Optimizing Tourism Business with Travel CRM Software

Optimizing Tourism Business with Travel CRM Software

May 2, 2022 202 By mindmingles

Travel CRM software controls a company’s travel business by improving customer connections and producing solid sales/retention records. With the use of right technologies, travel companies can go an extra mile to keep customers happy. We can improve customer retention significantly with the help of CRM systems for travel agencies. Travel companies may go above and beyond to keep customers pleased by utilizing the correct technologies. Customer retention can be significantly improved with the assistance of CRM for travel agencies.


Travel has traditionally been a significant contributor to global GDP. According to a Statista report, travel and tourism contributed more than 10% of global GDP from 2000 to 2019. While travel and tourism had a significant dip in 2020, industry executives are already forecasting a significant rebound. The corporate travel market alone is estimated to reach $2001.1 billion by 2028, according to Allied Market Research.

If these estimates are correct and travel and tourism will revive in the coming years, it’s time to consider whether your travel agency is prepared to meet your business objectives. 

What efforts are you taking to streamline and improve your business so that it not only survives but thrives during this anticipated comeback?

Here’s how a Travel CRM software, a product created specifically for the travel industry on the most-trusted Kapture CRM platform, can help you streamline your business process.

  • Streamline lead management with Travel CRM

Travel Agency

Integrate CRM for Travel Agency with your website to instantly capture and preserve every inquiry. You can also assign these leads to the appropriate sales representatives depending on their interests, geography, and other factors.

If you use Kapture’s chatbot as your Live Chat tool, you can also import those leads into your CRM’s Leads section.

Travel CRM software enables you to send an automatic welcome email, establish automated follow-up activities, and alert your sales staff when a new lead is generated.

The activities feature makes it simple to keep track of all your chores, meetings, and phone calls, ensuring that nothing slips between the cracks.

  • Manage contacts with well-refined controls

Travel CRM software allows you to record minute details about each contact. The comprehensive profile not only provides you with a deeper understanding of your consumers, but it also enables you to launch targeted, interest-based campaigns, send automated birthday and anniversary wishes, and much more.

  • Trip management simplified with CRM for Travel Agency

The flawless handling of trips is the focal point for any travel business. Travel Agency CRM is designed to handle both Flexible Independent Travel (FIT) and Fixed Departure Trips (FDT) efficiently.

  • Better manage FITs

If your travel agency provides customized travel experiences, you’ll need a strong trip management system to assist you to gather information such as:

The following destinations are of interest to destination leads:

  • Dates of departure and arrival for the trip
  • The number of persons traveling on a journey
  • The number and types of rooms required
  • Specifics about the itinerary
  • Details on the guests…and more.

Travel Agency CRM not only allows you to gather these facts but also centrally consolidates all email communication related to a trip, allowing you to get all of the information you need in one location.

  • Streamline Fixed Departure Trips

Managing FDTs entails keeping track of all departure booking system and managing available seats and accommodations. Travel Agency CRM allows you to build FDTs with important information such as total travellers and rooms, cost per head, and more. As you continue to accept reservations for a departure, Travel Agency CRM will automatically update the overall number of guests for the trip, which refreshes your available capacity.

  • Easily generate quotes and invoices

Travel CRM includes sophisticated quotation and invoice templates to help you elevate your brand. The templates can be changed with your company’s logo and colour scheme. These templates can be further modified and customized to match your demands and brand identity.

  • Vendor management with Travel Agency CRM

Managing vendors is just as important as managing customers for a travel firm. The vendor module contains all of your vendors’ information. You can categorize vendors depending on their products or services (for example, hotel, ticketing agency, etc.) and maintain their contact information, products/services, and address all in one location.

  • Generate vendor reservations and vouchers with ease


You can begin establishing vendor reservations for a customer’s trip as soon as they accept a quote. You can change the confirmation number and voucher number after you’ve confirmed the reservation. Travel Agency CRM allows you to create professionally designed guest coupons for your customers with a single click.

  • Get meaningful reports and dashboards

Travel Agency CRM provides a plethora of comprehensive reports and dashboards to help you monitor the health of your firm. Furthermore, you may create a dashboard out of any report and place it on your CRM’s home page. Individual users can also have their own home page.

Travel CRM

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Do you want to know more? Watch this video to learn more about what a CRM for Travel Agency can accomplish for your company.