Which Are The Common Traffic Scenarios Resulting To Bicycle Accidents?

Which Are The Common Traffic Scenarios Resulting To Bicycle Accidents?

June 8, 2020 9 By mindmingles

As anyone might expect, during a bike-car accident the cyclists are the ones most injured. Cycling in Alaska can be fun due to the plenty of trails to ride on. Thus, a cyclist needs to keep in mind the law relating to bikes in Alaska to ensure one doesn’t get into trouble. Still, accidents are inevitable, and one needs to know his/her rights when cycling. There are a few bicycle rules you should be aware of. Keep reading to which are the common traffic scenarios resulting in accidents.

Common Traffic Scenarios That Leads To Bicycle Accidents And How To Avoid Them

When it comes to bicycle accidents, human error is the main contributing factor. Some of these accidents arise from children playing or cycling at high speed. When it comes to adult, the accidents may arise from collisions with cars; others may also occur from the cyclist losing control. Most of these accidents go unreported, and in case you may have been involved in bike-car accident, don’t wait any longer to continue paying unplanned medical bills, you have a choice to look for lawyers for accident in Anchorage today. No one should suffer from the mistakes of others. If the other driver failed to act reasonably, and this resulted in your injuries, you have a right to be compensated. Below are the most common scenarios that result in bike accidents. They include:

  • Intersections accidents: This may consist of, T-junction or roundabouts. Most of the drivers don’t watch out for any oncoming bike. To avoid these accidents, a cyclist should learn to execute emergency maneuvers during such collisions. Also, they should ensure to be on the lookout always. The liability of the party at fault will be determined by who had the right-of-way when the traffic signals were on or off.
  • Turning or changing lanes: Accident mostly happens due to underestimation by the motorist. A driver may turn at high speed without having looked for any cyclist. For instance, a car may pass a bicycle before both approaches an intersection. The vehicle may cut off the cyclist and hit when turning right. To ensure you’re safe, you can avoid this by adjusting your speed during intersections. This can help you brake quickly in case of any danger.
  • Vehicles doors opening abruptly: Passengers or drivers can open doors without checking whether there is an oncoming bicycle. If this happens, a cyclist may have not time to act, and hence the only option may be to swerve into other lanes with vehicles. Though a driver is supposed to open the door when it’s reasonably safe, you can avoid a bad scenario too. The only way you can prevent this is to ride outside of the door zone. That is, avoid riding next to parked cars.
  • Riding against traffic: In Alaska, bikes are considered to be vehicles. Thus, they must obey traffic laws. Riding against traffic would be dangerous since there is always little time to avoid the collision. To avoid any danger, you should abide by the law.

 How To Ensure You Ride Lawfully

According to the bicycle law in the United States, there are safety tips a cyclist should know to avoid bicycle accidents. This is mostly applied in Anchorage being the largest city in Alaska where cycling has become very popular. Despite hefty measures such as designing cyclist-friendly paths, bikes must share roads with vehicles. It doesn’t matter whether one is a skilled cyclist; other road users don’t care as much as you do. The only way to ensure your rights are protected in case an accident happens would be to take caution when:

  • Cycling on bike paths and roadways. If you’re cycling on a roadway, you should use your right side as practicably.
  • If traffic signs indicate that one shouldn’t turn right or left or even make U-turn, you should follow this unless you first pull to the extreme right of the road, and makes a turn as a pedestrian.
  • If you’re cycling, you shouldn’t carry another passenger unless your bike is equipped. However, there is an exception to this if an adult is to attach a baby with a backpack securely.
  • You shouldn’t ride more than two riders (two abreast) except for paths set aside for bicycles.
  • You should exercise care while on paths or sidewalks to avoid colliding with people or vehicles. Though the law allows bicycles on sidewalks, one shouldn’t ride on it.

In case of any accident due to common traffic scenarios, a lawyer is knowledgeable enough to help you avoid bicycle accidents and know the legal considerations applicable. This will depend on the type of intersection, among others.

Bike Accident Claim

If you’re a cyclist who has been injured in a bike-car collision, your lawyer will assist you in filing a claim. Having peace of mind can fasten your recovery, and that why you need a lawyer. Getting a good lawyer will ensure that your claim will be successful, and you will only be required to pay for the services after getting compensated. He/she will also help you know what to do to maximize your claim and hence obtain what you deserve.