7 Crucial Reasons to Use Trekking Poles On Your Next Hiking Trip

7 Crucial Reasons to Use Trekking Poles On Your Next Hiking Trip

July 17, 2020 9 By mindmingles

Trekking is a highly enjoyable outdoor activity. It’s a very physical activity that can improve your overall health, not to mention that it is also a therapeutic way to release stress. Here are seven reasons to use trekking poles on your next hiking trip.

But there’s no denying that trekking requires a big bag of energy for you to complete one trip. Exhausting as it may be, there are ways to make the journey an easier feat. One important tip is to invest in good trekking poles.

It can make or break—literally—your trip, so a better understanding of how helpful poles are when trekking up a mountain or a rocky path is in order. Believe it or not, we also didn’t care about trekking poles until we’ve tried them. 

It’s an essential part of an outdoor adventure, and if you’re not impressed yet, here are seven crucial reasons you need to purchase one now before you take that hiking trip.

1. It takes stress off your muscles

A trekking pole is like an extra leg that could help you manage your weight during ascent and descent. And because it serves as extra support, it lifts stress off your muscles, which can help avoid possible muscle strain and injury.

Instead of overworking your knees during the trek, let the pole help your legs and knees to maintain their stance even after long hours of walking.

2. It helps increase speed

If it works like a leg, it’s also an extension of your arm, which could increase your speed. Have you ever noticed how your arms sway a particular motion when walking or running and realized that it speeds up when you swing more?

That’s another wonder of a trekking pole. It helps you propel forward without adding extra movement from your hands and arms. All you have to do is grip them, and it will follow.

3. It improves balance

You don’t always get a flat path when trekking, that’s a reality. Honestly, where’s the thrill in that if you choose to take the plainest route?

For most adventurers, a bit of a challenge is more attractive. It’s only normal if you encounter rough terrain and uneven stone paths. The thing with this is that you don’t always need to rely on your legs for balance. 

That’s what a trekking pole is for— to help save you from falling or missing a step and ending up having a terrible ankle injury.

4. It provides stability

When hiking up a steep part of the route, there’s almost no guarantee that you won’t have a hard time.

Inclines can make your legs feel jelly and unstable, but when you hike with your trusty pole, it gives you that extra power and stability to keep your footing in place. 

Remember, even professionals share the same sentiment when it comes to keeping your self-stable during the most challenging parts of the hike. To trip on a flat road is a normal occurrence during hikes. But when you have a pole with you, your chances of tripping on an innocent rock are far lesser than when you rely on your legs alone.

5. Use trekking pole to clear path

Trekking paths up the mountains or within a national park comes with an overabundance of plants and twigs— some of them may even be dangerous for humans. Poisonous plants are a thing, in case you have forgotten.

Good thing, you have a trekking pole with you. It’s not only made to help you keep your balance and avoid any physical injuries but also make for clearing your path. 

You won’t have to bend over to pick something up or move aside a bunch of leaves from the ground when you carry a trekking pole.

6. It prevents hands from swelling

There must be some scientific explanation as to why our hands mysteriously swell when hiking. We don’t speak science here, that’s for sure, all we know is that when you carry a pole with you, your hands won’t have to suffer from swelling.

The only way you can prove it is to try it out and see the magic for yourself.

7. It makes hiking easier

Generally speaking, to use Trekking Poles to make our hiking trips easier, better, and more memorable. Why? Because instead of complaining about a wiggly leg or an unexpected injury, we can spend more time appreciating the wonders of nature. All thanks to the presence of a trekking pole, a significant amount diminishes the feeling of exhaustion.

The rhythm and flow you get from having a pole in your hand are enough to help you survive the trek with an impressive record!

Trekking poles are a good investment, especially if you go on hiking trips often. Pick a pole with a good reputation when it comes to rough terrains so that you won’t have to worry about a broken one right when you’re in the middle of your trek.