Different Marriage Anniversary Celebration Ideas

Different Marriage Anniversary Celebration Ideas

October 14, 2020 0 By mindmingles

Your Marriage anniversary is a very special day, and we know that you want to enjoy it and make it memorable forever. And to help you with that, we have gathered some great celebration ideas for you. And these ideas are different from your regular parties. So, give it a read till last and pick the Marriage anniversary idea that excites you the most. Keep your budget in mind and choose accordingly. 

A Terrace Party

Celebrating your marriage anniversary under the roof of shining stars is such a great joy. You can host a party at your home if you have your own terrace or you can book a terrace restaurant. If you do it on your home’s terrace, then do remember to arrange for music and a space for dancing. Invite your friends, relatives, and colleagues, have tasty food and make your special day memorable forever.  

Pool Party

This is a must-try celebration! Organizing a pool party on your anniversary will give your memories that will last forever. And it’s the perfect celebration ideas for those having their anniversary in summer. Well, swimming pool clubs and some farm houses with swimming pools rent their space for the parties. Booking a farmhouse for a day is much better than booking a swimming pool club.

Fly Dining

For this one, you should keep the list of invitees very short. Fly dining is a concept in which the setup of a dining table and chairs is lifted in the air by a crane, and the food is cooked and served to the guest there only. It feels like having food while flying in the air. There are not many fly dining restaurants in the world right now, so may need to find the one nearest to you.

Aeroplane Restaurant

Have you ever imagined how it feels to party with your friends and family in an aeroplane? Well, you can do it if you have your own private jet, but as we know, many of us don’t have a private jet. But what you can do is to organize a party on your anniversary in an aeroplane restaurant. An aeroplane restaurant is a make-shift in a real aeroplane which is fixed on land.

Theme Party

This one is also a great Marriage anniversary idea. You can organize a theme party at your home on your anniversary. Send invitations to the guests mentioning about the theme and ask them to follow the theme in any way they can. Your marriage anniversary cake should also be according to the theme of the party. And the decorations and lighting must also complement your plan.  

Party In Orphanage Home

There is nothing more divine than spreading smiles and happiness. And you can do it by organizing a party in an orphanage and celebrating with children who don’t have parents. Doing this will surely make your day a memorable one, and you will be filled with an immense amount of inner peace. You can also add some portable fun rides in your party elements so that children can enjoy.

Food Buffet For Needy Ones

Food is an important and inseparable part of any party or celebration. And a huge amount of food is wasted at parties. But there are people who can’t afford food two or three times a day. So rather than organizing a party for your friends and family, you can opt to organize a food buffet party for the needy ones near your home. You can also donate food and money to the charities who are regularly working for the needy ones.

So, how are you going to celebrate your anniversary?