Everything you should Know about the ZOOM Application

Everything you should Know about the ZOOM Application

June 16, 2020 12 By Buy On Social

Nowadays, there is too much talking about the ZOOM application. Suddenly the popularity of zoom application has increased a lot; the reason behind this popularity is that nowadays, people are working from home due to COVID-19.

So, the question which comes in mind is what the zoom app is and why it becomes so popular? How are meetings arranged through this application? What are the advanced features which are available in this application? Thus, the answer to all these questions will be provided in this article this application?

Platforms on which ZOOM application is are available

Before you move further, we want to let you know about the various platforms which are available to download zoom application. Zoom application is almost available for every platform you can download it on your android smart phones or your I phones, apart from this you can use your zoom application on your computer or laptop.

But due to some privacy concerns related to the Zoom application, it is recommended that you must download and use this application on your computer or laptop instead of using it on your smart phones and I phones.

What is ZOOM?

Zoom is known as a cloud-based video communications application that enables the users to set up or create alive video and audio conferencing, live chats, various webinars, screen-sharing functions, and numerous other features also.

Usually, when people talk about the zoom application, you must have come to listen about the Zoom meeting and Zoom room.

Zoom Meeting: It is a video conferencing meeting that is hosted by the people or organization by using Zoom. People can quickly join these meetings through their laptops or Smartphone.

Zoom Room–: When we talk about the zoom room, it is the physical hardware setup that allows the organization to schedule and launch Zoom Meetings through their meeting rooms or conference rooms.

Various advanced features of Zoom’s application

Here we have mentioned some core features of Zoom application which makes it quite famous in today’s time -:

  • One-on-one meetings:With this feature, you can host one to one meeting with the people even if you are using a free version of this application.
  • Group video conferences:If you have purchased a premium pack or large meeting package, then you can host a meeting with 500 people.
  • Screen sharing:Another advanced feature that is available in this application is that you can share your screen with other people so that they can see what you want to let them know.
  • Recording of the Meeting –: Another outstanding feature this application is having is that you can record the meeting which is occurring so that you can review it later.
  • Turn OFF your Mic and Camera –: If any participants want to turn OFF their Mic and Camera, they can do it, and later, they can get ON it as per their requirement.
  • Raise your hand –: If you want to ask any question or want to speak with the host, you can click on the raise your hand option. Then the host will provide you the appropriate platform to talk or ask questions.

Premium Plans which are available for Zoom

Zoom application comes up with four plans for your business subscription, so it depends upon on your team and your organization which is the best plan for them

  1. Zoom Free:This is considered as one of the best options if you are considering testing the Zoom application. This is also the best option for the people who are only in two to three groups and want to schedule the meeting and coordinate with each other.

But one thing you must remember that with a free version of the Zoom application, users can organize an unlimited number of meetings, but those meetings could be done up to 40 minutes only.

  1. Zoom Pro:This is the premium package that is best for the people who are small in-group or an organization that is having a small team. The cost of this plan is $14.99/month and the features which come up with this premium pack is that you can record the meetings.


Apart from recording feature, this premium pack allows you to host a meeting by creating a personal ID through which other people join the meeting. The maximum duration for conducting a meeting with this plan is 24hours.


  1. Zoom Business:This premium plan is best suited for medium-sized or small businesses that are having multiple teams’ ad regularly conduct meetings. The cost of this premium plan is $19.99/month /meeting host and features that are provided in this premium plan are customers’ support, company branding, and recording of the meeting.


  1. Zoom Enterprise:This is another premium plan which is having the same price as of Zoom business, but this provides an organization unlimited cloud storage for live recordings, discounts on the webinars, and zoom rooms. This plan is considered as the best for the organizations which are having more than 1000 employees and regularly conduct meetings.

What Is Zoom Bombing?

There are a lot of rumours that the Zoom application is not safe in terms of privacy. Zoom bombing is the activity which usually happens when an uninvited and undesirable people have to gain access to your Zoom meeting.

Some people join the Zoom meeting or session with the main motive of disrupting the meeting. However, Zoom bombing can be easily prevented or blocked by enabling the Zoom’s privacy settings so that unwanted persons cannot enter the meeting room.

How to stop the Zoom Bombing or make the Zoom meeting private

To come up with security issues, Zoom has advanced it’s security and privacy features. Here we have listed and explained some of the privacy features-:

1. Always create your Zoom meeting password

Whenever you arrange a new meeting with your team, you must create the password and click the checkbox, which states that you require a meeting password for joining the meeting. This feature allows you to create a password, and you can share that password with the participants to whom you want to join the meeting.

Whenever a participant clicks on the link to join the meeting; they will be asked to enter the password. In case if they enter the wrong password and don’t have a password, they won’t be able to join the meeting.

2. Lock the meeting.

Another outstanding feature that is available in the zoom application is that host can lock the meeting room once the meeting has started or once all participants entered the meeting. This feature can be enabled by clicking on the lock meeting button. This feature helps in restricting entry to any new participants even if he has a meeting password.

3. Utilizing the waiting room feature.

Another feature to stop zoom bombing is the waiting room feature that enables the host to decide when participants should join the meeting. The host can allow the participants to enter the meeting one by one or all at one go.

This feature can be activated or enabled by going to the advanced option and click on the allow waiting room button.

4. Limit who can share their screen.

Another advanced feature which this application consists of is that host can limit the share screen option, and it can be allowed to the participants to whom he wants to allow. This option can be enabled by going to the advanced sharing option and select the participants who can share his/her screen.

Zoom alternatives

It does not only zoom application that is available for hosting live video conferencing, and various Zoom alternatives are available in the market to give competition to this application.

Here we have listed some alternatives to Zoom which are providing you the same features and will be a good choice for your organization or business if you are looking for the best video conferencing meetings -:

  • Google Hangouts
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Cisco WebEx
  • Skype for Business

Final Words

So here, we come to the end of the informative article related to the ZOOM application. Zoom application is quite simple to use and considered as one of the best video conferencing app, which is available in the market.

It depends upon you how you utilize this application and which premium pack suits best for you and your organization.