Nord VPN Reviews Depending Upon Personal Experience in 2020

Nord VPN Reviews Depending Upon Personal Experience in 2020

June 9, 2020 142 By Buy On Social

Nord VPN is one of the most leading VPN companies with quality services. In this period of Lock-down and ‘Work from Home’, the popularity of this Nord VPN has reached a high level. Well, if you are looking to go with this Nord VPN, then our reviews will help you in finding the best choice.

Actually, in this article, we are going to do details review on this VPN with recent updates and all. Yes, we will also place some expert devices on this VPN that could help you in choosing a quality service.

So, if you are looking for the best VPN for hassle-free ‘Work From Home,’ then this article will help you a lot. That’s why you should stay with us until the end of this discussion.

What is the Nord VPN?

Nord VPN is a VPN service provider like other Virtual Private Network services that is claiming one of the best VPNs in 2020. It has spent a high amount of money on its digital advertisement campaign.

Good marketing advertisements can’t ensure the quality of the product. So, we need to explore all the features to know all about this VPN.

So, here we will do a detailed review of this Nord VPN.

All Features and Performance of the Nord VPN Services

Nord VPN provides a quality service to its users. Actually, this VPN is very trendy due to its features and specifications. Here, we will discuss those features elaborately, and it will help you in choosing a quality service.

Streaming Feature – Does Nord VPN Works with Streaming Platforms Including Netflix?

Yes, of course! It works properly with the streaming sites. Netflix is one of the best and renowned streaming platform, Nord VPN can avoid the Geo Block and helps in hiding your IP. In that way, you will get to watch streaming movies and all.

You will get HD picture quality at the time of streaming videos. I am personally using this Nord VPN for Netflix. So, I connected to the US server. It works just phenomenal and watched out movies with HD+ picture quality.

The connection speed of this VPN is pretty impressive. After disconnecting with the USA’s server, I connected with Canada, Australia, and India’s server. There also got to watch a spellbound service on this VPN.

Now it’s pretty clear that if you are looking for a VPN for streaming service, then you can go with this Nord VPN because, with this VPN, you will get super impressive service and HD picture quality.

We Connected with Other Streaming Platforms;

  • Hulu: I had no problems at the time of accessing Hulu.
  • Amazon Prime Video: Here, we also got a spellbound service with Nord VPN.
  • Hotstar: I had no issue accessing Hotstar as well to watch Bollywood movies.
  • ESPN: Through this, you can simply stream any of your favourite games.

Is This VPN Good for Torrenting?

This Nord VPN has a large number of P2P servers. Here, at about 5390, P2P-optimized servers are present. You can simply access them by clicking on the options which are present on the sidebar of your application.

Each server supports unlimited bandwidth. So, you can simply share any big files according to your wish without worrying about the bandwidth and all.

This VPN works with all popular torrenting platforms, including torrent and BitTorrent. I had tested all of them with different server connections. I got a pretty impressive result, saying it honestly that my VPN’s speeds were far better than the standard internet connection speed.

It can quality find the best services within a moment. So, it’s one of the best specifications of Nord VPN. Otherwise, you can use a server recommendation tool. It helps in finding the best server, just fetching the location and server protocol.

This VPN also provides SOCKS5 proxies. So, you can easily connect your torrent with one and enjoy a faster connection. Well, with its P2P support, torrenting feature, and speed, it becomes the world’s best VPN service provider.

Nord VPN Speed

This VPN comes with the quickest connection feature. So, you can simply connect with any server by using this VPN. It’s pretty more comfortable as compared to other VPN Services. Actually, at the time of testing the speed, we connected to the USA and UK’s server.

There we just got spellbound services with this VPN. I always go the fastest speed with this VPN. So, I had no issues with streaming, browsing, and gaming.

Due to these amazing features and quality, this VPN constantly ranked number one for a long time.

Well, you can’t choose the server or location manually. This application will do this work for you. If you want pretty fast speed, then you should go on this path. But, if you’re going to unblock the Geo-location, then you should choose the location manually.

  • Average Speed Loss: 32%
  • Number of Servers: 5,500
  • The number of Server Locations: 62
  • IP Address Count: 5,000

Is This VPN Good for Gaming?

The speed test is totally another thing; if you are a gamer like me, then your internet speed needs to be faster than usual. Well, if your server connection is slower than standard, then you will face lagging. And it would be the reason for losing the whole game.

Well, I personally used this VPN for playing games like COC and got an impressive response. It gives a remarkable service at the time of gaming. So, you will get an extraordinary and user-friendly performance with this game.

At first, I selected the USA’s server and got pretty impressive speed at the time of testing. After that, I tested Australia’s server their also got pretty impressive performance with this VPN. So, without a doubt, you can simply buy a premium plan for this VPN.

All Over Impression and Reviews

This VPN is providing pretty excellent and quality service. Here, you will get all kinds of features with smart tracking. Nord VPN has a very impressive customer satisfaction rating. So, it would be a good choice for hiding your online activity.

The quality and Geo unblocking feature of this VPN makes it super impressive. It connects all servers automatically. So, without any doubt, it will consume very little time connecting.

If you are games, then this VPN can provide you with a quality service. Then, why are you waiting for go and click on the buy now for getting an additional discount click on our link on every monthly plan?


Here, we have discussed all the things related to Nord VPN. I hope from this article you have made a decent idea about this VPN. If you ask my opinion, then you should choose this VPN service to get a quality service.

I hope you like this article and the topics we have covered in it. If you like, then hit the sharing button and share this article with your friends. Stay tuned for further updates, and thanks for reading.