How to prepare your house for a sale? Complete guide

How to prepare your house for a sale? Complete guide

July 23, 2020 8 By mindmingles

There are many reasons for putting your house for a sale, such as relocation for any reason, additions to your family which require bigger space etc. But no matter what the reason is, you will want the same end result – the greatest return on investment possible. The more you get from your house sale, the less you will have to invest in obtaining a new one. In order to achieve this goal, you’ll need to do a lot of preparation tasks. Showing your home to potential buyers actually means showing them the potential of your home, not the way you’ve organized it.  

101: Decluttering

The first process should no doubt be the decluttering one. You want to show the spaciousness in order for people to be able to imagine themselves living in it, and their own thing instead of yours. When you declutter the space, the presentation will be much more appealing and the possibilities for imagination at a much higher level. Did you know that most professional sales agents recommend removing at least half of your personal property before showing it to some potential buyers? Remove any unnecessary furniture pieces and cabinets that are mostly blocking the passageways. 

It also feels important to mention, by decluttering for smaller items, we don’t mean to sweep them under the rug and, instead of organizing and packing them, to simply shove them into the drawers and cabinets. This is wrong for many reasons, because first of all, you will regret making your packing a nightmare, instead of using this as an opportunity to get rid of some stuff you never use. Furthermore, you should bear in mind people who are likely to buy your home might ask to check the inside of every inch of the property. If you don’t have another property to leave the excess of stuff, you might consider renting a storage unit during the process. 


When you are living in a space for a while, you simply don’t recognize certain wear and tear issues, which is perfectly normal and quite inevitable. But exactly for this reason, you ought to have several other opinions from members of your family or friends, to appoint to the most noticeable problems which are only the aesthetics. Perhaps there is a crack on the floor which you haven’t even noticed for a couple of years, but really catches the eye and therefore affects the overall impression. These details can be crucial and the most important aspect and the reason why we are mentioning them is that you can fix them for the smallest amounts of money, further increasing your property’s value for incomparably larger ones.

Some bigger issues are also worthy of repair, such as bathroom and kitchen plumbing, in order to provide a smooth functioning home, and the best possible overall impression. These things really matter, as in cases of a faucet leaking, your visitors are more likely to have additional cost in mind, instead of an absolute unit and other benefits they are getting for the price. Another smart upgrade which will add to the value is a fresh layer of paint everywhere. It can be really effective and your house for a sale won’t even cost you much, so you shouldn’t even think twice before deciding to freshly paint your indoors, outdoors, as well as any fences or other backyard elements.

Depersonalization and deep cleaning 

This process goes hand in hand with the decluttering one, and it doesn’t mean making your home resemble a room from an IKEA catalogue. It is directly related with the fact that life includes mess, and the fact you don’t want to show that to the potential buyers of your property. What is important in this step is to remember you want to present it as a home, and for it to feel welcoming, without imposing your specific lifestyle. It must feel warm, yet neutral, so it is okay to leave some family vacation images, but on the other hand, you should remove all the school fair trophies from the central cabinet.

The first appearance can, in this case, mean everything, so you must make everything sparkle for this occasion. You may even consider hiring a professional service for deep cleaning of the premises, as spotless and shiny surfaces will greatly contribute to the overall impression. Whatever can not be shiny, should smell wonderfully, and yes, we are talking about carpets, drapes and similarly. Thoroughly wash those and put just a bit too much of a fabric softener when you do so, in order to evoke the feeling of freshness as soon as you enter the room.

Outside matters too!

This is especially relevant if your property has a backyard or a garden, but even if it doesn’t, the look of your porch and your front door can significantly impact on your house for a sale. The visitors must imagine coming home after a hard day at work, and seeing that image as a relief and happiness.  The smell of a freshly cut lawn only can put you on someone’s priority consideration list. Think of refreshing the look of your garden furniture, or repainting that old swing in the backyard. 

Replace the old lightbulbs and maybe even stage your backyard up a bit with some interesting lightning options. Carefully trim the tree branches and any bushes you have in the yard, providing for the clean cut sensation. If you own a barbecue grill, bring it outside when the visitors are supposed to come, to help them get the image of their lazy Sundays in that exact place.  

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Selling your home might not be the easiest process, but you have to think of your future, and the return on investment for your new home. Understand that staging your property is a necessity, and any selling agent can confirm this to you. Some parts of your home can have a sentimental value, and for this reason you must have outsiders give you honest feedback before scheduling a tour with a potential buyer. Just bear in mind that many small repairs and investments can lead to much bigger profits. The overall impression should be connected with adjectives such as bright, clear and spacious! Help the future residents of your property grasp the full potential of your home, and try to make it easier to see themselves creating memories there.