The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Driver’s License In Australia

The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Driver’s License In Australia

November 11, 2020 91 By mindmingles

Nothing beats the convenience of having the ability to drive yourself around. It even gets better if it is your child in question. They will gain a bit of independence, and you no longer have to take them everywhere. We will take a look at what you should look for when choosing an instructor and how to get your Driver’s License In Australia.

Tips For Finding A Driving Instructor

In Australia, a friend or family member holding at least an Australian unrestricted Class C driving permit can supervise those who wish to learn how to drive. The truth is, nothing beats professional driving instruction. 

One should get a driving instructor they feel comfortable with. You will be asking a lot of questions and asking for regular assistance, therefore, ensure they have yours or your child’s best interests at heart. A good instructor should make you feel relaxed and eager to get on the road.

We have compiled a mini-guide to help you with choosing a driving instructor. Below are some factors you should consider:

  • What is their reputation? Do they have any Reviews?

To assess the credibility of an instructor or a driving school, the best place to begin is online. Look for referrals and recommendations from people who have hired in the recent past. Is the supervisor a sole enterprise, or do they work for someone else? If they are employed in a franchise, you can contact the driving school to find out the reputation of an instructor. If they have a high pass rate, you are guaranteed of getting a driver’s license.

  • Are they qualified? First of all, does the instructor has all the certification? 

Is the instructor certified? Australian laws like the Driving Instructors Act 1992 regulate schools and individuals who supervise and teach as a career. They must hold qualifications from the DSA (Driving Standards Agency). The majority of instructors will have a DSA-approved sticker in their car. There will either be a green hexagonal sign signifying a fully-certified instructor while a pink triangle denotes a license for a supervisor still under training. 

  • Their cost. Are the Prices Affordable?

Each driving school has their own set prices for each course. Therefore, make sure you ask about their packages. Usually, charges are hourly. Opt for affordable quality service. Be on the lookout for instructors who offer discounts when you book a certain number of classes and be wary of extremely low prices. For instance, Pass First Go Driving Lessons are set to be affordable for every type of learner. 

  • How is their customer service?

The formative stages of driving are impacted greatly by the person who teaches you. You want to avoid you or your child’s skills being ruined by someone who destroys your confidence, is impatient, or passes on bad habits. The instructor should strive to offer the best service and always with expertise. Ask questions to get a feel for their approach. Ensure you get quality service for your money.

Is it hard for an international driver to get a Driver’s License In Australia?

Before one becomes a qualified driver in Australia, there are a couple of steps you have to follow. Different territories may have varying rules. You begin by applying for a learner’s license. Then you progress to either a probationary or provisional license. After this step is when you receive a full Driver’s License In Australia. At this point, you have to display P-plates for some time.

If you are a foreigner on a permanent permit and wish to drive in Australia, you first need to check with the relevant authorities. You may be permitted to use your international license. Some countries and jurisdictions are recognized under Australian road laws, so one does not have to take a test. Citizens of countries and territories like the USA, UK, Canada, Austria, New Zealand, and the Netherlands, among others, could be allowed to drive. However, make a point to confirm with the appropriate Australian road agency to confirm whether your international license is eligible.

Food For Thought

Learning to drive is an enjoyable new skill. Whether it is you who needs a driver’s license or your child, ensure you get the best quality training. With the right help, you will be a pro behind the wheel in no time.

If you’re a parent of a teen and stuck with what to get them this Christamas, think of the benefits of driving lessons. Give them a gift that is both practical and special. Professional driving lessons are the best way to ensure one gets their license on the first go and with the tools and skills necessary to always be safe on the road.