Enhancing Businesses with AR and VR

Enhancing Businesses with AR and VR

December 30, 2020 631 By mindmingles

The terms Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality get tossed around a lot these days, thanks to science and technology to come with these inventions. During the Covid-19 pandemic, people have explored more of these fascinating techs, as they were stuck at home and was craving for some outing. AR and VR have optimized the travel time in some other sense. Also, these technologies have given a dimension to the gaming and entertainment sector too. These inventions have taken over by maximum industries and used to market their products, which we will discuss further in this article. Firstly, let us understand what is Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality?

What Is Virtual Reality?

The name of this technology is self-explanatoryVirtual Reality (VR) means a complete almost reality experience that shuts out the physical world or other words that gives the illusion of a whole new world virtually. By using VR technology, users can feel that they are in a real-world and imagined environment. VR completely takes over your imagination to give you the notion that you are somewhere else. Some of the advanced VR sets are fully dense, thwarting out your backdrops when you wear them. While the headsets are turned on, the OLED and LCD panels inside are diverted by the lenses to fill your optics with the scene is being displayed. It gives the vision so authentic that there is a vision of 360-degree, so wherever you move your head, it gives the relevant view that could be imagined with the scenario. Not only this, but the virtual reality is also so real that, Visually, you are taken to wherever the headset wants you to go—the outside world is replaced with a virtual one.

Most secured VR headphones use six-degrees-of-freedom (6DOF) action tracking thanks to sensors or cameras or outward-facing cameras. VR device does not just detect the direction you are facing, but also the movements are being made in that direction. 

What Is Augmented Reality?

Whereas virtual reality gives optimal replacement to the vision, augmented reality adds more digital elements to it. As we all know that AR and VR are the two techniques in fashion right now and are expected to get bigger as the use of the smartphone will be significantly higher. Thanks to the smart technologies, the merging of data science, sensors and VR/AR technologies are already doing wonders monitoring heartbeat, brain wave activities and others. Training in AR/VR tracks data and learns from its performance and improvise accordingly to get the best and accurate output. What does AR do? In super simple words, it lets us see the real-world environment in front of us. The technology aimed for free movement while projecting images over whatever you look at. 

AR exhibitions offer roughly as simple as a data overlay that shows the time, to something as complicated as holographs floating in the middle of a room. While VR replaces your land of vision, AR applications showed up on your smartphones and tablets screens.

For application, AR has proven to be the one with maximum possibilities. Dedicated AR devices can let you virtually place different apps as drifting windows around. For games, augmented reality can develop practices using your environments. 

The other two such technologies are slightly similar but different from AR and VR, MR and XR. MR stands for mixed reality in a Mixed Reality (MR) experience, which merges few features of both AR and VR, real-world and digital objects work together. Mixed reality technology is now spreading its wings with Microsoft’s HoloLens, one of the most remarkable early mixed reality gadgets.

Whereas XR stands for Extended Reality and covers all the several technologies that highlight our sense, whether by providing extra information about the authentic world or establishing an unreal one, mimicked worlds for us to experience. It includes all the above-discussed technologies- Mixed Reality (MR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR).

Example of Augmented Reality- 

Let us see one of the famous examples of Augmented Reality, which has changed the purchasing pattern of the consumer. Businesses are rapidly digitizing and renovating their ways of marketing with the desire to skyrocket their sales and constantly trying of making the hinder free consumer experience. Home Fashion retailers and e-commerce players have invested in the AR technology world already. To outrank their competitors and attract more customers to their online selling platforms, like IKEA.

As per the market study, famous furniture fashion companies say that- AR technology has boosted their client reach to buy the product 11times that the previous numbers. The ability to visualize the product sitting at home through AR has undoubtedly made a major impact on their sales in 2020. With this customer can visualize the product in their home environment. Can comfortably analyze the pros and cons, eventually get a strong bond with the brand and product.

Another superb example of AR is the Virtual Artist tool presented by the brand Sephora, which is a makeup brand. This makes up the brand has implemented the AR tech. app since 2016, where one can have the experience of the product before they buy it. AR technology lets shoppers see what products (such as lipstick or eyeshadow) might look like on their faces. To do so, they use Modiface expertise to examine lips and eyes, before draping various lip colors, eyeshadows, false lashes, and so on.

Aiming to boost the online e-commerce sales, Sephora driven customers in-store due to questions about what products will look like in actual life. Some experience might not be as good as expected, but the benefit of AR technology has helped the brand to figure out how many products are tried out by users.

Example of Virtual Reality- 

Here is an example of Virtual Reality that is travel. A very famous UK based traveling agency has tried out a campaign, that allowed people to experience trips to promote them to end-customers. The campaign named “Try before Your Fly” despite the campaign was not a big success but, a very good example of how VR can excel the industries. VR not only worked well here but also very successfully applicable in Real Estate. While purchasing your dream home, which everyone wants to be perfect. One can easily have an experience of what it feels like living in that property and make up their mind. This act can save a lot of time and will also help the company to find the right sort of targeted market.

Furthermore, an example of test drives a car is one of the best applications of VR when you do not have a franchise nearby. One can simply download the application and try out the car which is built on machine learning algorithms. Companies like Volvo continue to come out with updated versions to serve their customer the best.

Conclusion- AR, and VR are the two superb inventions which are taking over the world slowly and are applies to many industries which we have discussed above. These processes will be enriching your current offer, boosting your trades while declining your returns and eventually costs. The next time you plan to buy a house, furniture, or to visit any place, just remember that applications are supporting AR and VR to improve your journey experience. Going forward these technologies will be implemented by almost all the business and will be an important part of their marketing strategy.