7 Cool Escape Room Books For Kids Filled with Escape Games 

7 Cool Escape Room Books For Kids Filled with Escape Games 

December 6, 2022 98 By mindmingles

Escape rooms have taken over the entire world in sensational and thrilling chases. Filled with intriguing puzzles and intricately put-together sets and designs, it is no wonder why these games have become so trendy among people of all age groups. As more players flock to escape room venues to try out these games, more and more gaming centers have started to pop up in different locations.  

From the Clue Chase escape rooms in New York City to the immersive escape rooms in Shanghai, you can now find these games down every corner of the Earth! What makes the escape rooms all the more attractive is how each room offers a new story based on a distinct theme. From horror-themed rooms to fantasy or murder mysteries, you can always find an escape room according to your choice!  

With the growing popularity of escape room games worldwide, you can now find the reflection of the same in literature too. Yes! You can now even read about your favorite escape rooms in books too! Continue reading this article, and we will show you seven excellent escape room books for kids filled with intriguing escape games:  

  • Escape Room: Can You Escape the Museum? 

It is a fantastic book by Dr. Gareth Moore and Beatriz Castro, featuring over 45 pages filled with unique escape games and activities. Each escape game in the book accurately imitates the real-life escape room puzzles and riddles you face in any themed escape game!  

The escape game present in the book has a unique story upon which it is built, and it goes like this: Players find themselves trapped inside the walls of a museum and need to go to any extent to escape in time. An array of mysterious and spooky museum galleries lies ahead, where they will meet some of the terrifying dinosaurs, the spookiest ancient Egyptians, and more!  

The book comes with 12 pages of perforated, colored, double-sided puzzle pieces, alongside four pages of foldable hints. You can also find an envelope at the back of your book, securing the extra pages and the puzzle pieces that players will eventually need. Using these cut-out cards, you can now bring to life your thrilling escape room game in the comfort of your home!  

  • Escape Room: Can You Escape the Video Game? 

It is yet another escape room book written by Dr. Gareth Moore, which follows an almost similar format as the earlier one. The book also features 47 pages filled with colored puzzles. You can find the puzzle pieces tucked inside the back pocket of the book, containing two pages of perforated puzzles and a few other pages for foldable hints.  

The immersive storyline of the escape game follows the appearance of a mysterious disc in your house. The moment you play the disc, you feel yourself being pulled inside a video game! Do you think you can find your way out of the video game by solving the intriguing puzzles and riddles present inside the escape game?  

There are six immersive and gripping levels in the escape room game through which you must find your way. You will have to navigate an enormous maze and explore the futuristic city, seeking clues. Delve deep into the contents of this fantastic escape room book with your family and enjoy your time.  

  • Escape Room 

The Escape Room is a book by Christopher Edge where you need to find the answer to save the world. The book’s plot revolves around twelve-year-old Ami as she arrives at The Escape, where she makes the mistake of thinking only about a game. 

She encounters her teammates and learns from their host how they must work together to save the world. Soon after they get locked inside the escape room, they gradually understand how it is no usual escape game! They go on to explore the ancient library, the Mayan tomb, a deserted shopping mall, and much more.  

On the way, they face severe challenges and puzzles at almost every corner. Do you think they will find their way out of the game in time? Read the book to find out your answer!  

  • Escape the Rooms  

Written by the actor Stephen Mangan and illustrated by the talented artist Anita Mangan, it is one of the best escape room books you can gift your kid this year! It is a wholly illustrated escape room book that will immediately grip all your senses.  

Stephen Mangan portrays a subtle echo of subterranean life through the pages of his book as he plunges his characters, Jack and Cally, into an unknown world. Jack did not expect to plummet deep inside the fairground while he was simply jumping bungee.  

Now, he needs to complete the puzzles and traps ahead of him with the aid of a mysterious girl named Cally. Will he succeed in solving the puzzles in time and make his way back home before it is too late?  

  • Escape Game Adventure: The Mad Hacker  

Written by Remi Prieur and Melanie Vives and illustrated by El Gunto, Escape Game Adventure: The Mad Hacker features a unique escape room storyline for you. An evil scientist has planned to paralyze the entire world with the help of a deadly virus. Can you solve the challenges ahead of you and make it on time? 

You will have Dooz, your trusted robot friend, for your aid, who teleported to you from the year 2394 to help you out. The aim of the game is simple – you need to locate and destroy the virus and escape the deadly scientific compound, lest the time portal closes forever and traps you!  

  • Escape Game Adventure: Operation Pizza  

Written by Remi Prieur and Melanie Vives and illustrated by El Gunto, Escape Game Adventure: Operation Pizza opens up with a unique plot. Your faithful robot dog, Dooz, is here again to help in your escape. Together the two of you have teleported to the year 1889 in Naples, Italy.  

There is a strategic plot made in Naples to poison the creator of the Margherita pizza by a jealous rival. You only have a few minutes in hand before it is too late.  

You need to solve the puzzles and riddles with the help of Dooz and find a way to locate the poisoned dish, replace it with an identical pizza, and escape in time. Are you ready to wade across this gripping chain of adventures through the pages of this book? 

  • Escape Game Adventure: The Last Dragon 

Written by Remi Prieur and Melanie Vives and illustrated by El Gunto, Escape Game Adventure: The Last Dragon starts with a fantastic storyline. Your faithful robot dog Dooz is here again to help in your escape.  

Only this time, the two of you have teleported to the Middle Ages, in the era of King Banking. King Banking has reportedly stolen the last ever dragon egg and has etched the plan to make an omelet for his son with it! Time is running short, and you must take action now or never.  


Your mission is simple – retrieve the egg from the king’s clutches and escape before the time portal closes forever, entrapping you in the Middle Ages! Get ready for this historical spiral of adventure to unfold before your eyes. 

You now have the list of 7 excellent escape room books for your kids to enjoy. Bring home any of these and spend time with your kid over the weekend!