Top 5 Electronics to buy this Festive Season

Top 5 Electronics to buy this Festive Season

December 7, 2018 8 By Buy On Social

We all want to make our lives easier and hence we go for electronics. It is an invention that have made our lives easier. But we always think twice before buying any electronical item because of the fact that they are highly expensive. We know their benefits too but their cost always forces us to have second thoughts. And because of this reason we always wait for festivals. In festive season the sale really rocks our world specifically in terms of electronics. We rush to all the sites to find the best offer so that we can buy our desired product at a very low cost.

So here is a list of things that you can buy this festive season. Electronical items if used properly is the biggest asset. So, this list is actually going to help you a lot:


Music is our life. Without earphones or headphones, we don’t even go out of our houses. But when something happens to it, we really need to think a lot to buy the other one. As we really need good quality headphones because of the sound quality. And hence they are expensive. So many of us actually wait for festivals because we all know that the sale will be their and we will get amazing price out of it. And then it will be totally worth it.

So, this time here we are with the amazing BOSE SOUNDLINK AROUND-EAR WIRELESS HEADPHONES. These are available in two colors black and white. Its sound is deep and clear. It is with the best performance in wireless headphones. Wireless range can go up to 9m (30 feet). Microphones is designed in such a way that the calls will be so clear and crisp even in windy or noisy environment. It takes 3 hours as a recharge time and can go through 15 hours on continuous use.

So, yes you can buy this amazing headset at a very low price that is $199.00 after availing 30% discount.  You will be saving $80.00.


All the ladies are sick of the household work. And on that if they have to wash clothes too in their day to day life they really get pissed. So to have a fully automatic washing machine is a necessity. But we really think twice to buy such a huge thing because it really cost so high. But you can take it away in festive season with amazing offers.

So, this machine is fully automatic which is having a great washing quality and take very less running cost. It has the best stainless steel and can spin in very high speed which gives quick drying and durability.

Now you can buy this just at Rs.27,999 by availing 30% discount. Also, there is no cost EMI as Rs.2,334 per month. Also, you can get up to Rs.5000 on exchange of the previous product. Amazing bank offers are also available.


Game is the most entertaining thing for the youth. Everybody is obsessed with games and really love them. They face only problem that they are not able to play it properly because of not the right device being used. And to buy a gaming monitor, no parent agrees to this fact. So now you can ask your parents this festive season as you will be able to get up to 40% discount on it.

It’s a brand-new model and you can also grab it by using eBay coupons at a very low price.So, here is the Dell D2719HGF, 27”, 2ms, 144Hz, HDMI, free sync FHD, 1080P, LED backlight Gaming monitor available on eBay.

Take it away just at $159.99 by saving $90.00.


We all love to make memories and cherish them in future by watching it again. But the major problem storage which get filled in no time. In this situation pen drives are really our life saver. But never really think of buying one with a large storage space because of its price. Also, good quality pen drive is needed as it is matter of our personal memories or work. So, shop clues is here with a sale on pen drives this festive season like:

  • SanDisk Cruzer Force 32GB Pen drive USB 3.0 just at Rs. 649 whose actual price is Rs.1050.
  • Pack of 2 sandisk 26 Gb memory drive at 40% OFF.
  • Toshiba Hayabusha 32gb pen drive just at Rs. 489 which was earlier capped at Rs.900.
  • Sand disk Ultra USB 3.0 Flash Drive 64 Gb at 50% OFF or you can say just at Rs.1049.

Television is the entertainment source of the family. Having a big TV is the charm of the house. But as usual its cost stops us. But now you can buy Samsung 40NU7100, Flat, 40”, 4k UHD, 7 Series Smart Tv at very low price. Fine tuned color, to have beautiful vibrant picture, its motion rate is 120 which means it gives smooth action on fast moving content. It designed to support HDR+. It designed in a very decent slim way which will give beautiful charm to your home. Also you can stream everything just by a Samsung remote control as it is a smart TV.

So, go grab it just $377.99 whose actual price is $479.99

Also, you can buy the same in different sizes with many reasonable prices:

  • 40-inch: $377.99
  • 43- inch: $354.99
  • 50-inch: $481.73
  • 58 -inch: $554.61
  • 65-inch: $739.79
  • 75-inch: $1457.50

So, now enjoy beautiful colors and increasing the charm of your house this festive season.

Festivals is the time when we all think about buying stuffs because of the huge sale. This flourish our homes with a lot of happiness. Also, we love to make our lives simple and easier over the work load of our offices. And that can only be done by buying technology or electronic material. Yes, we think a lot before buying it, but by watching such huge price down fall. I think we should turn the table now and make our homes a happy place to live in with amazing devices.