How to Balance your Chakras

How to Balance your Chakras

July 21, 2018 7 By Buy On Social

The chakras- the wheel of energy in human body- are associated with the sources of energy that are located at various positions in our body.

Although there are hundreds of chakra in our body but there are 7 main chakras that create the maximum healing and balancing effects. There are stationed from the top to toe in alignment in our body.

What is chakra balancing?

Chakra balancing is a process to restore the peaceful waves of energy in our body. The process is used to heal various complicated issues pertaining to our overall wellness, mind relaxation and energy levels.

How is chakra healing and balancing done?

The most common techniques used in healing the chakras is through- Meditation, Massage, Music, Colour therapy etc. In this article we will discuss some of the profound techniques that bring the most desired results in balancing the chakras and create chakra healing thoroughly:

  • Meditation:

The process of meditation used for balancing and healing of the chakras. With meditation we try to send the calming vibes to our mind that signals the chakras to attain tranquillity.

Chakra healing through meditation is carried out in 2 stages:

  • Healing of the cause
  • Healing of the effect

In the first one the cause is addressed through the techniques of healing while in the later one the effect which is generated from the cause has to be dealt properly.

  • Massage:

From the Root Chakra that lies in the bottom i.e. the feet and legs to the crown chakra which is situated at the head of the body, the practice of massage is very effective in healing and balancing the chakras.

The massage is aimed at improving the circulation of blood in these parts of body and thus creating soothing vibes throughout our sensory organs to mind. The improved blood circulation helps in channelizing the energy of Chakras.

  • Colour therapy:

The colours emit radiations that are very karmic in balancing and healing the chakras. The vibrations that are generated from the radiations of colours have varying effects on our mind and thinking. The colour therapy is used for treating severe conditions of depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

Most of the young mothers can relate to colour therapy where red colour radiations are used to heal the effects of jaundice in a new born baby and yellow colour is suggested to avoid!

Similarly colours have healing effects on the minds of adults as well.

  • Music therapy:

In general life when we hear some music according to our mood, we feel good. When we are upset and get to hear some cheerful song, our mood starts enlightening.

For chakra healing and balancing as well, this calming effect of music is used. one popular technique- Solfeggio is used to create frequencies through the healing sounds. Similarly there are other techniques that are used to channelize the power of music to heal the disruption in the energy of chakras in our body.

  • Yoga:

Chakra which is also known as the wheel of energy- gets stuck to release the beneficial energy which is called prana. This energy release is done using the postures and movements in Yoga. Yoga helps in releasing the stuck energy out of our body and ensures the flow of fresh and energizing vibes through the pattern of our breathing and postures.