How to Publish your App on the Play Store in 2021

How to Publish your App on the Play Store in 2021

March 15, 2021 332 By mindmingles

If you want to launch a successful app on Google Play Store in 2021, here are a few tools from the Google Play Console to consider that will help you publish, manage, and distribute your app worldwide. Read on to find out more!

Three Key Factors to Keep in Mind

  1. Launch your store listing

Your app’s store listing is the first chance you get to make a positive first impression with potential users. If you want your app to be easily discoverable for users, you need to launch with a robust store listing.

2. Troubleshoot before launch

In order to give your new app the best chance of success, you should make use of comprehensive testing tools and pre-launch reports from the Google Play Console to help you screen technical issues so you can fix them before your app is launched.

3. Minimize rollout risk

The Google Play Console offers integrated testing tools and staged rollouts so you can identify potential issues before they become a big problem.

How to Make your App Launch a Success 

Discover how the unique capabilities of the Google Play Console can assist you in the launch of your app.

Store Listings

A strong Play store listing will help you make a positive first impression to new users.  The first step is to increase your app’s discoverability. You can include relevant terms and helpful descriptions to help users find your app easily. 

You can use visuals to attract more users. To give them more of a sense of the unique experience your app or game offers, you can make effective use of graphics or videos. To ensure your store listing is successful, you can create custom store listings to cater to user segments in various geo-locations.

Releases overview

To ensure you have a successful release, you need to adopt a comprehensive approach. You can use the Google Play Console when releasing your app to check status by track, as well as the availability of all active releases, whether in production or in open, closed, or internal testing. You can also monitor availability by country. This information will make it easier for you to identify your target market. 

Public releases

Once your app is ready for public release, you will be making it available to download for all of the users on the Play Store. To ensure all potential users have a positive experience with your app, you can use stage rollouts to minimize risk. This approach will help you catch last-minute issues before they affect more users. Furthermore you can view your rollouts by tracking key release metrics on the Release dashboard.

Publishing overview

An effective way to manage changes to your app’s design and layout after publishing is to view all of your changes that are currently being reviewed, organized by the type of change and release track. You can also use Managed publishing to determine exactly when to launch your updates, instead of going live after approval on an automated basis. This will help you make your app’s updates consistent for all your users and provide a better experience.

Best Practices to Launch your App

Make sure the graphic designs, in-app images, and tutorial video in your store listing are optimized to increase your chances of being successful on the Play Store.

A pre-registration campaign before your app’s launch can stir up more interest. You can also align your software updates with ad campaigns or other launch events after publishing.

Depending on the type of app you are launching, you review time will vary. If you are creating an app targeted at families, the Play Store will take a longer time to review your app.

How to Ensure Your App Remains Successful after Launch

You can use the provided testing tools and pre-launch reports from the Google Play Console to fix technical issues. User feedback in the initial stages after your launch will be vital to the long-term success of your app. 

Decide early on whether you want a smaller app launch with feedback from trusted users, or a public beta to see how your app performs on a large scale. 

Check your Android vitals dashboard frequently to see how your core metrics are performing. 

Before you launch your app on the Play Store, you need to create a high-quality piece of software. Check out’s mobile app development portal to create a feature-rich app today!