Why Contact Centre Monitoring is Essential

Why Contact Centre Monitoring is Essential

January 27, 2022 33 By sophia cook

Your contact centre is the hub of your company and the point of first contact for many customers. Contact centre monitoring is the best way for a company to reach business goals, with targeted data analysis, licencing reminders, and troubleshooting of issues before they effect interactions with customers.  

Building positive relationships with clients relies on providing seamless, satisfactory interactions.  This is directly linked to a well-functioning communications platform.  Contact centre monitoring is essential to ensure that calls are answered promptly, noise levels are optimal and conversations are not interrupted with jitter or outages.  Emails, chats and other forms of communications need to receive timely responses. Customer data should be easy to see and data is recorded and analysed efficiently to facilitate improvements.

Unobtrusive monitoring of all interactions

Monitoring every interaction, including chat, voice and email, allows the system to collect meaningful, real time data and provide an in-depth analysis of staff performance.  Having the system monitoring staff interactions discreetly in the background allows a full range of data to be collected. Observations drawn from the date can lead to meaningful improvements and better results for the business. 

Data can also be collected across a massive number of interactions, which will provide the opportunity to identify systemic issues, rather than just focus on individual performances. Training programmes can be adapted in accordance with the monitoring systems analysis and can be designed specifically around your staff to increase productivity and performance. 

Tailor made staff training

Creating training programmes that enhance people skills gives you the edge over your competitor, Holistic monitoring via IR collaborate lets you set your own key performance indicators and customise your own company metrics devised around the business goals. The data collection is then tailored and analysed in line with what your company hopes to achieve.

Another essential task of the IR monitoring software is the ability to test your video and voice platforms in advance of customer interactions.  Capacity, performance, stability and resilience can be tested and monitored, giving your team the confidence that their technology is at optimal performance. 

Fix problems in advance

Monitoring software will also be able to troubleshoot issues, allowing corrections to be implemented before problems arise.  This provides your staff with the confidence that calls and other forms of communication will be promptly responded to without disruptions, outages or unexpected downtime. Monitoring also sends prompts when licences are due to be renewed and can plan strategies to reduce waiting times and improve communication scripts or sales steps.

Implementing a contact centre monitoring system that runs outside the software’s inhouse system allows you to include all platforms within the same system.  One dashboard can provide visibility across multiple vendors and technologies, allowing the centre team to both trouble-shoot and provide the best service for the customer. The monitoring tools send alerts across network paths, applications, SBCs, and the entire multi-technology ecosystems.

A high functioning unified communication system can enhance sales, build long-lasting clients and initiate positive relationships with new customers. Monitoring the performance of your contact centre is therefore an essential element of your business.