FamiSafe review: the best app for parents to limit screen time.

FamiSafe review: the best app for parents to limit screen time.

January 12, 2021 1 By mindmingles

In this article we are going to introduce FamiSafe parental control, a parental management app. This application is extremely well-liked as a result of it offers additional options than different similar applications. the aim of this application isn’t solely to regulate your children’s on-line activities however over that, to form their smart digital habits…Want to understand additional concerning the screen time app? Keep reading!

How many times have you ever seen a baby employing a smartphone or pill and have you ever thought: “you got to see, if he is aware of however it works higher than I do”? we tend to even realize it funny that our young youngsters’ skills to play a mobile application or open YouTube and realize a video of their favorite drawings. These things are getting additional and additional common in our society and it’s not shocking considering the historic period that we tend to square measure experiencing these days.

The proliferation and progressive simplicity of these devices and therefore the nearly unlimited accessibility to the net is permitting youngsters to own additional and additional contact with a mess of electronic devices which, in several cases, they’re those guilty of teaching their folks however they need to use them.

But we tend to should not forget that, though a priori this whole world will give them with terribly helpful tools once finding out or coaching, as an example, it may also entail dangers. and therefore the issue is that the net may be a area wherever content of every kind fits, several of them inappropriate for minors: violence, porno, radicalism … to not mention issues like cyberbullying or sexting, growing considerations given the chance of contacting every kind of individuals within the network.

For of these reasons, it’s convenient for fogeys to become tuned in to the importance of direction and directional their children’s use of recent technologies and serving to them, particularly at associate early age, to recognize between what they must or shouldn’t do on the net. Luckily, an equivalent network offers folks a mess of platforms and parental management tools like Famisafe app which will be helpful in these things.

With Famisafe, you’ll direct them to activities on-line that square measure applicable and applicable for his or her age. however, in fact, its main operate is police investigation and interference. during this context, you’ll establish what activities your youngsters do on the net. you’ll conjointly stop them from getting into malicious websites and accessing the knowledge there. And in fact you’ll take the ultimate action to finish any on-line dangers which may threaten them. Sounds spectacular, right? currently enable U.S. to elucidate a number of the options that you just will get from Famisafe app. Please note, we are going to solely cowl some options, not all. you’ll realize additional data on the official Famisafe website.

Famisafe website

– Activity report

With this feature you’ll establish your children’s on-line activities. you’ll conjointly establish that applications were put in, or recently removed. That manner you’ll contemplate what steps you would like to require in response to matters.

– App usage and blocker

You can establish what quantity time your youngsters square measure disbursement on associate app. this manner you’ll perceive that applications they like. If you discover it dangerous then you’ll take any steps.

– Screen time

you’ll block the screen in restricted places and times. you’ll conjointly reward screen time once your kid has completed a task.

– web page

Block all malicious net. you’ll even establish the search results although they need been deleted by your kid.

– Parental alerts

With this feature you’ll get alerts whenever your kid access dangerous text or photos. this is often a really powerful feature, that isn’t found in similar applications.

How to begin it all?

  1. you would like to register. Registration may be done either on the web site or within the mobile app which might be downloaded from Google Play,Amazon and App Store.
  2. Install the mobile app on your telephone and your child’s telephone.
  3. when the installation method is complete, you’ll management all devices from the Famisafe dashboard app or net portal.

The pricing:

– Monthly: $9.99 / month

With monthly payments you’ll shield up to five devices

– Annual: $ 59.99 / year

You can shield up to thirty devices

– Quarterly: $ 19.99

You can shield up to ten devices


With all the options it offers, Famisafe is, while not a doubt, the simplest parental management app you’ll realize. And for simply $ thirty-six, you’ll shield up to thirty completely different devices. We’re positive there are not that a lot of in your family! In different words, all the options and costs offered square measure over adequate!