What is a Hole Saw: A Complete Guide

What is a Hole Saw: A Complete Guide

August 27, 2021 328 By mindmingles

No matter if you are drilling a timber or a hole in the wall, you need to compatible tool for it. This is why a hole saw could be the best tool for it. What is a hole saw? If you have the same question, we are here to help you out.

This saw is one of the best for drilling as you can use it for various purposes. In this article, we are covering the details about the hole saw and how to use it in the proper way. So, before you purchase this saw from 5startool, make sure you are reading this. Let’s get started. 

What is a Hole Saw?

A hole cutter or hole saw is a special type of drill. This tool is designed to cut perfectly round holes. This tool is available for both multi-piece and single unit sets. If you want to make a DIY saw, you can purchase different sets. 

On the other hand, there are different types of saw bits available in the market. You can get them as per requirement. You see a hole cutter is an everyday tool. So, you can find several brands selling this toolkit item.

The standard cylindrical metal tube is one of the most common designs right now. As we noted above, a hole cutter is generally cut a circular hole. The tooth design and shape could depend on the material of the toolkit item. 

A good hole cutter’s cylindrical walls are manufactured for internal diameter. This will help reduce the friction between the surface and the teeth. 

The diameter will depend on the width of the hole cutter. However, you can purchase hole saws at various depths and lengths. If you are buying a deeper hole cutter, you will get more clean circular holes. 

Parts of a Hole Saw

Most hole saws are made of cutting slots and teeth. You can find some tools that are made of arbor or pilot drill. The teeth have a constant tooth pitch that can cut through any material easily. 

The distance between the teeth can provide a smooth circular cut. Hole cutters come with teeth per inch (TPI). When a tool has a higher TPI, the cut will slow down but it can give a smoother finish. 

A lower TPI can give a faster cut but you can’t get a smooth finish. You can get an item 1-4 teeth per inch to get the average result. On the other hand, 10+ TPI can give the best result. 

How to Use a Hole Saw

Now, you know what is a hole cutter and the parts of it. If you are a beginner, you need to know how to use this toolkit item perfectly. This tool can be used in various applications. You can do it by installing drainage pipes or wiring.

Once you are done with choosing the right saw for the determined hole size, you need to implement some step-by-step methods:

  • First, you have to insert the arbor from the back of the saw
  • Screw it onto the arbor until the saw is secured
  • Then, you have to drill the arbor in to drill chunk and tight it until it’s secured
  • If the saw does not come with the pilot drill, you can install the pilot drill by yourself
  • The next step you have to do is lining your saw upon the place you want to create the hole
  • Now, you have to drill slowly and then increase the speed slowly
  • Once you are done creating the circular hole, slowly remove the waste material from it.


You see hole cutter is a very useful toolkit item. It can be used both as an everyday tool or a special occasion item. You can purchase it as per your requirement. On the other hand, if you want to create a DIY item, you can purchase drill sets. For more information, you can start your research. 


Q: What can I use instead of a hole saw?

If you don’t want to use a hole saw, you can use various toolkit items. There are some good alternatives such as an auger and a spade.

Q: Can you attach a hole saw to drill?

Hole cutters come in various sizes including 1 inch, 2 inches, and 4 inches. You can attach this item with the pilot drill. Then, you can secure them by screwing them. 

Q: What is a hole saw commonly used for?

A hole cutter is specially designed to create round holes. In fact, this tool can cut much deeper holes compared to traditional drills. If you are using a sharp tool, it can give a clean result.

Q: Can you use a hole saw without a pilot bit?

Yes, you can use a hole cutter without the pilot bit installed. However, you at least need to use a drill press for safety.