Here’s how and why heart attacks occur and what is its treatment

Here’s how and why heart attacks occur and what is its treatment

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Heart attacks are one of the major health issues that account for a very high number of deaths in India. Research conducted a few years ago showed the disturbing trend of heart ailments being one of the major reasons for mortality in the country, not just across a specific demographic or age group, but universally. The research worked on data which include numbers like 2.1 million deaths across every age group with heart-related ailments in 2015.

In this regard, health card can be instrumental in saving lives, especially since they offer prompt medical attention without having to go through the hassle of lengthy applications.

What is a heart attack and how does it occur?

Known as myocardial infarction in medical terms, a heart attack is one medical condition that can be detrimental to the patient. In simplest terms, it is the death or demise of a section of heart muscles which is caused due to lack of blood supply.

Primarily occurring due to blood being cut off owing to artery blockage, this condition requires immediate medical attention for two reasons –

  1. Heart attacks can be fatal and only immediate aid from professionals is a must to save the life of the individual.
  2. If the treatment of a heart attack is delayed, it can lead to other physical ailments which might severely impact an individual’s functioning.

It is important to note that when an individual suffers from a heart attack, his/her heart muscles suffer from electrical instability of the tissues. The symptoms include minor to major chest pain, along with a squeezing sensation in and around the chest and arms. This feeling might even spread across to neck, jaw, back, etc. depending on the severe nature of this attack. Furthermore, a patient might also experience dizziness, dyspnea (shortness of breath), sweat profusely, nausea, etc.

How to treat heart attacks?

While having the likes of a health card can be helpful in battling an ailment like heart attack, there are quite a few aspects which must not be overlooked while understanding this medical condition.

Before one can go on to rely on such a card, it is important to note the crucial signs which suggest a heart attack. This includes discomfort or pressure in the chest, which might be lasting for a few minutes before leaving and only to return again. Another marker is that of sudden shortness of breath.

While there are various complications which might occur due to a heart attack, it is vital to start treating the condition. Since one of the major necessities is that of immediate professional medical help, health cards are instrumental in this regard.

Typically, heart attacks are immediately treated with manual chest compressions or a defibrillator. Understandably, both these options aim at getting the heart functional before moving into further treatment procedures.

Noteworthy, after a patient stabilises, treatment procedure primary aims at reducing the chances of future heart attacks. This includes medication and even surgical procedures. In case an individual has to go through the latter, a health card is especially of help. It offers prompt hassle-free financial assistance which can be instrumental in regard to a patient’s health.

Advantages of health cards

Offered as a health card online, which can also be availed and used offline, it is important for interested individuals to understand what makes this tool helpful. Meant to ensure easy financial assistance during any medical emergency, Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card is a tool that can be used across various medical organisations and institutions across the country.

Along with those of discounts and other advantages, it also offers the following features –

  • High financial support: Card Holders are eligible for medical bills reaching up to Rs.4 lakh. This is a vital feature since it allows him or her to avail surgical procedures during emergencies without having to worry about the financial implications.
  • Easy availability: These cards are valid across the nation in medical stores, hospitals, diagnostic centres, etc. Thus, cardholders can use them for any type of medical emergency. Furthermore, using these health cards in partner stores also offer massive discounts.
  • Choice of tenor: Users of these cards can pay their medical bills within 24 months, allowing them to rearrange their finances accordingly.
  • Covers multiple individuals: A whole family is eligible under a single card, making it even more convenient for cardholders.
  • Covers various health conditions: Most of the health conditions are covered under these cards. It also covers treatment procedures pertaining to hair, fitness, etc.

With rising expenditures, private healthcare is almost becoming exclusive. Considering the same, you may apply for a health card that can be a good option since it ensures complete medical care of a family.

It is vital to note that applicants can activate these instantly without having to submit any documents. The prompt activation of health cards follows the application and online payment, beyond which it can be immediately used for medical expenses. This can also be helpful in combating heart attacks, which requires immediate medical attention.