Best Android Spyware Apps of 2019

Best Android Spyware Apps of 2019

February 11, 2019 9 By Buy On Social

The spyware applications enable the end-user to remotely monitor and manage the mobile phone of someone else. These are particularly intended for legitimate monitoring of smartphones of children and employees. While parents can take advantage of these apps to protect their children from the potential dangers of the digital world, the employers can keep their workers from unproductive and malicious acts using the spyware software. In this article, we have discussed best Android spyware apps of 2019. Read on to know which application has got a spot on our list of best spyware.

TheOneSpy Android Monitoring App

TheOneSpy is one of the most reliable and efficient android spyware apps offering high-tech features. It allows users to monitor cell phone activities as well as real-life activities of the concerned individual or groups. The core features of the android tracking app includes monitoring of social media apps, instant messaging apps, SMS, MMS, phone calls, contacts, emails, key logs, photos, videos, internet browsing history and more similar stuff stored on the targeted device.

The Android spy app offers cutting-edge features of screen recording and surround monitoring to witness and capture every activity performed on and around the monitored smartphone. The user can operate smartphone cameras and microphone without getting access to device and take photos, make videos and audios.

Moreover, the app offers GPS location tracking and geo-fencing to trace the footsteps of the target. The application can be subscribed for a month, quarter or a year after paying a nominal amount. As well as subscription periods, there are different package plans to choose from. You can get the latest price and package details of the Android spyware app here.

mSpy Android Tracking App

mSpy is another popular cell phone spy apps enabling parents and employers to keep track of mobile phone activities of children and employees. The main features of the spyware software include SMS tracking, call monitoring, social media app monitoring, Keylogger, website filtering and much more.

Similar to TheOneSpy Android spyware app, mSpy also offers different packages and subscription periods to choose from. However, the cost of this monitoring software is a bit higher than the former.You can check the latest price details of mSpy here.

Highster Mobile Spy App

Highster Mobile is another most effective cell phone spy app that is a great option for child monitoring and employee monitoring. The android spy app offers real-time GPS tracking, text message monitoring, phone call monitoring and social media tracking among others.Moreover, it lets you spy on contacts, internet browsing history, apps, calendar, photos and videos stored on the device.

If you are looking for an affordable option, Highster Mobile is a great option. Contrary to other spy applications, the subscriber of Highster Mobile only need to pay one-time free of around $69 to get the android spyware app. It has a user-friendly web interface which is easy to understand and operate for non-tech savvy persons. You can get the detail of the software here.

MobiStealth Android Spy App

MobiStealth is a cross-platform cell phone monitoring app that allows tracking mobile phones running Android OS and many other operating systems.It enables the end-user to spy on phone calls, SMS, MMS, emails, internet usage,GPS location, photos and videos. The social media monitoring features of the spyware lets you track WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Line, Kik and many other social messengers.

The price of Android spyware app varies with package plans and subscription period. There are only three subscription periods i.e., 3-month, 6-month and one year. The cost of Android Pro version is around $49 for 3-months and the Premium version costs around $99.99 for that period.To get more detail about the MobiStealthsoftware, clickhere.

TeenSafe Android Spyware App

As depicted by its name, TeenSafe is an Android monitoring app which is particularly intended for parents to supervise the digital behavior of their children. The software allows users to spy on text messages, phone calls, GPS location and social media apps including Instagram, Kik and WhatsApp among others. It also lets you supervise the internet usage of kids by getting access to the browsing history of their smartphones.TeenSafe is an inexpensive spyware app that also offers 7-day free trial. After that you need to pay around $14.95 a month.