Trading with comfort: all you need to trade

Trading with comfort: all you need to trade

November 1, 2021 14 By mindmingles

 Today in the global market there are a lot of trading instruments from traditional shares and stocks to cryptocurrencies and CFD. All tools are characterized by profitability and risk level. The trader should choose a particular asset in accordance with his goals, trading strategy, and risk tolerance.  The beginners should consider the conservative instruments traded with lower risks. The more experienced traders may make deals with assets providing a higher profit but they come under the category of the instruments with a higher risk level. In an ideal scenario, experts recommend balancing such risky assets with conservative ones.

For instance, Asset Capital Business Inc (ACB). It was set up by Lynne Connel. Investment supermarket Asset Capital Business (ACB) is a great opportunity to trade and get a decent income either for beginners or for experienced traders. This service works with both individuals and companies.

A big choice of trading tools

ACB service lets its clients work with:

  1.     More than 3800 CFDs on European, Asian and American companies’ stocks.
  2.     Over 70 pairs, made up of such currencies as USD, EUR, GBP, AUD, CHF, JPY, SGD, ZAR and lots of others.
  3.     16 crypto currency pairs formed of Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Monero.
  4.     Metals (pairs between currencies (euro, US dollar) and silver, gold, platinum, palladium).
  5.     Stocks of dozens of companies, among which are giants like Adidas AG, Adobe Systems Inc and others.
  6.     Indices like Swiss Market Index, EURO STOXX 50 Index and so on.
  7.     3 commodities: Natural Gas, Brent Crude Oil and WTI Crude Oil.

Profitable trading conditions

ACB investment service offers competitive spreads, high leverage (maximum is 1:1000), affordable commissions (7,5 USD and 10 USD for commodities). These terms allow traders to conduct even large-scale deals with a minimal deposit. Thus, a maximal leverage increases return on an investment as a trader gets an amount at his disposal exceeding his own deposited funds a thousand-fold. In this way he can open more favorable positions and boost his potential profit.

User-friendly trading platforms

The trading platform is MetaTrader 5.  This is a popular platform developed for online trading, providing a trader with access to an unlimited number of assets. The service comes with instruments for technical analysis of the market. There are 21 timeframes with a period lasting from a minute to a month. They allow a trader to keep a close watch on fluctuation during a chosen period. Also stop orders can be placed for more comfortable trading. Stop loss and take profit options allow a trader to exit a position when the price reaches the value specified by him. Thus, he can avoid losses if trading assets value decreases. And vice versa it will lock in a profit, when the value is the most favorable one for a trader. MetaTrader 5 also supports connectivity of copytrading and algo trading services. This facilitates trading and makes it available even for beginners. The software, which ACB service lets you download, will allow you to trade either from home or from any place you like. 

There are versions for Desktop PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones:

  1.     MT5 for Windows.
  2.   MT5 for Android.
  3.     MT5 for iOS.

Different accounts

There are 2 types of them: demo and real. A demo one allows to try all the trading tools and features for free with virtual money without a risk of real funds loss. A real account is made for those who want to trade and get income. Minimum deposit to open an account is 300 USD.

Payment ways

You can replenish your account using cards (either Visa or MasterCard), digital money Tether or bitcoin payments. The maximum amount for a single deposit is not limited. There is a limit of 10,000 for transfers via bank cards.

Information resources

There are a lot of analytical materials on the website Here there are daily expert market reviews developed by the specialists of their own analysis center, and news of the large emitters, which can impact on the value of their shares.  In addition to textual content, on the site video reviews are released every week where you can find the hot news and information about the events of global economy. Also, there is a list of trading terms for absolute beginners. Furthermore, you can find an economic calendar. This is an aggregator of current economic news which are arranged in accordance with three levels of concern. All news is taken from open sources on a real time basis. A user may filter all news by date, country, importance of an event or currency. This approach allows him to make a more thorough fundamental analysis of financial markets. Dividend calendar is another useful option for traders. It contains information about dividend shares of large companies from all over the world. Here you can find out the dividends amount, rate of return and payment dates. This list is updated every day.

In addition to all this, you can order consulting from a specialist. The specialists of ACB will tell you how to save and multiply your funds. The investment strategy should be developed with consideration of financial goals of the client, amount of investment and risk tolerance.

Social Trading

Copying of strategies of experienced traders is performed with Copydeal – a social trading service, which is easily integrated with MetaTrader 5. This service allows a trader to copy the trades with currency pairs, share indexes, shares of American and European emitters, and cryptocurrency. The user is able to copy an unrestricted number of trading strategies. He can easily choose a signal provider applying filters. He can rank the strategies according to a return level, number of subscribers, activation fee rate and type of assets, which a provider trades with. The strategies with the highest profit are displayed in a special information unit. Thus, a user may copy a signal of the most efficient provider. Besides, a trader can close copied trades by himself if he considers them unprofitable. Copydeal allows users not only to copy someone’s strategy but it invites them to become providers of trading signals and gain income. The commission other traders pay for the signals of a provider is entered to an account on a daily basis. ACB service lets beginners copy experienced traders’ strategies. This is a great opportunity to start trading and get the first income.