The benefits of mobile-friendly SEO designs

The benefits of mobile-friendly SEO designs

November 12, 2020 11 By mindmingles

Mobile phones have gained popularity over the past few decades, making it paramount for a business to optimize the mobile website experience to the maximum. SEO Sydney companies and others all over the world can attest that mobile friendly SEO designs have done immeasurable things for their businesses. Some of those benefits are mentioned in this article. So read on to find out more.

They have brought additional website traffic

The very essence of having a website is having people check it out, peruse through, and even buy your products or services. Mobile friendly SEO designs have significantly helped add more traffic to these websites. Since we have mobile phones at hand 90% of our time, it goes without saying that a majority of people access websites using their mobile phones. So much so, ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly just maximizes and adds to the number of people who visit your site.

The traffic that gets directed to your site is organically attracted, such that they are the exact target audience you require to maximize your sales.

Your customers get an improved user experience

Mobile friendly SEO designs are tailored to ensure that our user gains the most when using the site every time. Once they log on, they find it easy to get to what they need. And this is done using a few techniques. First, the posted content must have a font design and size that is easily readable on a mobile device. The second thing is to have the contents posted frequently and have it arranged in a systematic call order. Lastly, you must use a prominent call to action button that is not hard to locate on your website.

Mobile phone SEO designs have increased conversion rates

There is a commendable increase in conversion rates when it comes to websites. And these can be attributed to the fact that there is increased traffic towards the same mobile sites. Mobile friendly SEO designs allow someone who is accessing the site using a mobile device to engage with the content in there and even click to get the service or the product. 

Mobile-friendly SEO designs have increased time spent on the website

Any business owner will relish on the fact that people usually spend a lot of time on their website if it looks great. Having your site tailored to fit a mobile device just goes into emphasizing that someone will stick around the longest. Since we are always glued to our phones’ screens, it goes without saying that someone using their phones to access the website will spend a little more time searching through what you have. This works to your advantage because the longer they stay, the more likely they will purchase what you’re selling, refer someone to it, or share their content.

Mobile-friendly SEO designs ensure faster page loading time

When you employ a mobile-friendly SEO design, you increase the speed at which the website page loads. And this is an excellent thing considering no one likes to wait around for a page to load. Mobile friendly SEO designs are optimized to ensure that your website pages load in seconds. Even while they move from one page to the next, the transition is smooth.

They improve such engine optimization across-the-board

Once you employ the use of a mobile-friendly SEO design, your business will receive a higher ranking in most search engines because it stands to be the most relevant in the bunch. When you have such a high ranking it, it merely means that you get to enjoy more traffic, which translates to more sales, leading to better business growth in the market.

Mobile-friendly SEO designs increase your market value

These designs do not only increase your sales, but they also increase your market value. By market value, we mean in your brand credibility, brand visibility, and brand reputation. Once you become the talk of the town people, tend to use your services more and more, which is suitable for your brand. You get more clients, And you get to keep your old clients loyal.

Mobile-friendly SEO designs lower your bounce rates

When you employ mobile-friendly SEO designs, they come with several tools that maximize everything your business aims to sell. And since you have better traffic coming to your website and you have optimized content that is relevant to your audience, the bounce rates are exponentially reduced.

Mobile-friendly SEO designs are cheaper and cost-effective

Most enterprises today have built mobile apps related to their business, and these routes are commendable. These mobile applications increase customer experience but let’s be real; they can be very expensive. Yet another downside is that they may take too long to develop, so what is the solution? 

The solution is to go for mobile-friendly SEO designs, which are basically the same website, but for mobile phones. It is cheaper in that you only do it once to when you want to develop your website, and it reflects on both devices, desktop and mobile phones. It is also very time saving since you only get to update content on one platform, reflecting on each. You also spend less money on developers and the tools needed to manage both. With mobile-friendly SEO optimization designs, you essentially get to kill two birds with one stone in the shortest time possible.


As you have seen above, mobile-friendly SEO designs go a long way into helping you grow your business. You will spend less time and money, and it will have more tangible results that quantify our business’s success. Mobile-friendly SEO has to be done the right way, with the proper techniques, by people who know what they’re doing. If you miss this point, then you will not rip the fruits of the benefits mentioned above. And that is where you are to get a seo services agency to help you maximize SEO designs for your business. Now that you know the benefits go right ahead and upgrade your business websites.