Top Tips About Video Marketing On Twitter

Top Tips About Video Marketing On Twitter

April 27, 2021 7 By mindmingles

As the social media expert Godfried Bogaard said: ” in the past, you were what you had. Now, you are what you share.”67% of customers affirm that they prefer to buy products from those brands that they follow on the social network. Even 79% are more willing to recommend brands that they follow on the microblogging network.

The truth is that you could start by optimizing your profile, creating a publication calendar, changing the publication time, increasing the frequency of tweets, interacting with influential tweeters or using the ads on the platform.But there is something else that you must do if you want to be up-to-date and stand out from all the brands and companies on the social network: make the leap to Twitter video marketing or, in other words, convert videos on Twitter an essential part of your content marketing strategy.

Do you want to know why you have to open the door to video marketing on Twitter, how to publish your videos on the platform and what are the 13 types of essential videos to be successful with your audiovisual content? We will tell you in 3, 2, 1!

Why do video marketing on Twitter?

Or rather, why not post videos on Twitter?Twitter users love video, especially those who connect from their mobile devices (just as a detail, 90% of videos on Twitter are viewed from mobile phones ).

In fact, 82% of users see audiovisual content on Twitter and not only that, but tweets that contain video generate greater engagement.

Isn’t that a good starting point to start growing through video on the bluebird platform?

In addition, video marketing is very useful to publicize, position, promote and sell a product, service, brand or company within your digital strategy, and a very good option to achieve the objectives that you have set for yourself.

On the other hand, 80% of users remember a brand or product better if they have seen its videos.

In fact, Twitter has always chosen to push video within the platform. He did it with Vine, an iPhone application that allows you to create short six-second videos and that the social network bought in 2012.

It also did it with Periscope, another tool owned by Twitter that has more than 10 million users and that allows streaming video in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Now it has wanted to go one step further and, like Facebook and YouTube, it has opted for native videos, which have come with three new features that make it a more than attractive option.

In fact, native videos on Twitter achieve a higher engagement rate, surpassing videos published from third-party platforms by 216%, according to a report by SocialBakers

.Another peculiarity is that the videos on Twitter must have a maximum duration of 2 minutes and 20 seconds. And if it seems like a short time, look at this graph prepared by Wistia that shows precisely that short videos work better:

Now, we will introduce you to how you can upload your own videos on Twitter and ways to get the best results out of this platform.

You have several methods to upload your videos:

On the one hand, you can import your video from your computer or from an iPhone or iPad in the same way that you would attach an image to your tweet.

On the other hand, you can directly record and upload the video from your mobile phone through the Twitter app for iPhone or Android (to record, you just need to press the video button while you want to start recording and release it to stop it. If you would like to add more clips, press the button again and stop when you want to stop).

Finally, you can make a live broadcast through Periscope (these, being in real-time, have no duration limit ).

In addition, Twitter gives you the possibility to edit the video (or the various clips that you upload in the same video) so that it does not exceed 2 minutes and 20 seconds in duration and thus ensures that you meet all the requirements.

You can even edit the clips, trim and drag them to change the order until you are satisfied with the result, and then you are ready to publish the video.

Once the tweet is published, the video will automatically play when your audience sees the tweet, so you can capture more attention and get more views.

If you want more information on how to upload and publish videos on Twitter, you can find it in the Twitter help center.

And very importantly, when we talk about video, whether you can succeed or not will depend on the type of videos you publish. So so that you know where to start, we are going to share with you  13 video options that you should include in your social media strategy.

Now, a good part of your success will depend on the type of videos you post on Twitter, so so you know where to start, we are going to share the best options.

Types of videos thatyou should publish on Twitter to seduce your audience

Types of videos thatyou should publish on Twitter to seduce your audience

Presentation video

You can create a company profile video to present your business and company in an innovative and stunning way. Uselessfewer words, and be very visual so that your clients know your business inside and out. It’s a great cover letter to attract customers on Twitter! You can even leave the tweet pinned to the top.

Reply to tweets

Instead of replying to tweets with the classic 140 characters from time to time, you can use video to make your replies more attractive, personalized and, above all, more visual; In addition, you will generate more interactions, and you will win over your audience.

Internet guru Gary Vaynerchuk, for example, made a 3-second video to reply to one of his 1.3 million followers, adding a personalized touch to his response.

Question and answer sessions

Making a video answering the questions of your followers is a good way to connect with them, build trust and increase interactions. Ideally, you should start promoting the event well in advance and if you also create a specific hashtag for your audience to send their questions there better than better.

Entertainment Videos

A video is an ideal option for creating entertainment content. Users like that, and in fact, more and more big brands (and not so big) are betting on it.

Coca-Cola, for example, took advantage of the end of the holidays to create a video of just three seconds accompanied by an emotional phrase saying goodbye to the summer with which the vast majority of users surely felt identified. An action as simple as this can help you improve engagement and make your tweet go viral.

Capture moments

It is a good option to show your audience spontaneous moments or make them participate in something incredible that just happened. Not only will you generate a lot of engagement, but you have great options that your video ends up being viral.

The New York Times, for example, has an account dedicated exclusively to food from where it shares recipes through native videos on Twitter.

Advertising videos

Make videos advertising your products or services in a creative, short and fun way to attract the attention of your audience. You will get more views, and more users will know about your products and also, by presenting them in an attractive way, you have a better chance of getting better results. There are many video makers you can use to create stunning advertising videos, FlexClip is the one I recently use for a lot of time. It is very easy to use with various templates, which saves you much time.


Making a pre-launch or intriguing video could be one of the best promotional strategies you can implement on Twitter as it will get your audience talking about it.

On Netflix, for example, they always post teasers for new releases and new seasons, like this one from the Netflix original documentary White Helmets.

Global trends

Why don’t you take advantage of a trending topic to make a video related to it? So when users slide through the timeline, they will be able to see your video, and you will reach more people. Simple and super effective!

Behind the scene

Letting your followers see what happens behind the scenes is one of the best video marketing strategies, as it will increase trust, and your users will be more loyal to your brand.

Animation Videos

Animated videos work very well to drive traffic and visits to your website, especially if you use them to highlight the competitive advantages of your product or service.

It can be very useful to carry out your video strategy on Twitter is to create a calendar with all the videos that you are going to be publishing.

In addition, Postcron is the only tweet scheduler that allows you to schedule and publish your posts as native to the platform, and it also allows you to obtain statistics on your tweets.

Therefore, never stop monitoring everything you post and the interactions generated by each video and each of your tweets in order to know what interests your users, what is the best time to publish or what actions to promote and suppress.

You can do it through Twitter Analytics or using other specific tools such as Twitonomy, audience, or


Okay, now that you know why Twitter video marketing and what types of video you should post, are you going to start planning your Twitter video strategy?How about using videos on Twitter? Have you posted videos to your business account? If you regarded this article helpful, share it with all your contacts on different social networks.