Various Ways CBD Can Benefit the Elderly

Various Ways CBD Can Benefit the Elderly

May 20, 2020 17 By mindmingles

As CBD becomes more popular and embraced by many nations across the globe, the question of whether it can be of benefit to the elderly seems to take center stage. According to one of the latest surveys, 89% of the senior citizens who participated said that they could recommend CBD to those close to them for its health benefits. This shows that CBD has remarkable benefits for seniors.

The fact that CBD is easy to use renders it more useful to seniors. Besides that, it has no significant side effects like pharmaceuticals, nor does it make users high like the other common cannabinoid, THC. Users can consume CBD as a tincture (oil), by placing under the tongue, added to food, or applied on the skin. That way, the elderly find it easy to use it to deal with various issues or treat the ailments it has shown positive effects on.

So, what are some of the issues that CBD helps with among the elderly?

Alzheimer’s Disease

CBD has shown positive effects when it comes to mental health, especially the reduction or prevention of some mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease and some forms of dementia. Some of these debilitating conditions have been found to be associated with psychological changes that occur in the brain. Thanks to its neuroprotective properties, CBD can put under control such issues as oxidation damage, neuroinflammation, neurotoxicity, among others. These are all linked with the onset of Alzheimer’s Diseases, dementia, and other mental problems.

Pain Relief

Old age typically comes with chronic pain such as those associated with arthritis and other conditions. CBD has shown effectiveness in treating arthritic pains and those resulting from muscle aches, cardiac issues as well as other problems. CBD helps to relieve pain by interacting with the CB1 and CB2 receptors in the body cells, stimulating them to produce healthy cells. This reduces inflammation and swelling, both of which cause much of the pain in the joints and muscles.

When it comes to pain management, research shows that the topical application of CBD gel produces better results than oral consumption. Moreover, CBD has no side effects, unlike the prescription drugs for relieving pain that can be addictive.

As you buy your CBD products for pain relief and other uses, ensure you should buy them from reliable vendors to get quality products. You can find more details here on how to reach one of the leading sellers of high-quality pure CBD products.

Enhancing sleep

Those in advanced age can experience a myriad of sleep problems ranging from problem falling asleep, to having a good night sleep, to remaining asleep. Due to poor sleeping patterns and lack of adequate sleep, one may have various health problems and poor quality of life if they feel tired all day.

Fortunately, CBD can help to deal with sleep problems such as insomnia and others. The cannabinoid also promotes sleep by reducing pain, stress, and anxiety, all of which can bring sleep disorders. It makes the mind to relax and be calm, thus falling asleep smoothly and helps in significantly improving REM sleep. Furthermore, CBD relieves PTSD related nightmares as well as sleep apnea, allowing the affected seniors to sleep soundly.

CBD is beneficial for the elderly since it helps to deal with various issues and offers them numerous health benefits. It helps to prevent mental disorders like Alzheimer’s disease and certain kinds of dementia. The cannabinoid is also a great pain reliever for various types of pains, especially chronic ones, and improves the senior’s sleeping patterns and sorts out various sleeping problems.