3 Simple Ways to Viral Your YouTube Video

3 Simple Ways to Viral Your YouTube Video

April 14, 2020 538 By Buy On Social

Giving a viral hit has always been a dream of every YouTuber. So far, we have come across numerous viral videos like the recent “Gangnam Style“ which at first glance looked like any other video but was widely shared across various platforms of social media and people went crazy over such videos. Getting millions of views and subscribers is what leads to the success of any YouTube channel and for that, all you require is your content to go viral.

The success stories that you must have heard about many other videos aren’t something that is impossible and therefore you could also replicate and create one such success story of your own.

Top 3 Hacks To Get Your YouTube Video Viral Overnight

Here’s a list of some of the most efficient ways in which you can make your YouTube video viral within no time.

  1. Not Everything Depends on the Content

You may certainly be under the impression that a powerful content is what you need to build your success story. But the secret sauce is that it mostly depends on how you present your ideas and content in front of the viewers. Besides this, it also depends on which section of the audience you are likely to be targeting. These factors play a major role in the success of your videos and the number of views you get.

Make sure to take note of the following points while you prepare for the next big hit:

  1. Make sure that the video is powerful enough to have an impact on the targeted audience and must be relevant enough in the light of the message to be shared.
  2. Do add some of the common features every popular YouTube video has such as some catchy music, a little bit of cuteness etc. irrespective of the theme of your video.
  3. Give more importance to optimizing your video description, title and addition of suitable tags so that it can be added under various other categories.
  4. Get the perfect YouTube thumbnail size and create eye-catchy design to grab the attention of viewers to see content of your video and is quite interesting.
  5. Be the First Person to Share Love

It is important that you first take the initiative to spread your new video so that people show love and spread the video. You can take up YouTube alternatives or various platforms mentioned below to share the videos and go viral.

  1. Take up various social media platforms like the Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram profiles to share latest updates and trailers regarding the release of your video so that the people are made aware of its arrival.
  2. Start writing blogs to interact with more people and share your ideas and content with those audiences who have not heard about your channel yet. This is an amazing opportunity for you to increase your community of followers and add in new viewers and subscribers.
  3. Try writing guest posts that will help you gain recognition and attract many other viewers through new and fresh ideas that you share through your blogs. Make sure to write blogs related to the theme of your video so that people will definitely look forward to your new videos.
  4. Make your own website to share every single detail to the viewers out there who wait for your new videos. This could also bring in new audience who would be attracted by the content shared on the website.


  1. If Nothing helps, Buy Your Way

Talking about going viral, not every video is bound to go viral naturally but there are many companies that use this secret to make their videos go viral within no time. The secret is to simply buy views, subscriptions, comments, and likes. Though this method seems quite inconvincible yet it is one of the fastest ways in which you can open the doors to various new opportunities to turn your videos into success. This method will definitely help you get recognition in the list of most videos and many other categories and you will find new audiences coming your way.

Some Final Words

These are some of the most beneficial methods that you can take up to make your video go viral and create your new success story. Remember that success comes with hard work but in the right direction so make sure to take up the best solutions to make your video go viral.