Top 4 Mattress Cleaning Tips That Will Improve your Health

Top 4 Mattress Cleaning Tips That Will Improve your Health

August 6, 2018 269 By Buy On Social

You spend 7-8 hours of your day resting on your mattress. Probably, you wouldn’t have realized but you’ll be one of those people who would have neglected cleaning their mattress regularly.

You might have focused more on cleaning your upholstery furniture, carpet and any such place where it would appear dirty as your mattress would be looking pretty spotless. It’s no one’s fault if they are overlooking the mattress cleaning task. They think that their mattress is clean because they are changing the bed sheets and cover on a regular basis. In reality, you’ll find more dust particles, dust mites, and contaminants on your mattress.

Every night your body sheds dead skin and in addition to that,your mattress will collect your sweat and other bodily fluids.In fact, it will not be easy to identify any such things that will ask for cleaning. Because, over time, the stain/sweat would have dried and you’ll not find any such sign that’ll push you towards the mattress cleaning task. When you leave it like that, your mattress will attract bacteria, dust mites and will make you sick in no time.

The problem is the longer you leave them, it will more challenging to get a healthy sleep.

Now, it’s good if you are thinking of taking mattress cleaning services. Maybe you’ll call them twice a year, but is that all?

I understand that professional mattress cleaners will do a better job cleaning your mattress, but you need to do certain things that will add value to their service. Before and after a professional mattress cleaning service, you have to do few simple things that’ll help your health in a long way and here’s the list.

4 Best Mattress Cleaning Tips that’ll help you stay healthy

  1. (Always) Vacuum your Mattress (First)

If you think it’s only your upholstery furniture and carpet that will be seen with your food, then think again. May be last weekend you hit your bed along with your laptop and few munchies and completed your favorite series in a single night. You may recall that, but I’m pretty sure you would not be remembering the way you enjoyed your snacks.

Also, when you are not home, your pet would have made your bed a comfortable place for the afternoon nap. So you never know the things that could be present on your mattress.

As a basic precautionary measure, you have to vacuum your mattress, at least two times a week. Vacuuming does not give deep cleaning results, but it will help you take out pet dander, food particles, and other visible dirt that can be harmful. 

  1. Treat Stains Immediately

Pet urine, vomit, or did you spill your pasta? Then just remove it completely, including the stain.

If you have carpet or upholstery furniture, then you should know about the spot cleaning process.  Treat the spills when they are fresh, don’t wait till they settle in. Also, be careful about the spot cleaning methods, as they differ for each of the stain types.

Suppose you find yourself dealing with stains caused by bodily fluids then you have to be extra cautious. Normally, cleaning such stains is not easy and may require professional assistance. Call professionals, if that’s the best thing to do. 

  1. How About Some Fresh Air & UV Sunlight?

Sleeping in the company of millions of dust mites can be one of the worst experiences of your life.

And why is that?

Because, you’ll not enjoy a good night’s sleep, but will experience, itchiness and irritation throughout the night.One of the natural ways to kill these allergy-causing dust mites is keeping your mattress out in the sun.

Even though this is not the ultimate solution, you can reduce the sneezing and congestion problems for sometime before you can call professionals for help.

  1. Baking Soda = Deodorize

A filthy mattress that is filled with your sweat and other stains will start emanating distinct odor which can be unpleasant and irritating for your body. Vacuum cleaning wouldn’t help and the best way to cut down the odor is sprinkling a large amount of baking soda on your mattress.

Leave the powder for some time, like at least half a day and vacuum the surface. Using baking soda,you will leave your mattress clean and pleasant smelling.

The Upshot

Going to bed at the cost of catching allergy symptoms is not the best way to relax after a long tiring day. Not getting quality sleep, you’ll feel more tired and inactive the following day.

However clean your mattress appears, just vacuum it regularly.Take all the precautions required to cut down the resources for the growth of dust mites and bacteria. Other than this, change the sheets regularly and stay away from allergy and sickness.