Protein Supplements Vs Protein Foods

Protein Supplements Vs Protein Foods

June 23, 2020 8 By mindmingles

The Internet is full of people glorifying the importance of Protein Supplements and foods nowadays. But protein has an important place in our body even before we didn’t discover the term. 

From common man to athletes, protein plays an important role but of course the needs of protein is different for every individual. To maintain the muscle tissue and produce hormones, it is a very important macro nutrient with other several benefits. 

Most people don’t know protein rich natural food and directly jump over protein supplements that is shown by increasing demand to buy protein supplements online. But the truth is that protein supplements can’t take the place of protein rich foods. Though there are some benefits of protein supplements over protein rich foods. 

Benefits of Protein supplements over Protein Rich Foods: 

Supplements can’t be better than foods rich in protein yet very beneficial in specific circumstances and are good alternatives of protein foods. 

  • Digested Speedily: Protein shakes are in liquid form and take thirty minutes to reach in muscles after you consume them. That makes them quicker to absorb in muscles if you consume them after your intense workout session. Opposite of that solid foods take time to break down proteins and get digested before transporting them into muscles and tissues. So, if protein supplements are taken post workout rather than protein solid foods, they will be more effective. 
  • Easy Accessible: Have you a busy schedule or your most of the time spent in travelling?  Still wondering the substitute for protein rich foods. Protein supplement is the end of your quest. Protein supplements come in many forms which include protein shake, protein bars, protein juice, and others. You can carry them with you while travelling and can consume anywhere anytime. So, whenever you are unable to cook your food for yourself give protein supplements a try. 
  • Richness of High-Quality Protein: To get 21 grams to 27 grams of protein, you have to consume 1.5 cups of black beans, 250 grams of nonfat Greek yogourt, or 4 ounce chicken breast. That you can get in one 30 grams scoop of whey protein supplement easily. 
  • Taste and Flavour: The various flavours and taste make the supplement to consume effortlessly. You will find flavours in many varieties including cookies, creams, coconut, and chocolate that have zero calories. 

Benefits of Protein Rich foods:

Protein rich foods have no comparison with supplements in terms of benefits. The natural sources of protein have several benefits that it is not possible for supplements to match 1/ 10 of them yet there are some benefits given below. 

  • Satisfying: Protein foods are very much satisfying. If you have craving, protein foods are very effective to curb that in a very little amount. If you consume protein shake, it will never be satisfying no matter how much protein your supplement is offering to the body. 
  • Not Just Protein: Maybe the natural food of protein doesn’t have that much protein what the supplements have but protein supplements consist of many other essential nutrients that are missing in your protein supplements. 
  • Reduces Hunger: As protein rich foods consist of several other nutrients including vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber, calories, fats, and many others in a decent amount. It becomes a perfect food to reduce your hunger in a healthy way. 
  • Increase Strength: Mainly there are two types of proteins that are good for building muscle. The types include fast acting protein and slow acting protein. Fast acting protein helps to support your muscle recovery immediately you consume them whereas slow acting protein helps to support your wellness after a long time as you consume them. That is missing in the protein supplement. For having them, you have to buy different supplements. But with natural protein food, you can have both of them at the same time to increase your strength by recovering fast. 

Yes there is no match of natural protein rich foods with Protein Supplements and foods but it proves beneficial in many circumstances. If you have a busy schedule and don’t have time to cook or you demand high quality protein in abundance to achieve your fitness goals, a protein supplement is the ultimate solution for your need.