Is there anything you need to know when transferring university credits?

Is there anything you need to know when transferring university credits?

July 23, 2020 9 By mindmingles

At present, it’s easier for students to transfer between countries and have their academic qualifications recognized. If you have your mind set on continuing your university studies in America, you can because the credits that you took at a higher education institution in your own country will be taken into consideration towards the qualification studied. You’ve spent the past years taking exams to earn credits and your effort will be rewarded. Is there a catch while transferring university credits? Actually, there is. 

Acceptance of transfer credit depends entirely on the higher education institution’s policy. The university gets to decide whether and how much credit you need to apply for a study plan. Transferring university credits can be tricky, which is why you must be careful. Keep on reading to find out everything there is to know. 

Some university courses don’t transfer 

You’ve put in long hours studying and getting through a great many courses only to discover that everything has been in vain because the university you wish to transfer to doesn’t recognize the courses you took. Unfortunately, not all credits transfer from one higher education institution to another because they have specific courses with singular lesson plans that complete the curriculum. The outcome is that students spend more time and money to finish their degrees. 

The problem lies in the fact that universities receive financial incentives based on the number of students that enroll, so it doesn’t matter if they graduate or not. It’s important to take a close look at the transfer limitations, which usually involve the number of credits and the courses eligible for transfer. Differences between national higher education systems can lead to big problems in terms of mobility periods. See if the courses you have on your transcript match the course combination on the university’s list. If one or more titles are similar, look at possible credit transfers. 

You have to be able to provide evidence of your previous study 

You’ve checked out the 世界大学排名 and now you’re preparing to send your credits over. When you apply for a university transfer, it’s necessary to send the original documents. Higher education institutions want official evidence regarding your educational journey, meaning that they won’t accept photocopies. What is more, they reject applications that have been sent by email. You have to do your due diligence. Show the level of performance in the courses attended by sending the original documents. 

Additional evaluation may be required in some cases. The transcripts will be sent to an external agency for credit evaluation. Keep in mind that transferring is an option. You can continue to stay at the university in your own country. However, if you want to start over, prove that you’re a valuable candidate. The transfer student population is rising in campuses in the United States, which means that the competition is fierce. Demonstrate that you’re a strong student and make sure to fill out all the data in the application.