ease of moulding and high pigmentation, you can create a truly amazing design of any type with acrylic plastic.

  • Kitchen Splashbacks

Kitchen Splashbacks are a great use for coloured acrylic plastic. Not only is the plastic heat resistant, and so not susceptible to warping in the presence of the heat from your cooking, but they also help to protect your walls from permanent damage due to splashes of fluid which may otherwise stain your walls. Coloured acrylic sheets are a great way to add a little more colour into your kitchen and make it stand out. Additionally, coloured acrylic sheets can be cut and drilled to your exact specifications, so you can do literally anything you want, regardless of the layout of your kitchen.