Men’s guide to dressing for success: 9 positive benefits of being well-dressed

Men’s guide to dressing for success: 9 positive benefits of being well-dressed

November 17, 2020 242 By mindmingles

In our day to day lives, what we wear is vital to develop our state of mind. Whether you want to feel laid back or attentive, your clothes can help you with that. Not only people, but our own mind judges us on what we are wearing and behaves accordingly. You won’t feel the way you want to unless you dress for it. Read on to find the benefits of being well dressed.

It is human nature to prefer good looks over average or unattractive ones. But, no matter how attractive a person is, if he is dressed shabbily and doesn’t groom himself, he won’t be able to make an impressive mark.

The Home Economics Journal conducted a study in 2009 to assess the influence of Clothing Attractiveness.

The response of the participants showed a greater positive perception towards models who dressed attractively. Thus, it was concluded that the benefits of being well dressed have almost the same influence as physical attractiveness.

Men who make an effort with their formal wardrobe tend to be more successful in their careers. Not only will their bosses perceive them as important, but those who are junior in rank will show more respect and obedience to well-dressed men.

Let’s ponder over a few positive benefits of being well dressed.

  1. Helps you make a powerful first impression

The famous saying that people judge a book by its cover is accurate in terms of dressing, making the first impression.

Researchers from North East London Polytechnic conducted a study on clothing’s influence on a person’s first impression. They concluded that dressing well will help you make a better first impression.

An excellent first impression decides what role you will be given at the organization and sets your worth in your employer’s eyes.

  1. Instills self-discipline

Dressing well requires one to make an effort. From washing your clothes to ironing them, the maintenance takes time. Along with that, you need to perfect your skills of tying a tie knot and polishing your shoes. Above all, you also need to take time out for personal grooming.

All the efforts you put into getting ready steer you towards better self-discipline that reflects in your performance at work as well. You learn multitasking, time management, and the importance of being perfect with your presentation.

  1. People perceive you as a smart individual

Your dressing sense says a lot about your intellect and life choices. If you select classy clothing essentials and your contrasting game is on point, the chances are that the onlookers will notice that. They will recognize you as a smart person who knows what he does.

As a result, they will consider you as a professional who is capable of doing a job with perfection, just like his dressing.

  1. Increase your chances of growth in career

The quote about dressing for the job you want, not the one you have is actually right.

I have seen employees who put on their best clothing only when the appraisal day comes. This is the biggest mistake you could ever make as your boss will notice the difference and instantly think of you as a non-serious person with his grooming rest of the year.

Focus on being regular with prim dressing to make a consistent reputation in the eyes of those in charge of your growth. Investing in good quality formal clothing will help you make more money at your current job or get a new and better-paying position at another company.

Imagine landing your dream promotion for consistently presenting yourself attractively? That’s what we are talking about.

Even if you are an entrepreneur, you will see fantastic growth by dressing well as prospect clients’ perception matters a lot in growing a startup.

  1. You will receive help easily due to your groomed impression

There may come instances when you need a little help or favor from your colleagues or your seniors at work. Being well dressed increases your chance of getting help as it is human nature to have pleasant feelings for an attractive looking person.

  1. You become way more attractive to the opposite gender

Opinion Research Corporation and Men’s Health jointly surveyed women to get their opinion regarding what traits make a man “hot.” The most important physical attribute stated by these women was a man’s “sense of style.”

If you go to a job interview and a female is in the hiring authority, your chances of getting the job will immensely increase as she will find you attractive and, consequently, worthy of the job.

The same goes for a meeting with clients. If one of them is a woman, you are lucky because she will definitely notice that your dressing sense is excellent and your perfume smells nice.

  1. You will often be chosen to represent your company

Imagine yourself as the CEO of a company. You need to get a presentation done urgently for a prospective client. Two of your employees can do it. One of them is dressed in a faded shirt with his shirt tucked out. He has unkempt hair and unpolished shoes. The other one is dressed like a gentleman with everything from his grooming to his dressing screams perfection. On top of that, he smells amazing.

Which one would you prefer for the presentation?

Undoubtedly, you will choose the better dressed one to give your company a good reputation in front of the client. This shows that being well dressed is one of your seniors’ criteria for good performance.

  1. Credibility and trust-building

A person can trust you easily if you dress appropriately. The thought process behind this is simple. If a person sees that you take so much interest in self-care, he will believe that you will do the same with your job.

Visit a government office, and you will see that you will automatically head towards the counter where the official sitting is dressed well. You will apprehend that your job will be done in a quicker and better way by this person.

To build trust and improve credibility in the eyes of employers, clients, and your coworkers, always carry a spruced-up look at work.

  1. You will always feel ready to face the world

Impressing and mesmerizing others isn’t the only goal by dressing well. You will feel a remarkable boost in your own confidence, as well.

One never knows when he will bump into someone important, the thought that you are ready to meet anyone will help you cope with such situations in a much better way. It will definitely help transform your state of mind.

The benefits of being well dressed:

  • Wear clothes that are properly washed.
  • Carefully iron them to remove unsightly wrinkles.
  • Wear fabrics that won’t fade fast.
  • Never wear shirts with obnoxious prints to your office
  • If you sweat a lot, wear appropriate undergarments like an undershirt or moisture-wicking men’s pouch briefs.
  • Polish your shoes. Throw away worn-out ones and buy good quality new ones instead.
  • Learn how to wear a tie.
  • Be regular with your personal grooming.
  • Choose a perfume that is neither too strong nor unnoticeable.

Final word

The points mentioned above prove the benefits of being well dressed can significantly impact your personal and professional life. Investing time and money in formal clothing will definitely take you places, and you will be able to do your work confidently.