The busy girl’s easy guide to every style of bags

The busy girl’s easy guide to every style of bags

May 7, 2022 131 By mindmingles

Handbags are considered to be women’s guilty pleasure. Imagine opening a wardrobe filled with handbags. WOW! 

Every girl is fond of collecting a range of handbags that can be styled in different ways at different places. It is very important to select a handbag that is a staple piece for your wardrobe and is functional. When you know a bag costs you a good amount, you have to be concerned about what you are splurging on.

A handbag is what gives your outfit a complete, final look. It is onsidered to be an essential part of a girl’s wardrobe. Like all other accessories, including shoes and jewelry, handbags play a vital role in the girls’ dress-up game. Carrying handbags is not just a fashion thing, but they are used to store the necessary things girls need while traveling out. 

In this article you’ll ome to know about the different kinds of handbags and a complete guide on how and where to style them. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get into the fashion world and find the most popular handbags you can style on differenet events. 

1.Baguette bags 

Baguette bags are the kind with a short strap. It has a shape that is similar to the French loaf. This bag became popular once it was displayed on television. Since then, the bag has been one of the fashion items women love to carry. 

The strap of the bag is small and will come to your ribcage. You can place it on your shoulder and create a style statement with this beautiful bag style. 

If you plan to use your baguette bag, the best place to style it is for dinners, parties, or special occasions where you will be spending less time as it has a smaller capacity. An elegant and completely beautiful style to rock on every different occasion. 

2.Top Handle bag

A top handle bag is similar to its name; a bag with only two handles at the top sometimes comes along with a strap. If you are looking for something that is a perfect choice for all times, the top handle bag is all that you need. 

Going out with friends, for an official lunch, or up for the gym, the top handle bag got your back. Slay it around the town like a girl boss and make yourself look ravishing. Wear a floral dress or suit. This bag complements all. 

What are you waiting for? Add on this beautiful handbag for girls in your wardrobe and be the talk  of the town. 

3.Shoulder bag

Shoulder bags are any bags that allow you to wear them on the shoulder. The most popular style that is used amongst girls and women is the shoulder bag. It is a much more convenient option due to the wearable strap that makes it easy for you to carry it all along. These bags are best for the girls going to colleges, universities and offices or sometimes style it on a day out with your collegues. It will just add a glam to your overall look.

These shoulder bags comes in different shapes and sizes.There is a huge variety of shoulder bags in different variants available. Opt for the one that best fits your need and wants. You can look for smaller shoulder bags or those with large capacity. A staple piece for every wardrobe that every girl must own. Flaunt it over a party or to the office; you are all set with this choice of bag. 

Your friend at all occasions is the shoulder bag that will accompany you at all times. Stock up your wardrobe with the wide variety of shoulder bags and mesmerize the people around you. 

4.Crossbody bag 

This kind of bag is all that its name says: crossbody bag. The bag is accompanied by a strap that can be worn on your shoulder and over your body. 

It is a great pick for every girl’s closet as it is a ‘hassle-free’ way to keep your things safe and look chic comfortably. This bag is in many different shapes and sizes, round to rectangular or bucket-shaped; all are available in a crossbody bag. 

You can carry it on at night parties in a small size to style this bag. Carry your lipstick, mobile, and cards with your hands-free to rock on the world. You can even use this bag while shopping to keep your belongings safe. Get yourself days off from carrying a handbag or clutch. Make a style statement with the crossbody bag at dinners or night parties.

Look chic and super cool with your ultimate choice of a good crossbody bag and let them turn heads towards you!

4.Clutch bag 

Clutch bags are bags with no strap. They have to be carried by clutching them in your hands. Varying from various designs and sizes, clutch bags rule over the fashion world. 

They originated as small clutches. However, now they are available in small to oversized bags. The clutches made of leather or luxurious material depict luxury and are made for the elite. While lighter fabrics used for the clutches can be used for lunch or an evening out. 

Channel your inner sassy feel with a beautiful clutch bag that makes you look classy. Wear on your heels with your clutch, and you are all set to make a mark in the fashion world. Be the head Turner, and create an enchanting look for yourself. 

6.Tote bag 

A tote bag is a shopper-style bag with two straps. This bag is mainly used when you are on a shopping spree or traveling with many things. The tote bag has a rectangular shape that gives it a unique look as compared to contemporary style bags. 

The bag is available in different brands offered with different materials. Canvas works best for a day out or a casual lunch date. While a leather tote bag is the best for your office.  This bag is best for the ones who are planning to have a picnic or a vacation with family. You can carry all the essential things in a single bag. Or you can carry it to your office keeping files or some important documents safe there. Isin’t it good?

Stand out in a crowd with the amazing tote bags, whether it be your office or a casual hangout. Your handbag-style game shall do the talking. 


Concluding, there is a huge variety of handbags with different styles you can carry. Make sure to choose the right one for you and create several different looks with it. Not every bag will suit your personality. So, think enough before you choose one for yourself.

In this blog, you’ve come aross different handbags that you can style differently with different outfits and steal the show wherever you go. Handbags are statement pieces that complete your look and give your personality a charm. Own your persona by investing in something that is cool, classy, and offers long-lasting life. Don’t get confused about whether to opt for a crossbody bag or a beach bag. Slay with confidence, and channel your inner Diva. These bags will be your mood lifter for many days.